Fixing bugs instead of balance/commanders

7 months ago

I'm wondering, is there more of a focus on adding new commanders, reworking them, changing balance instead of fixing bugs? I really like this game but the bugs and speed of the game really bother me. I play 1v1 mainly, every faction, around lvl 12 rank on most. Early game is good but I feel sometimes I'm in a position where I'm just sitting there because I have no money. What if territory gave manpower as well? Or just make the econ faster in general. Multiplayer games are ok because the battlefield is full . But 1v1 there's always a situation where there's a tool you need but you can't acquire it.

Also the speed of the game is weird. Early game the motions of the units look smooth but late game everything looks like it's in slow motion. Like in starcraft there's a speed option and default is called "faster". It seems this game the speed has been turned down from default so it's in a choppy slow state. It always makes me dizzy after a long game. It's like looking at a CCTV camera that is low fps.

Also bugs galore, like tanks moving right through each other. Poor pathfinding of units, machine guns setting up when you don't want them to. Maybe you can give the MG's an option to auto-setup so it's like a check box. RNG. USF not having a late game. What if shermans were as cheap as t34's like in reality? Having to give units orders twice. This happens alot. Units standing right outside a cap circle. I played coh1 a little bit and I remember the motions being very fluid. Anyways I just wish bugs were fixed before balance type things are changed around. Other games like dota2 and overwatch have constant updates on bugs. It's pretty impressive. Idk this game just frustrates me. I really like it too. And mines are such a pain because fuel takes soooo long to aquire. End rant LOL


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    7 months ago
    Sander93Sander93 Posts: 49
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    Your second issue about game speed seems to be an FPS issue on your side. If the game feels like slow motion in late game when there's more stuff happening on your screen, it probably indicates that your hardware isn't capable of running the game smoothly. The game speed itself never changes.

    As for bugs, you should know that Relic no longer has a team of developers supporting the game. It's a community balance team that made all the recent changes and Relic just implements them into the game. This team has limited access to the (core of the) game and generally speaking is not able to fix bugs that have deep underlying causes (such as pathfinding).

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    7 months ago

    Ohh, interesting. Thanks for letting me know that they're no longer working on bugs. Now it makes more sense.

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