[OKW] [all gamemodes] Volks overpreforming.



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    1 year ago
    OberOber Posts: 106
    edited September 2018
    Volks sandbags OP, im laughing so much while i see this... Come on guys stop crying, VG is almost the worst infantry for start a game, just give to okw anothers options, like mg42 or mortar with t0 (main hq) than weak Sturmipios, okw need asap rework their opening tactics and get more stuffs maybe with a commander.
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    1 year ago
    ValkyrieValkyrie Posts: 2,132

    Eeeeh, they're not in a too bad spot. They do okay against Infantry Sections and Riflemen, but completely demolish Conscripts.

    The problem is rather the useless state of the Conscripts than anything else.

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