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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915
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    -#1 -rear echelon need a dps increase to be brought inline with other factions engineers

    -#2-M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun Team needs to removed form tier 2 and moved to tier 1

    -#3 -bazooka needs small damage boost or armor pen boost and a cost increase

    -#4 -AT-gun needs to be moved to tier 1 but locked until Lieutenant or captain is deployed also AT-gun needs damage increase and need to be able to engage infantry more effectively its armor piercing ability needs to be unlocked when when grenades get unlocked for infantry

    -#5-m36-Jackson tank destroyer needs more accuracy and need to be better able to engage infantry its armor/health or front armor increased

    Im a USF player but this is what I see
    1 - Rear can be a good supporter with Volley, able to grab Bars & Zook. If they stand in cover/buildings they can take quite a good punishment until they have to retreat. Rear & Pioneer is prettymuch equal, for Rear > Ost pion in firepower AND Ost pion > Rear in utility. Rear is in the good place with Pion.

    Sturm however with 30ammo for minesweeper, they can putaway it to keep 100% firepower, also adding 25% repair faster is too much for 30ammo. I really want to see skill apply to other engineers or minesweep decreased to 10ammo to make it in line with Sturm minesweeper.

    Sapper with ability to gain the 5th man & able to grab 2 Bren along with minesweep for the price of 210mp is also op to Rear & Pion. This is not mention when they're upgraded to Heavy Sapper with 2 Bren for 60ammo.

    The only Engineer need to be put in line is Soviet Combat engineer, their firepower & utility are the worst. I truly believe CombatEn should give some fire power such as either: 5man squad OR allow them to upgrade both minesweep & flamethrower. OR give them more utility to replace their demolition. (I said OR not AND)

    2 - Offensive factions as USF, Soviet, Okw arent suppose to have MG at the start of the game (but today Soviet able to get MG at the start since Cons is so bad to fight Sturm/Volk/Kubel). USF just need some mix of AI & AT unit in Lieu/Cap tech, and thats already good. Just asking to bring all unit into the HQ will make it worst, it just slow down the build time for too many unit in the same building.
    Though they really should stop nerfing Lieu/Cap. Geez, a Bars at 3mins isnt do much damage to many MG42 or Volk, Volk will have 4 Stg44 at 5mins. USF need a dominate time marks.

    4 - What kind of requesting that ATgun squad should be able to engage an infantry squad?

    5 - What kind of requesting that Jackson should be able to engage an infantry squad? Should the crew inside the tank fire their guns to infantry outside?

    2#Additionally, the AAHT and Stuart have been swapped to Captain and Lieutenant tiers respectively. i really don't like this for USF i think messing with the timing of builds

    I really like this change, for:
    ---In the old version
    Lieu comes at 50fuel, another 50fuel for AAHT, but the time build of AAHT is rediculous slow.
    Cap comes at 60fuel, another 70fuel for Stuart, take too much time to get that much fuel.

    ---In this mod
    Both Lieu & Cap comes at 30fuel (at this fuel, they comes to the field at the mart 3mins), we have MG or AT earlier.
    Require another 20fuel to tier up doesnt change the timing since the old tech require total 50-60fuel anyway.

    Whats the best about this mod:
    Lieu tech comes with MG & Stuart, because the tech require 50fuel (instead 60fuel) -> Stuart comes to the battle 10fuel earlier.
    Cap tech comes with AT & AAHT, the build time of AAHT is incredibly slow that now able to make it up with Cap boost production skill -> AAHT comes to field 30sec faster

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    Two things I still want for the USF:

    Rear Echelon Troops can construct sandbags; figure make the USF not need a doctrine since the other factions need no doctrine to build rugged yet useful heavy cover.

    M36 Jackson: Nerf it and reduce its cost to a point between now and a certain patch. Return it to an anti-armor support role without leaving it too vulnerable. My idea is to make it roughly as durable as a StuG III but cost goes down to 380 manpower, 135 fuel, and 14 pop. However, accuracy is slightly increased but generally not enough to handle infantry.

