Reporting Missing 30k Supply



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    2 months ago

    Steam ID : 76561198070188427 i did not receive my supply

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    2 months ago

    Hi, I just registered recently, and I haven't received 30k as well. My steam 64ID is 76561198049322865. Thanks

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    2 months ago
    MooCowMooCow Posts: 1
    edited September 27

    Got it Nvm

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    2 months ago
    KongorKongor Posts: 1

    i dont think i got my supply
    Steam ID: 76561198042246319

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    2 months ago
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    2 months ago

    Hey admin,

    I just registered for a relic account. my steam id is "76561198027972891".

    Thank you.

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    2 months ago
    JontzaJontza Posts: 1

    I didn't receive the 30k supply. My id is 76561198049465470

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    2 months ago
    Kevin_RuddKevin_Rudd Posts: 1
    edited October 3

    Hi there, I made a Relic account a while ago and have only just read I'm meant to get this 30k supply, I definitely haven't received it since my account was registered.

    My ID is: 76561197989281821

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    2 months ago
    OceanusOceanus Posts: 2

    hi how to get 30k supply i have a game

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    2 months ago
    eMsiTeMsiT Posts: 1

    Hi, I just registered to the relic site, but I haven't received the 30k supply. My steam ID is 76561198014645081.
    Thank you so much!

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    2 months ago
    Sn4kESn4kE Posts: 1
    edited October 3

    I've had the game for quite some time, and I've never received the supplies, though I am not sure if instead I got 2 free commanders instead.
    In the case I was still eligible, here is my id

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    2 months ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 201 admin

    Hey all,

    We have been monitoring this situation and checking the supply issue on the server/ back end. After cross-referencing multiple accounts, our server team feels there is no issue with the 30k supply reward.

    There are three reoccurring scenarios which may have been leading people to request this supply.

    1) People are requesting supply even though their account was created and linked in a period before the 30k supply was the designated reward. In this case, players would have already received two commanders instead. These players may not be aware of this, or be confused about the situation.

    2) People have registered their account within 30k supply reward period, however, they have not realized that the 30k supply has already been granted. They may have already spent some/all of it, or missed the notification stating that it was granted.

    3) Some people have been falsely and (sometimes repeatedly) reporting that they have not received the reward, when it is clear that they have.

    As a result, we are now closing this thread, as any legacy issues are no longer present, and our web team feels confident that all remaining cases can be explained by one of the above points.


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