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    USF Sherman Support Company

    Harness the prowess and versatility of the Sherman tank to destroy your enemies.

    Slot 1 - Scavenge (or a scavenger squad):

    Ability, allows rear echelons to salvage wrecks for fuel and munitions.

    Slot 2 - Designate Command Vehicle (or Withdraw and Refit):

    Ability, allows you to designate a single vehicle as a command vehicle. The command vehicle will have increased line of sight, a passive aura that will increase the experience earned by vehicles, an inspire vehicles ability (that will grant increased accuracy, rate of fire, and movement speed to vehicles), and a smoke barrage call down ability (or white phosphorus). The command vehicle will not be able to use it's main gun anymore.

    Slot 3 - Sherman Protection (or dozer blade upgrade):

    Passive or upgrade, Sherman tanks gain additional armor (sandbags, patches, wire meshes, armor skirts, etc), increasing the tanks health by 160 and/or armor.

    Slot 4 - White Phosphorus Rounds + Tulip Rockets:

    Ability & upgrade, Sherman tanks can fire a white phosphorus round and be upgraded with tulip rockets.

    Slot 5 - Sherman Supremacy (or Sherman command tank):

    Ability, When a crewed Sherman tank dies during this ability it will refund a % of the total cost.
    Or instead, it will instantly spawn a new Sherman tank.
    Or, it will function where when a certain number of tanks or any vehicles die it will spawn a new Sherman.

    Strategies and Rational:

    Late game (more so in team games) the Sherman struggles when the heavier Axis armor comes out. This doctrine will give Sherman tanks a lot more versatility and survivability. Scavenge & Sherman Supremacy will make it easier to keep your supply of Sherman tanks and other vehicles coming. Scavenge will give you more resources to upgrade your Sherman tanks as well. The command vehicle will help all USF armor perform late game. Both the command vehicle and scavenge give this doctrine some use outside the Sherman tank, but it is still principally a late game doctrine.

    Additional Context

    The Sherman tank was one of the most widely used and produced tanks of WW2. This doctrine shows off more of the versatility and variety of the Sherman tank and highlights it as the work horse of the American Army during WW2.

    I posted this before but it disappeared from this thread. Any feed back welcome! This is just a draft.

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    Assault Support Company

    Support aggressive tactics with anti-fortifications equipment and vehicles.

    Ability 1
    Explosives package CP 0
    (timed demo charges for rifleman and REs (40 Muni), stowable sweeper upgrade available for rifleman that always takes up a weapon slot)

    Ability 2
    Mortar half-track CP 0 (HQ)

    Ability 3
    Sherman Crocodile Flamethrower tank CP0 (Major tech 380 mp, 150 fuel) Has hull flamethrower and main gun (long reload time on main gun) all other stats same as regular m4

    (go with Bulldozer Sherman from Armor Company if Crocodile isn't possible)

    Ability 4
    Cavalry rifleman CP2 or 3? (Whatever they currently are)

    Ability 5
    Combined Arms CP4 (ability from heavy Cav)

    Changes would obviously include putting a flamethrower on the M4 Sherman if that is possible.

    Give rifleman and REs the paratrooper demos that have like a 5 second timer, and rifles also can upgrade to the stowable sweeper for 30 muni. Takes up 1 weapon slot regardless of whether or not it's equipped.

    This Commander will allow US players to best utilize the mobility of their armor with rifleman clearing mines and softening up fortifications with mortar HT support. Then the crocodile Sherman will give the US an infantry tank to help clear out fortified positions and dug-in infantry.
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    USF Allied Warfare Company

    Slot 1 Rifleman Defensive (same as heavy cavalry company, infantry company)
    rifleman can build mine, bunker, tank trap

    slot 2 Offensive Sargent
    Rifleman can upgrade 1 unit become 6 squad to improve survivality and durability late gameplay. Offensive sargent equip thompson and also improve rifleman fight toe to toe, increase veterancy faster and improve fire power or maybe extra reload faster..