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    These changes to airborne weapon drops are funny. the munition cost is too high in my opinion for an empty weapon. it never was a good ability to begin with and rarely used(mainly for panic AT guns)

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    LorenLoren Posts: 22
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    I was very disappointed with the 1.1 patch. Still, Relic does not seem to know why USF has suffered so low winning ratio in GCS, what is the problem with USF?
    USF consumes a lot more munitions than other factions. In comparison with other factions, USF has always been required to balance on the basis of a 2BAR upgrade. As you know, 2BAR upgrades require 120munitions per squad. Because of this, the USF has always been a faction with a lack of munition. If you played a match in a 1v1 game up to 3cp, you can collect munitions almost 180-200 (although this may vary from one map to the next, it's usually more difficult). To use airdrop with 60munition, at least USF Will be delayed by 2 ~ 3 minutes rather than the time when StG44 upgraded volks. This difference makes the Paratroopers more difficult to use due to the lack of munition. Paratroopers are a cost-effective infantry, and this is the fundamental reason why high-ranked players do not use Paratroopers much.

    There is a part that is hard to understand even if we talk about consumption of munitions and talk about tier upgrade cost.
    As a result, at 1.1 patch, USF paid more tier upgrade costs than before. This is merely a change from the HMG vs. ATG selection to the HMG + ATG vs. Light Vehicles and makes it more rigid.
    If you do this patch, no USF players are likely to opt for Light Vehicles instead of major upgrades.
    This is not a solution to the rigid tier structure, but rather the possibility of becoming more uniform.

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    The airborne change for the atgun and mg is really kinda dumb to be honest. THe pathfinder at cp0 is great but you have essentially made the weapon call-ins less desirable, which you state is the point of changing it at all.

    Making them cost munitions when the US need to spend muni on EVERYTHINg, especially on THAT commander, is a bad idea. They are cheaper when they just cost manpower, even if its more. Everything else is a good in my opinion

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    Mod itself is a meh at best

    biggest change is cost reduction on Liutenant and Captain because that has been the biggest problem for USF 50 fuel is too much by the time you get LT out your oponnent might get 2 or more 222s or a panzer 2 luchs to ruin all the gain you made

    the upgraded post system is again meh at best but its better to save up to 100 fuel just to get a LT and M15 AA track to counter luchs rush strat which in itself it rare is just unfair

    but greanade cost is finally went down by 10 fuel because its such a situational upgrade for a abality that has only one use and that to take out weapon teams

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    GeneralIlareneGGeneralIl… Baguette's countryPosts: 420
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    Bug: There are some annoucements missing when unit are spawning:
    -Stuart (for sure, tried w cheat mod)

    Edit 1.2 feedback: Pathfinder at 0 cp makes airbone oppening really strong imo, interesting alternative to RM.

    I think usf need more tweaks to stock units:

    • For instance i feels m20 cost is fine -alone- but it could worth the try to make it buildable without the upgrade (+zooks as upgrade for crew).
      My sentiment: By the time you get an m20, the 222 is already out/almost out (around 5 min for both units w 1 fuel point)
      Therefore because it's unlocked w the same upgrade and, at least in part, because 222 is really strong right now (mp too cheap imo), i don't see why players would ever not go stuart first after lt, or just aa ht w cpt (both units that you can get really fast btw like around 6min).
      Secondly maybe worth trying to raise LV durability in late game stages: i would love to see the +20hp at vet 3 make a return to reward preservation. Not only m20 but other light vehicules as well so they would need 3 shot to be killed.

    i think this patch could be a good opportunity to review other usf stuff:

    • The previous request in the other answer
    • The ambulance being very fragile, 1 shot very punishing imo

    Edit 2 : Airbone and Recon are quite similar commander. Recon can be arguably better because of the bundle, because IR Pathfinders and Paras have more abilities in this commander (offmap; mine), and m83 being weaker vs vehicules but more versatile and cheaper (so you'll use it more than p47).

