New US Commander

2 years ago

The US, on its own, is a very aggressive faction. The goal for his commander is to make the US as aggressive as possible throughout the early game. To make up for the early game power, this commander has almost no useful late-game abilities.

1- Off Map smoke barrage. will help in destroying mgs.
2- Redistribute Resources. 35 fuel for 100 munitions. This ability will afford BARS at the cost of later tanks.
2- M21 Mortar Halftrack. Faster than a normal mg.
3- Infiltration Rangers. Exact copy of rangers, except the spawn from buildings and start with only 3 men.
6 cp- P47 Strafing Run. Helps against infantry Blobs. When the infantry are suppressed, they will be forced to retreat by massive blobs of BAR wielding rifleman.


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