    slot 3 greyhound
    early light vehicle to counter and infantry (same as recon support but low the cp )

    slot 4 Armor Defensive (passive)
    any light vehicle or medium vehicle equip or upgrade sandbag to increase survivality and durability late gameplay especially sherman and jackson scale for late game to counter high quality axis armor

    slot 5 sherman command
    same as panzer command but different give buff line of sight and rate of fire any unit nearby . sherman command same as normal sherman but have antenna, more armor, upgraded 50 cal also have mark vehicle (like USF jeep).

    Strategies and Rational:

    This commander focus mid and late gameplay that lack on USF, espacially main frontline unit rifleman need improve the offensive and defensive for late game. USF hardly depend on special unit like paratrooper or ranger that can cost pop cap and man power
    So means rifleman have offensive officer unit like sargent to carry for mid-late game play
    also usf armor have armor defensive to give them extra survival and durability and also versatility scale for late game and support with sherman command for mobility unit to survive to push foward the enemy armor and infantry.

    additional content;
    Main frontline unit like rifleman and sherman, jackson was main force USF are widely use in ww2 to counter axis faction

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    Spearhead company

    Theme : This commander's concept is "lead attacking frontline full-scale" and air support

    0cp) Ez8 tank

    2cp) supply drop zone

    4cp) Assualt officer - 4man squad(1 officer model+3 ranger model), 380MP, equipped 2 m1919 LMG and 2 carbine

    can be deploy only one squad

    ability : cocked grenade, flare, rapid barrage(60 muni)

    5cp) assault!(120muni) : all infantry and vehicle have combat buff during 50sec

    infantry : speed(1->2), received accuracy -10%, cooldown -20%, reload time -20%

    vehicle : reload time -30%, accuracy+20%, range+5

    recon flight will fly on enemy frontline while this skill activated

    12cp) P-47 rocket strike

    Strategies and Rational

    The assault officer make the hole on enemy's fortification with a rapid bombardment and leads the USF in to the hole.

    u can perpare attack from supply drop and organize squad

    Ez8 tank and P-47 CAS will support USF infantry and "assault" buff will make good chance to breakthrough the enemy line

    Assualt officer veterancy

    0 vet target size is 0.9

    vet 1 - received accuracy -10%, cooldown - 20%
    vet 2 - accuracy +30%, rapid barrage shell 6->10
    vet 3 - received accuracy -10%, Use smoke when they are retreat, can sprint when they are not in combat

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    Air Support Company

    The Americans, much like the other Allies, despite holding Air Superiority 10 fold at the time of their entrance into the European front lack such a company that represents that outside of the Airborne Company. As a result I made this company as a proposal for the additional one.

    Slot 1: (3 CP) Supply Drop Zone. (Equivalent to the Wehrmacht ability this is a high risk high reward ability that grants ammo or fuel so long as you hold a point and don't get it stolen of course too.) All that needs to be done is make It the American Paratrooper plane instead of the German one.

    Slot 2: (4 CP) P-47 Recon Run

    Slot 3: (6 CP) P-47 Strafing Run

    Slot 4: (10 CP) P-47 Anti-Tank Bombing Run (This is a copy of the IL-2 PTAB Anti Tank bombing run, just needs a P-47 instead)

    Slot 5:(12 CP) P-47 Rocket Strike

    Historical Relevancy and Strategic Importance: American Air superiority in Europe was profound. The Germans only effective counter to it was anti-aircraft (which of course they have plenty of) This is pretty much just a copy of the German Close Air Support Doctrine but has a lot of its own flavor too. It reflects the importance of American Air superiority at the time without making it too over powered. All of the combat air patrols come with smoke (unlike some of the German ones) marking their targets (warning flares) and of course is extremely munitions reliant which the Axis can try and exploit. Outside of that its up to the American to use his other resources wisely and keep too many Anti-air units from dominating the field.