    Therefore maybe in airborne you could bundle mg and atg tougether to free one space and bring like one other ability to make it more distinct. Like another air call in (description of airborne talks about air superiority)

    Edit 3: I think cpt could become the default tech choice of usf because of cpt' "supervise" ability. You get your cpt and then see your units' building time greatly cut, while aa ht is easier to reach than the stuart.
    Maybe surpervise could be trade for another buff somewhere in the USF faction.

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    HyperBlancatHyperBlan… Posts: 29
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    i am sure there is no USF player in mod tester
    just axis and soviet players fight each other

    This is not solution for USF and make worse than now

    They dont know why USF is suck

    non-cost-effective rifleman&rears and tier system

    dumbass commanders and unit (rangers, airborn, calliope, pershing, M8 greyhound......)

    USF should be whole rework but there is no USF player in mod tester, lol

    BAR blobing is strong? yep, that is only one thing USF CAN DO

    increase Lieutenant build time should not be done

    also free BAR need back to him

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,748

    @HyperBlancat said:
    i am sure there is no USF player in mod tester

    Why don't you check the placards of the MOD team and see their USF rank.

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    SyrawSyraw Posts: 5


    I would like to propose an idea on how to deal with the issue of too much infantry for USF due to the officers.

    Instead of giving the free officer, lets make the tech when finished, rewards you with a 'Designate squad as officer squad' ability, that you can apply on one of your riflemen to transform it into the desired officer squad.

    This will be flexible enough to allow officer heavy builds, elite infantry builds and allow more diversity.

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    I like to not be locked out of either suppression(MG, AA Halftrack) or anti armour(AT gun, Stuart), when choosing either lieutenant or Captain. The mod does this by switching Stuart and AA halftrack. But I think it's even better if you switch the places of the AA halftrack and the AT gun.

    So T1 is MG, AT gun, M20. T2 would be pack howi, AA Halftrack, Stuart. This would make T2 more suited if you either have a good early fuel game, or if you have been under a lot of mp pressure making you tech later. T1 would be a better choice if you've had poor fuel income and you are more desperate for an answer to an aggressive enemy (MG and AT are good defensive options in those situations), or if you want fast aggression with M20 you can get that pretty early.

    In addition to that, I feel like it fits the flavour better.

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    What causes headache for USF against OKW in early is the efficiency Volks. Lock theyer free STG upgrade package behind the battle group flak instead, OR give them the same prerequisites teching as other factions to be able to upgrade so they have to choice between delaying theyer lush or half truck a bit. Theyer free firegranade should also need some kind of tech, they already have free faust. Its the only stock unit int he game that has this much free upgrades that dosent need tech beside grens, but they are much more balanced in general in term of efficiency

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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915

    With many FREE Fuel upgrade of Volks, is the reason Conscript have some firepower buff
    But yet Cons is still no effective against Volk, while Cons being more powerful to Gren because Gren didnt have any buff.

    ===Pros & Cons===
    (+) Good at long range, far range grenade, can defense themselves from vehicle with close range ATnade
    (-) They lack of men in a squad for a core infantry

    (+) Great at close range
    (-) Must exchange firepower for great good range AT panzerschreck

    (+) Have incredible sight to crew weapon teams, and has the most utility
    (-) Weak in combat

    (+) Do they have anything good?
    (-) Everything is bad from combat to utility

    (+) Great in number, ability to merge weaponteam to keep vet
    (-) Zero gun upgrade as faction default, gain nades with 35 Fuel

    Penal (I dont like the current design)
    (+) Have nades/gun upgrade by default is the reason Penal becomes core infantry
    (-) No AI gun upgrade makes them cant fight infantry in late game

    Rear (one of the most balanced unit to me)
    (+) Good enough in both combat & utility
    (-) Model is easily drop
    Pop cost 5

    (+) Can do anything. Combat effectiveness as Gren, with more model makes them fight longer
    (-) ATnade at vet1. If a squad dies, you will not get ATnade with a new squad. Gain upgrade & nades with 40 Fuel. High cost per squad.

