Osttruppen Doctrine changes sugestion

2 years ago

I heard today that there will be changes for the existing comaders. My friend loves osttruppen doctrine and we had a chat how it could be changed. I likes to think about video game design so we came up with few ideas. This is my sugestions how I see the doctrine.

Osttruppen Doctrine as defensive doctrine that allow the player to bite in and not let go. Osttruppen Doctrine also is good at losing and forming defensive front, not leting go the key positions. Here are the elemensts that allow it:

0 CP - Osttruppen Infantry: ability currently in the doctrine. They quick dispach of osttruppen at the early game allows us to gain territory to defend as we do not have to wait for the building and traning time, as we would in case of grenadiers. We can even skip the first building as we can build mg 42, pioniers and ost with the tools we are given from the start.

3 CP - Defensive Operations: Mg42, Pak 40 and mortar team recive new ability that allow them to dig a fox hole and place thier weapon team in it. This ability require some time to set up (same time as building a sandbag) and cost a little of ammunition. It also prevent weapon team from movement or rotation so placement here is key. It gives the team a green cover bonus and additional defensive bonus agaist artillery strikes. This allows more defensive gameplay and gives us resitance to artillery barrages we can expect as defenders. However it uses some of our ammunition and leave us vulnerable to flanking as we are unable to rotate our weapons (except the mortar team that can rotate as it has to).

I also imaginet hat this could be easy to add to the game as it just require diging animation and some sandbags models that are in the game already.

6 CP - Osttruppen Packages - Unlocks more options for osttrrupen upgreats. We have now not only mg but also 2 additional options so ost can fill more roles then just basic infantry.

AT package - adds 1 At rifle (PzB39) to the team and ost recive ability to use AT rifle grandes. This abilty makes everyone (except the guy with PzB39) fire a single AT grande at selected location. This ability is not guided (like other AT grandes) so aiming is key here. This ability has long range. It is somewhat effective agaist structures and can damage infantry (yet it is not effective agaist them).

Mp40 package - adds x3 mp 40 submachineguns to the team so ost can be used in more close range fashion. They are still derpy and do not perform well with out of cover but now ost do better in towns and other close range scenarios as defensive unit. They are still very fragile and do not do well in open terrain.
Adds M24 grande trow.

This feture is easy to add to the game as models and animations are already in the game.

8 CP - Hetzer - calls in hetzer SPG we had in CoH1. This unit is an emergency alternative in case we are losing badly. Hetzers were designed to be cheap tank destroyer capable to fight off hordes of Shermans and T-34s to save resources in late stage of war.
Hetzer cost 300 manpower and 60 fuel, recharge of 3 mins.
Hetzer has small firepower yet it is enough to grind down T-34 in numberous shots. (in reality hetzer had low fire power too)
Hetzer is slow so it is hard to be used as offensive weapon (in reality hetzer was slow too)
Hetzer front armor is tough but it sides are very vulnerable (as in reality)
Hetzers cheap price allow it to be deployed even in most dire games when Wermaht is in losing position
Hetzer require 8 CP so it is hard to rush it as first armored unit
Hetzer can become invisible.
Top mount Mg 42 is added when vet 3 is achived.
Hetzer is bad alternative for other German tanks and it is expected to be used when the player is short on fuel and did not build T3 building, what is common for germans players in attempt to rush a Panther.

12 CP - railway arty support - Ability we have today, nothing to explain.

So what do you guys think? The doctrine is somewhat ammo intense and has a denfense supported with numberous ost. Also your ost spam now has some customisation later on in the game. Being overwhelmed by armor? you can buy your ost some AT! Overspamed by shock troops? Mp40 can add some close range claw to your fellows. Hetzer is always there to call if you were cought with your pants down and no tank alternative as your panther rush failed.


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    2 years ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    Good concept a specially rof upgradind ostruppen
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    2 years ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 87

    Also, sorry for all the grammar mistakes i just realized i did.

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    2 years ago
    gydh56gydh56 Posts: 71

    Sounds awesome! The extra ostruppen upgrades will reduce combined arms potential though. At upgrades and mp40s will make pzg unnecessary in this doctrine. Hetzer is an awesome idea though, and there is already a flame hetzer so the models won't have to be redone.

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    I would love to see the Hetzer brought back!
    Giving Osttruppen PTRS's as an alternative to LMG's also sounds great. They're not as good as Panzer Grenadiers but still have some AT ability. It would make me more willing to use an Osttrupen commander.

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    2 years ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 87

    Obviously osttruppen are not supose to replace panzergrenadiers or any other unit, they are cheap alternative to them to create large army with little resources to rush down the enemy or fill up a hole created by army losses.

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
    edited July 2018

    Adding to my previous comment, I would say that Osttruppen already have panzerfausts and probably don't need an AT rifle as well. But they could use some grenades, maybe like Soviet conscripts - Molotovs and AT grenades. Or, if you think that makes them too powerful, just potato-mashers and smoke grenades.

    Another thing I would love to see is all engineers being able to build a gun-pit. It would be a small horseshoe of sandbags that could be garrisoned like an MG pit, offering protection to AT gun and mortar teams. This sounds very much like what you suggest for Defensive Operations. If having all engineers adding this is too much, then maybe it could appear as an addition to the Infantry/Rifleman construction abilities.

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