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    idea for new doctrine unit
    M4A3E2 Jumbo
    using M4A3 hull but turret taking from the easy 8 (make it look difference to the M4A3 76 and M4C)
    thick front armor and hp can compare to Kv-1 and Churchill
    can built in Battalion Command Post with 380 manpower and 160 fuel

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    Urban assault Company
    0CP: Rear Echelon Flame thrower / Assault Engineer
    0CP: Wolverine
    2CP/3CP: Cavalry riflemen / Ranger
    4CP: Combined arms
    8CP/9CP/12CP: 155mm Arti barrage / Priest / P47 Bombing strike

    Strategies and Rational:
    This company is focus on Close range & Tight battle field such as Urban maps
    Flame thrower for Rear or from AEngineer will clean OST MGs in building
    Cavalry or Ranger will give players close range infantry at tight corners able to fight Sturm/Panzergren
    Wolverine for tanks flanking, can be sacrified to block retreat path of a Panzer4/Panther
    Such as tight place, Combined arms is needed to push up and break through defense
    Any kind of arty, either offmap or in map is to bombar before make a Combined arms push

    To my favorite pick:
    Assault Engineer / Wolverine / Ranger / Combined arms / Priest

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    USF Anvil Company

    Unit and Ability Roster

    0CP Riflemen Field Defenses

    same as infantry Company

    2CP Upgrade Fighting Positions

    More HP , 2 infantry Slot
    Use 3d model lil bit larger than the Original one

    3CP Anvil tactics

    -35% Received Accuracy,+15% speed when in territory.
    same as Overwatch Doctrine 'for the fatherland'

    3CP M1919A6 LMG

    open M1919a6 rack

    10CP Jumbo Sherman

    Call in Jumbo Sherman to the Battlefield
    thick front armor like Churchill

    Use M4A3(76) model.
    but The main gun is 75mm gun.
    add some detail like sand bag,boiler Steel plates,

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    USF Defense ???
    0CP Riflemen Field Defenses

    1CP Forward Observers

    4CP Recon sweep

    7CP British 25 pounder howitzer (or replace with M7 Priest)

    7CP British Heavy 17 Pounder AT gun

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    USF: Tank Destoryer Company

    Theme: Historical Doctrine and unit make up, coupled with abilities to defend against German Armor allows for players to both enjoy the new vehicle and decide how to use it, players who enjoy historical accuracy (myself) will enjoy the attention to detail and fielding of the most effective U.S. tank destoryer in WWII.

    Slot 1 Rifleman Defensive (same as Heavy Cavalry Company, Infantry Company)
    rifleman can build mine, bunker, tank trap

    Slot 2 M8 Greyhound

    Slot 3 M10 Tank Destoryer

    Slot 4 Armor Defense (passive)
    any light vehicle or medium vehicle equip or upgrade sandbag to increase survivality and durability late gameplay

    Slot 5 M18 Hellcat (see information below)
    76mm M1A2 Gun
    Upgrade: .50 Heavy Machine Gun
    Ability: High Velocity Armor Piercing (HVAP) ammunition

    Strategies and Rational:

    U.S. combined arms doctrine on the eve of World War II held that tanks should be designed to fulfill the role of forcing a breakthrough into enemy rear areas. Separate GHQ tank battalions supported infantry in destroying fixed enemy defenses, and armored divisions then exploited the breakthrough to rush into the enemy's vulnerable rear areas. U.S. tanks were expected to fight any hostile tanks they encountered in their attack, but the mission of destroying massed enemy armored thrusts was assigned to a new branch, the Tank Destroyer Force. Tank destroyer units were meant to counter German blitzkrieg tactics. Tank destroyer units were to be held as a reserve at the corps or army level, and were to move quickly to the site of any massed enemy tank breakthrough, maneuvering aggressively and using ambush tactics (charging or chasing enemy tanks was explicitly prohibited) to destroy enemy tanks. This led to a requirement for very fast, well-armed vehicles. Though equipped with turrets (unlike most self-propelled anti-tank guns of the day), the typical American design was more heavily gunned, but more lightly armored, and thus more maneuverable, than a contemporary tank. The idea was to use speed and agility as a defense, rather than thick armor, to bring a powerful self-propelled gun into action against enemy tanks.