    (+) Great at close range, also a great support as an engineer unit.
    (-) Low in number, has to sacrifices 25% firepower for a Shreck

    (+) Great at long range, various defense at close range (pin, smoke , grenade )
    (-) Totally hopeless to fight vehicle

    (+) Flamenade, stg44, faust by default like Gren, good at medium range. They're like Gren with more men, which is Gren's weakness.
    (-) ???

    ===Free fuel upgrade guns===
    Riflemen: with 70ammo get a single M1919-lmg
    Cons: with 60 ammo gets 3 PPsh.
    Volk: with 45 ammo get 5 Mp40s, model24 nade & smoke nade.

    Beat me at pointing out how Op Volks for their cost. I truly believe all unbalance of the game is around Volks.

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    XlossXloss Posts: 235

    Thats the main reason they are Over Powered coz they are cheap and they get free tech from STG, fauzt and grenade.
    The STG made them so strong they can combat at from any range. 2 stg make sure they win in close combat while at long their 3 stock rifle will do the job like grenz. They are like the best all round infantry in the current meta. They can do everything effectively at cheaper cost.

    They should remove the STG like conscript. OKW got all the arsenal they need which also very powerful as an individual unit. From Heavy tanks, rocket arty and support weapons (Highlighted the infamous reketen as one of OP invi/ scout/capping/ tank destroyer/can retreat).

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    ColonelRadecColonelRa… Posts: 52
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    I still don’t like the idea of the new tier for USF. Although i like the army, it’s tier always keep me away. The main reason are the forced tier squads(lieutenant, captain and major) and having to spend extra resources just to get one unit when the situation needs it. Also when you pick a tier feels like a gamble, were for me it shouldn’t.

    For me this could make the faction more attractive.

    Remove the forced tier squads. This made the player blob with obligation and waste sometimes precious population. And making sometimes sending the squad to suicide just to free up space. If the player wants them, they can recruit them on their own hqs. Instead each tier is a upgrade like wehrmacht.

    Tier 1

    Tier 1 is now required to access captain or major. The new hq is composed of the MG, AT gun and the m20. But this will require changes to the units.

    The lieutenant now has a m1 carbine(airborne), remove bar upgrade and replace it with a thompson upgrade(the new one of the cavalry squad). Now they have the on me ability, it suit him better, but requires vet 2 or 3. The Thompson upgrade also provides them a cqc option so you don’t have to depend too much on commanders.

    The mg AP is replaced with a suppression one(requires vet 1), since the at gun is now available. And reduce suppression to how it was before. This is to reduce slightly the tier advantage.

    The m20 has the same mp cost as pre mod and a reduce accuracy. Also remove the armor upgrade(the greyhound still has it) and zook from the vehicle crew.

    The new price would be 150 mp and 25 fuel. Usf also has the same starting fuel before mod. Once the hq is unlocked you now have access to Captain and Major. This will make the faction distinct compared to other ones, because they are linear or can choose tiers in early stages. Now they will get the option between skipping to save resources or using the light vehicles and light artillery for an advantage in mid game.

    Tier 2

    Now has the pack, light tank and half track. This new set up allows for a strong mid game but you delay late game. The only change i can see is the Captain. The new price would be 180 mp and 50-60 fuel.

    The Captain now has the recon plane if you remove the on me ability. Not to mention to replace the zook upgrade for one browning , which allows the old riflemen ability which they hit the ground and added suppression. And the rear echelon models have grease guns with accuracy of thompsons but low damage and the riflemen will have the m1s of airborne. This new role allows the captain to feel like an elite unit and offer support as well. And just like the lieutenant, it will have the browning so it won't depend too much on commanders.

    The m10 can now be built here. For me this unit serves good in mid game, but in the current state of the game it arrives too late. It was used alot in the old build because it didn't required the major, but now you just wait a bit longer and get the m36 which is way better. If its too much, maybe increase its reload time.

    Tier 3

    Price is 240mp and 160-170 fuel. The reason is because if you decide to skip the mid tier the old price would be too cheap. Now if you purchase the mid tier the price is reduce to 100-120 fuel. Also if you skip the captain and purchase the major you unlock the captain tier as a bundle.