    Comander allows for more formitable mid and late gameplay that lack on USF, with the ability to field fast tank destoryers to stop heavy German Armor attacks. This company is heavily rooted in historical make up both in vehicle additions and actual doctrine it would be up to the player to decide how to effectively use the vehicles to handle enemy armor rushes. Primarily deciding on a defensive ambush posture or hit and run tactics using speed as armor (can't kill what you can't hit)

    Additional content:

    Main feature is introducing the M18 Hellcat, a fast 76mm
    Upgrade: .50 Heavy Machine Gun
    Ability: High Velocity Armor Piercing (HVAP) ammunition

    The M18 Hellcat was the most effective U.S. tank destroyer of World War II. It had a higher kill to loss ratio than any tank or tank destroyer fielded by U.S. forces in World War II

    The M18 served primarily in Western Europe, but was also present in the Pacific. M18 strength in the European Theatre of Operations varied from 136 in June 1944 to a high of 540 in March 1945

    In contrast to the M10 and M36, tank destroyers, which used the heavy chassis of the M4 Sherman, the M18 Hellcat was designed from the start to be a fast tank destroyer. As a result, it was smaller, lighter, more comfortable, and significantly faster, but carried the same gun as the Sherman 76 mm models. The M18 carried a five-man crew, consisting of a commander, gunner, loader, driver, and assistant driver. 45 rounds of main gun ammunition were carried, 9 in the turret and 18 in each sponson. An M2 Browning machine gun with 800 rounds of ammunition was provided on a flexible ring mount for use against enemy aircraft and infantry.

    The main disadvantages of the M18 were its very light armor protection and open-topped turret, and the inconsistent performance of its 76 mm gun against the frontal armor of later German designs such as the Tiger and Panther. The open-topped turret—a characteristic which it shared with all American tank destroyers—left the crew exposed to snipers, grenades, and shell fragments, however it gave the crew excellent visibility which was of importance in the killing of tanks, the intent of tank destroyers being primarily ambush weapons. The doctrinal priority of high speed at the cost of armor protection thus led to a relatively unbalanced design. The problem of the main gun performance was remedied with High Velocity Armor Piercing (HVAP) ammunition late in the war, which allowed the 76 mm gun to achieve greater armor penetration, but this was never available in quantity. The 76 mm gun with standard ammunition could penetrate the frontal turret armor of Panther tanks only at very close ranges, whereas the HVAP ammunition gave it a possibility of effectively engaging some of the heavier German tanks and allowing to penetrate the Panther turret at ranges of about 1,000 m (1,100 yd).

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    Easy Company

    Theme 101st Airborne Division with the mix of armor support

    Slot 1 Pathfinders
    * Pathfinders can be deployed to the battlefield. Pathfinders are scout infantry who are powerful at long range and make it safer for troops to drop.

    Slot 2 I&R Pathfinders
    * A squad of I&R Pathfinders can be deployed to the battlefield. These I&R Pathfinders are authorized to call down artillery barrages.

    Slot 3 Paratroopers
    * A 'stick' of elite Paratroopers can be para-dropped into the battlefield. Paratroopers can specialize at short range firefights or long range combat through their weapon upgrades.

    Slot 4 Sherman Crocodile/T33 - CP 4 or 5 - Cost 360MP|130Fuel|14POP
    * The M4 "Crocodile" Sherman is a specialized support tank used to assist either infantry or armored assaults against enemy Tanks, and is as tough as any Sherman tank.
    Note Both 75mm cannon and E20-20 do work, and T33 model and Sherman Crocodile are basically the same idea and same chassis but Crocodile sounds cooler, given choice to call Sherman
    use of main gun/flamer projector however gun is disabled Same as KV-8
    * Bulldozer same as M4A3
    * 76mm cannon upgrade - cost 100 Munitions - unlocked at Veteran 3

    Slot 5 Sherman M4A3E2 "Jumbo" - CP 0 - Cost 380MP|140Fuel|14POP
    * A M4A3E2 Sherman "Jumbo" can be deployed to the battlefield. This unit is effective against all targets.
    Note Uses 76mm cannon, .50cal M2HB coaxial, and .30cal M1919A4 on hull, Inaccurate on move as tank doesn't have HVSS Suspension as "Easy Eight" has, veterancy increases accuracy and reload speed.
    Passive * Radio net
    * HVAP Round or Stun Shot
    * Tank smoke (forgotten what it called)
    * 2-Inch Smoke Screen Barrage
    * M2HB HMG Shipment
    * Armored Skirts Veteran 2 (like Wehrmacht Panzer 4s)

    Slot 5 M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" (should Jumbo not sound as a effective tank)

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    The German soldiers after the war had many things to say about the Allied armies. One thing that they said about the Americans was that they were mediocre soldiers, but had the artillery of a whole nation for a single squad. This commander drives upon that mentality.

    Rank One: Passive All rifle squads have increased vision and can be upgraded with Fake Flares, cost 30 Munitions For upgrade and per use.

    Rank 3: M3 Mortar Halftrack

    Rank 4: Passive M3 Mortar Halftrack and Mortar Teams unlock the counterbarrage ability.
    Rank 4: I forget the offical name of it, but the fully upgraded version of Fox Company's arty strike.

    Rank 8: Time on Target Barrage
    Rank 8: Passive Rear troops can build howitzers that have the counterbarrage ability.

    Rank 10: M7 Priest

    Rank 12: Arty Overwatch, during the duration (45 Seconds), any unit that retreats automatically calls in an arty strike on the unit that last did damage to it prior to it retreating. Costs 250 munitions to activate and the ability is similar to the Barrage the Coordinated fire ability that the British have.

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    USF Sector Control Tactics

    Theme: Gives the player who favor defensive strategies the ability to hold their territories with infantry and infantry tactics/ abilities during the early game and with air and artillery support later in the game.

    Slot 1: Rifleman Field Defenses - Riflemen are trained to build fighting positions, sandbag barricades for cover, and lay M-5 mines. 0 CP

    Slot 2: Rapid Tactics - Light vehicles can rapidly capture territories and increase the sight range of infantry. 3 CP

    Slot 3: Cavalry Riflemen - Can be equipped for close quarters combat. 4 CP

    Slot 4: P-47 Precision Strike - A 47 flies across the map to deliver a single 500lb (227kg) bomb. - 10 CP

    Slot 5: M115 203 mm Howitzer - A stationary artillery piece built on the map by Rear Echelon Troops and Combat Engineers. Only one can be built on the map at a time. If that one is destroyed, then another can be built. 12 CP

    Strategies and Rational:
    The Sector Control Tactics will favor those who play defensively while still being able to play offensively. While your infantry build defenses for one friendly sector or by your base, send a light vehicle to take another sector. If enemies are advancing on an area or have set up a choke point halting your advance, use the P-47 Precision Strike and/or the M115 to solve your problems with explosions.

    Additional Context:
    The P-47 would normally carry two 500lb bombs in real life but for gameplay purposes, I thought that only using one would be fair given the fact that this doctrine also has a powerful stationary artillery battery.