    The major now has four models, but survivability is removed. If the captain has the recon plane, then he gets a new one which is Vehicle Coordination. It improves accuracy and AP of the targeted vehicle for a limited duration. The retreat point can also be removed. The new model allows for a more support role and the removal of survivability makes him vulnerable yet can be retreated if in a pinch. The retreat point made him a burden, just a static unit that occupied pop and did nothing.

    Instead allow the ambulance to use it. Once the major is unlocked, you can purchase it like and upgrade for one ambulance. 160mp and 40 muni. This allows for other strategies if you don’t make the major.

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    While a US Tech Tree Revamp is badly needed, I believe that the current approach isn't correct. It is significantly better than the live game for sure but it addresses only part od the issue.

    The US Tech Tree suffers from two issues. The first, the split between units on the LT and Cpt. buildings and the need to skip one or the other. This is partially addressed by this revamp. The second is the need to field officer squads to tech up. The USF is required to field 2 officer squads to tech up. That is not to say they are bad units, but it takes up pop cap and slows down manpower generation. Let alone broadcasting to the other player what tier you're in before you get to a meaty unit.

    That said, I have an idea. Why not turn the tier unlocks into building unlocks and turn officers into unlocked upgrades to rifle squads? To compensate the loss of a forward retreat point, make the ambulance able to deploy as a forward healing and retreat point upon getting the major's building unlocked. its better than spending twice as much popcap currently for the same thing.
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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915

    Today, the tech of each factions arent balanced.
    When the 1st Panzer4 comes earlier than the 1st Sherman & even the 1st T34. And that, Ost infantry already have gun upgrade & grenade, without sacrifice any tech. While USF has a huge problem in mid game for picking between either being dominated by Okw infantry or Okw light tanks

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    To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I think USF should tech up more like UKF and just ditch the officers, perhaps sprinkle in an officer unit into the commanders, but honestly, just giving us a way to tech up without forcing us to buy a particular unit would really open up strategies and unit compositions.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    With some trepidation, I am going to weigh into this discussion. I think the new US tech tree is a step in the right direction but, it's only a very small one and it doesn't go far enough. As I see it, it's a big problem for the US player to be forced to buy an officer unit to unlock each command post, especially given that the officers themselves don't add a lot of value to the core force*. The obvious solution is to de-couple the officers from unlocking their respective command posts. The question then becomes how to do it without unbalancing the game.

    (*This discussion is limited to the Lieutenant and the Captain; the Major is a completely different type of unit and deserves separate treatment.)

    My suggestion for how to achieve this is to copy the Ostheer model to some degree by unlocking the Platoon and Company command posts without needing to build their respective officer units. The command posts would only require fuel to unlock but, the vehicles attached to each post would only become available once the officer unit was built. At each tech level, there would be an increase in the number of vehicles. By the time the Battalion command post is reached, it contains only vehicles (with the exception of the Major) so, the officer unit must be built to unlock any of its other units. In effect, the Battalion command post remains unchanged from its present configuration.

    Here is how this tech tree would look:

    Platoon Command Post

    Unlock 30 Fuel
    Units: Lieutenant / .50 Cal MG / 57mm AT Gun / M20 Scout Car
    Lieutenant now costs 250 MP + 20 Fuel to build
    Unlocks M20 and Rear Echelon Sandbags build, has Vet 1 Flares

    The extra manpower cost is to cover the addition of the added features the Lieutenant now brings to bear. These features are an incentive to buy a unit which otherwise might be skipped completely. The Fuel is a once-off cost to unlock the M20. This tech level now becomes almost exclusively devoted to infantry tactics.

    Company Command Post

    Unlock 30 Fuel
    Units: Captain / M1 75mm Howitzer / M15 AA Hftrk / M5 Stuart
    Captain costs 280 MP + 30 Fuel to build
    Unlocks M15 & M5
    "On Me!" affects all units within a reduced aura
    "Supervise" speeds up all construction within Captain's aura 
    (not just unit builds)

    With the removal of the AT Gun, this tech level becomes much more about light vehicles. Some players will skip it while others won't. Buffing the Captain's special abilities now provides additional incentive to build the unit, especially the Supervise ability. This ability always struck me as an awful waste and extending it to cover all battlefield constructions would firmly establish the Captain as a combat unit. With him in the vicinity, the building of fighting positions, sandbags, tank traps, wire & the laying of mines would all happen faster; plus, the Captain could act as a covering unit for any units performing these actions.

    As stated above, the Battalion Command Post remains as it is. All the units unlocked with this command post are vehicles, except the Major, so there is no reason to change the mechanics of unlocking it. There might be some argument to be made to reduce the fuel cost but, I'll leave that for others to decide. Also, the Major would retain all of his present abilities; the Major is most definitely a support unit (not a true combat unit) so, he needs to provide all those abilities to justify his presence.

    With the tech tree I have suggested above, a player who favors infantry tactics will unlock the Platoon Command Post to access the MG & AT Gun, then build the Lieutenant to utilize his abilities to aid his infantry units gain and hold territory. This player would most likely skip the Company CP and simply wait until he has enough fuel to unlock the Battalion CP.

    A player who favors combined arms tactics may also unlock the Platoon CP to access the MG & AT gun but, he would skip building the Lieutenant in favor of unlocking the Company CP and building the Captain. This will take a bit longer but, it will provide a more flexible force for dealing with an enemy who is also using light vehicles. He may also choose to skip the Platoon CP altogether in favor of faster access to his light vehicles.

    The risks and rewards of each of these paths would be up to each player to weigh for themselves. US players would no longer be locked into building infantry units they don't really want simply to unlock the support units they do want. Players would no longer have to choose whether they want MG's or AT Guns - if they want one, they get both. If they feel they don't need either, they can skip them and put their fuel towards light vehicles instead. This suggestion is all about providing more flexibility to the US faction, something which the current mod also seeks to provide but which, in my opinion, it doesn't do enough.

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    2 years ago

    Platoon Command Post

    Unlock 30 Fuel

    Units: Lieutenant / .50 Cal MG / 57mm AT Gun / M20 Scout Car

    Lieutenant now costs 250 MP + 20 Fuel to build
    Unlocks M20 and Rear Echelon Sandbags build, has Vet 1 Flares

    The extra manpower cost is to cover the addition of the added features the Lieutenant now brings to bear. These features are an incentive to buy a unit which otherwise might be skipped completely. The Fuel is a once-off cost to unlock the M20. This tech level now becomes almost exclusively devoted to infantry tactics.

    Company Command Post

    Unlock 30 Fuel

    Units: Captain / M1 75mm Howitzer / M15 AA Hftrk / M5 Stuart

    Captain costs 280 MP + 30 Fuel to build
    Unlocks M15 & M5
    "On Me!" affects all units within a reduced aura
    "Supervise" speeds up all construction within Captain's aura
    (not just unit builds)

    why a u increase liet and captain cost?

    200MP 50fuel -> 30fuel+250MP+20fuel

    200MP 60fuel -> 30fuel+280MP+30fuel


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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
    edited December 2018

    @BlanCat Under the modified tech tree, the Captain already costs 280 MP + 30 Fuel to build, plus another 30 Fuel to unlock the vehicles. So, there's no real change except the Fuel now unlocks the CP on its own and the Captain unlocks the vehicles. If the Captain cost 200 MP + 60 Fuel under the old system, then you can take up the increase with whoever designed the new system (AKA Not Me).

    I did increase the manpower cost of the Lieutenant because, the unit would have additional abilities. As it is now, the Lt is just a slightly weaker Rifleman unit whose sole purpose is to unlock the Platoon CP. Making the Platoon CP unlock separate from the need to purchase the Lt makes the unit a bit pointless. However, by giving the Lt Vet 1 Flares and unlocking a Rear Echelon Sandbag build, there is value added to it as a combat unit that makes it a bit more useful. I also think that 200 MP for a 5-man infantry unit equipped with 4 rifles and a Thompson seems a bit cheap. If a lot of people think the price increase is too much for a unit you no longer need to build to unlock the CP, then I'm happy to leave it as it is now.