    As per submission guidelines for this, we can only use units that are already apart of the game and the M11k 203 mm Howitzer does not exist in game; however, it could perhaps be reskinned and modified from the ML-20 152 Gun-Howitzer for the USF. Or if it could be built from the ground up, here's the Wikipedia link for more information and pictures:

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    (Although I didn't consider any balancing when creating this commander since I made it out of fun, the idea I had in mind when creating this commander was the Doctrine that the US was incorporating in WW2 as having a more mobile force. Another inspiration was the German counter attack in WW2 in the battle of the bulge and how the US countered the German offense. With this I thought of creating a commander that focused more on armoured mobility and rapid reaction. Sorry for the bad grammar but I hope you enjoy my proposal!)

    U.S Rapid Reaction Company-Focusing on mobility and armour, this Commander relies on constant movement to surprise and distrupt enemy using flanking manuevers and positioning

    A doctrine that focuses more on the use armour and mobility to be used offensively or deffensively against enemies.

    1st ability - Unlock the use of M4A3E8, the perfect armoured vehicle with the speed to get in and out of fights.

    2nd ability- Fire Up upgrade for Rifleman, In order to keep up with the armoured assault; Rifleman are trained to be quick in their feet.
    3rd ability- acquisition of the M8 "Greyhound", Supporting the Shermans will be the Greyhound with it's speed it can keep up with the assault.

    4th ability- Recon Sweep, To help the commander plan for an assault a Recon Sweep is needed.

    5th ability- Smoke Barrage, in order to create an opening for the men and vehicles to flank the enemy.
    5th ability- Combined Arms, ground infantry and armoured are trained together for the task of sweeping enemy flanks.

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    Faction + Commander Name:

    Theme: Use Paratroopers to disturb Enemy forces and destroy them with pincher attack. Enemy mechanized forces will be dealt with M18 Recoiless Rifles Bazookas, Fortifications with Satchel charge, and ambush enemy armors with AT Mine.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Harassment Tactics
    Identical to Breakthrough Tactics from Breakthrough doctrine
    Costs 25 Munitions, 0 CP
    Infantry can neutralized enemy territory quickly

    Slot 2: Paratroopers

    Call in unit by paradrop
    identical to other USF paratrooper


    cost: 120 Munitions, 2 CP
    Gives Paratroopers squad 2 M18 recoiless Rifle Bazookas, Satchel Charge ability replaces timeddemolition charge, and ability to plant mines
    Satchel Charge shares cooldown with hand grenade

    Slot 4: Airdrop Pathfinder

    Identical to Other Pathfinder, except:
    Can be deployed from vacant ambient building
    can deploy ground beacon that show enemy movement in the vicinity
    it also reinforce paratroopers regardless of the teritorry owner
    Maximum 3 beacon can be build at the same time
    Beacon Camouflaged, but can be spotted with scout vehicle or simply by being near it
    Used to dropping Paratrooper at higher accuracy during landing

    you can only have 1 Pathfinder at a time

    Slow 5: Air Superiority Operation
    Cost: 250 Munitions, 13 CP
    Once active, recon will be send to enemy encircled teritorry. Then, Thunderbolt will be send to tear each teritorry with enemy within. Strafing Run and Rocket will be send to enemy. Base Building (OKW) and fortifications (Bunker) will be untargetted however

    Basically USF version of Close the Pocket

    Strategies and Rational

    USF lack any infiltration unit other than paratrooper. But at the same time, paratrooper does not give a shock that Stormtrooper and Comando has due to slow deployment or lacking firepower.

    Demolitions package and ground beacon will give them the ability to stay behind enemy line and to give enough time to change the tide of the frontline.

    M18 Recoiless rifle and Mines also give them ability to attack enemy armor, something that previously only can be obtained by retreating to CP/HQ then pick a bazooka or 2.

    Bazookas upgrade and Mines also give them ability to attack enemy armor, something that previously only can be obtained by retreating to CP/HQ then pick a bazooka or 2

    Additional Context

    Satchel charge and M18 recoiless rifle was the default abilities of paratrooper back in C0H1.
    Despite its ineffectiveness compare to bazooka, it is very popular for blob tactics.

    Timed Demolitions charge ,that paratrooper squad has currently, is very unpopular due the lack of versatility

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    @im_behind_you said:

    Slot 3: Cavalry Riflemen - Can be equipped for close quarters combat. 4 CP

    Dont you think it is better to use ranger instead of CAVALRY riflemen because they fit better on mechanized or armor focus company

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    Armored support company

    idea:Provide multiple tactical assistance for vehicles and tanks.

    slot1:Elite Vehicle Crews(0cp)
    Improve team members' ability and sophistication.

    slot2:Vehicle and tank camouflage(3cp)
    Vehicles and tanks can be camouflaged . Improve accuracy and filling speed when disguising. Lasts 3 seconds. Ambush can provide defense. tactics on investigation.

    slot3:White phosphorus bomb(7cp) ammo:45(15s) cd:45s
    m5a1.m4a3.m36.m8a1 Can use, Can cause great damage to infantry, At the same time hindering the vision of vehicles and infantry. But armor-piercing ability and damage are reduced

    slot4:155mm artillery barrage(8cp) ammo:180
    A 155mm howitzer will strike the specified area. A 155mm howitzer will strike the specified area.

    slot5:m26Pershing(cp13) manpower:600 fuel:230
    I want buff m26. He uses HVAP as a normal attack,Instead of skills. But reduce his AOE range and damage

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    That was a mistake , nevermind

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    +Effective elite units

    ~Mobile force that gains little from standing around and will need to lay constant pressure on the opponents so that they can not build up their defences effectively, a feet that will require a lot of micromanagement compared to relying on artillery support to weaken their defences.

    -Expensive special units
    -Units with high population cap makes it harder to spread out massed forces to hold larger areas
    -Strong infantry dependency can prove lethal if no proper actions are taken against AI units

    Doctrinal Ability #1
    0CP - M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer

    Doctrinal Ability #2
    1CP - Pathfinders

    Doctrinal Ability #3
    3CP - Ranger Squad

    Doctrinal Ability #4
    3CP- Browning M1919A6 Light Machine Gun
    Rangers gains the paratrooper version and gains the Suppressive Fire ability when they pick one up.

    Doctrinal Ability #5
    6 CP – P47 Strafing Run

    Had to remade this commander from how I originally envisioned him to fit the submission rules.

    For full commander discussion, and original versions, visit:

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    Hmm Simple but good made
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    PilloW's Veteran Company

    Theme: Company that has seen much action in the war and has adapted to harsh conditions of front line combat. Utilize infantry and support weapons team bonuses in veterancy, mobile Rangers squads and off map White Phosphorus barrages.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Riflemen Field Defences

    0CP Passive
    Same as in other commanders

    Slot 2: Infantry and Weapon Crew Veterancy Bonuses

    2CP Passive
    Rifleman, Rear Echelon and Ranger squads now have bonuses in gaining veterency in addition to regular benefits**
    MG crews, mortar crews, AT crews and pack howitzer crews gain bonuses in veterancy in addition to regular benefits***

    Slot 3: M1919A6 Light Machine Gun

    3CP Passive
    Similar to the Infantry Company ability

    Slot 4: Heavy Mechanized Support

    5CP Call in (650 MP and 30 Fuel)
    M3 Assault Halftrack with a Ranger Squad can now be deployed to the battlefield
    Halftrack and Ranger Squad enter the battlefield with Vet1

    Slot 5: White Phosphorus Smoke Barrage

    6 CP Ability
    similar to the Rifle Company ability


    Rear Echelons at Vet1 get the ability to upgrade 3x scoped M1 carbines (increased sight range), Vet 2 Combat Medics upgrade (unit can heal outside of combat and heal other squads at 20 munitions) Vet3 light camo*.
    Rifleman at Vet1 gives a bonus to rate of fire and reduced weapon reload time, Vet2 gains access to Riflemen Flares and Vet3 Fire Up ability (maybe a slight reduction in received accuracy to make them more durable if not too powerful).
    Rangers at Vet1 get received accuracy decrease, Vet 2 increase grenade range and Vet 3 Fire Up ability.
    Lieutenant, Captain and Major can upgrade squad members to Specialist (or just keep the models the same) at Vet3 which increases sight range and gives squad members carbines for increased rate of fire.