    My suggestion is designed to separate the infantry builds from the vehicle builds, which is the real problem for the US, in my opinion. Unlocking the CP's with a minimal Fuel requirement allows players to bring infantry support units into the battle quickly without having to wait for Fuel stocks to build up so much.

    Under the old system, to have both MG's and AT Guns, a player had to have 110 Fuel to unlock both CP's plus the manpower costs of purchasing a Lieutenant, a Captain, an MG and an AT Gun. Under this system, it will only cost 30 Fuel to unlock the Platoon CP plus the manpower costs of the MG and the AT Gun. Players only have to purchase the officers if they want to access the vehicles or they want to use the officers as combat units.

    It is a significant change which brings the US more into line with other factions while still being different. The mechanics may need a bit more work to ensure it doesn't unbalance the game but, at least it addresses the essence of the problem.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @BlanCat My apologies. I got the numbers wrong. Currently, the Lieutenant and the Captain do indeed cost only 200 MP the first time you buy them. They cost 280 MP to replace but, I suspect very few players replace them when they die.

    The old system required 50 & 60 Fuel respectively. The new mod has them costing 35 Fuel each now. However, the CP upgrades cost 50 MP & 20 Fuel each so, if you activate & upgrade both CP's, you don't save any fuel and it costs 100 MP more than it did previously. The designers have given with one hand and taken with the other.

    This increase in cost would actually make more sense under the system I have suggested. Being able to activate the CP without building an officer unit should come with some manpower cost attached for the sake of balance. I just happen to think the new mod gets it backwards in that players are still forced to build the officer units to activate the CP's. If players didn't need to build officers to access the infantry units, the officers' costs would be less important.

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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915

    USF mid game is real weak vs Okw, since Okw dominate since the start, that give them more resource and lead them strong to mid game.
    While Ost brings in the 1st Panzer earlier than the 1st Sherman

    What is the time of Advantage for USF? Can someone point it out?

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    namvnnamvn Posts: 14

    @C3Tooth said:
    USF mid game is real weak vs Okw, since Okw dominate since the start, that give them more resource and lead them strong to mid game.
    While Ost brings in the 1st Panzer earlier than the 1st Sherman

    What is the time of Advantage for USF? Can someone point it out?

    there's none, they just that suck

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    az244az244 Cracow, PolandPosts: 17

    Current version of paradrop abilities make commanders that use them extremely ammo-comsuming. Nearly every ability of theese commanders need ammunition to be activated. So you need to be really sure that using one of this abilities will pay off.

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    The drops save you both manpower, fuel for tanks, and prevent getting stuck with a second officer squad (when what you want for infantry is paras). The munitions costs demand a strategic choice and prevent dropping lots of them for Soviet T1 ally.

    Besides, matches like this one prove that with decent map control the USF Airborne commander has plenty of ammo to go around. Note double BARs on every squad, 3x 120MU M1919 upgrades and enough to spare for 3 strafing runs in 45 minutes.

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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915

    I have thing to say about USF new tech

    I like that Grenade fuel cost 25 to 15.
    AA halftrack build time is incredible slow, now its snapped to Cap, make its build time 20sec faster.

    I feel bad for USF officers over the years, because of free squad, they're nerfed down that its unable to nerf anymore.
    With time tech at 35fuel & 70sec, they will come to the field at the time 3mins. Thats much earlier than before, I agree that Bar should be removed from Lieu. But I really want to give them some boost for "USF earlymid advantage".
    Such as decrease their Bar/Bazoo upgrade cost to 40/30ammo, or double Bar/Bazoo cost at 100/80ammo, not forcing USF to pay 15fuel for weaponrack that cause Light tanks delay.

    I wish Cap able to boost building speed of their team mate, how can OST Panzer command boost team mate tanks/infantry; OKW Sturmoffizier & Panther command boost team mate tanks/infantry. But USF Captain boost team mate building time is unacceptable?

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