    81mm Mortar crew: Vet1 -25% received accuracy, Vet2 50% reduced setup and takedown time, Vet3 passive "drill team" which markedly increases rate of fire.
    M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun Team : Vet 1 increase to weapon range, Vet 2 decrease to weapon cooldown, Vet 3 light camo*.
    M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun : Vet1 increase rate of fire, Vet2 increased sight range when set up, Vet3 light camo*.
    M1 75mm Pack Howitzer Crew: Vet1 -25% received accuracy, Vet2 access to "Creeping Barrage" ability, Vet3 passive "drill team" which markedly increases rate of fire.

    *Light Camoflauge

    light camouflage gives the unit the ability to be invisible in light and heavy cover (except for in buildings and fighting positions). Has a slightly longer detected range than a sniper for example. great for setting up ambushes.

    Strategies and Rational

    This gives an edge to USF players that want to focus on infantry combat and gives units a wider range of skill and ability, leading to more diverse strategies overall. To use the commander to its full potential you must have good micro of multiple engagements, the player must have great unit preservation as well. Veterency bonuses do not kick in until 2CP, which still makes the early game fair play. Great for 1v1 and team games (all round good commander pick). Has a powerful Mid Game but a weak Late Game (zero armor benefits)

    As a support unit the benefits at each level of veterancy for the Rear Echelon upgrades seem natural and self evident. Riflemen are already an all around a solid front line unit, the bonuses should give the squad more maneuverability and survivability. Riflemen excel in engaging tactfully and in numbers. As veterans Riflemen should be capable of using every tool available to tackle the enemy, which is why the unit should have access to all possible upgrades. Rangers are true and gritty veterans of combat, upgrades to the unit should reflect on that. Squads need experienced soldiers to keep the officer alive. Increased line of sight and extra firepower should give the commander more time to react to oncoming enemy forces.

    Support Weapon crew benefits are designed to give an immediate but not too strong bonus to the unit that will carry them into Vet2 and eventually to Vet 3 where the squad is capable of giving efficient support.

    Example Strategy

    Build Order

    Riflemen, Riflemen, RE, Riflemen, Mortar, Lieutenant, MG, Ambulance, Stuart, Captain, AT gun, AT gun --> Tanks

    Assuming Units eventually receive Vet 3 bonuses

    Rifles will use flares to determine enemy position and plan attack accordingly
    Mortar crew will rapidly barrage an MG crew, either repositioning or knocking it out. Shift order to move positions to deny a quick counter barrage
    Rifles and Stuart will sprint into position and engage infantry
    Position AT guns and RE (with bazookas maybe) in cover behind lines in anticipation of armor
    Use white phosphorus to cover a retreat, or to clear blobs

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    crexascrexas Posts: 6
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    Heavy Assault Company
    Upgrade rifleman with thompsons to surpass the enemy in short range combat, call out 105mm artillery support to destroy enemy heavy fortification and entrenchment while the infantry do heavy assault with the cover of smoke and if the enemy tank come to counter, call for M26 Pershing Heavy Tank to support the assault.

    Ability 1
    0CP- Rear echelon can be upgraded with flamethrower (passive ability)

    Ability 2
    2CP- Call for smoke barrage and flares to reveal enemy units in that smoke

    Ability 3
    3CP- Rifleman can swap their M1 Garand with 3 Thompson submachinegun (passive ability)

    Ability 4
    8CP- Call for 105mm artillery strike

    Ability 5
    13CP- Deploy M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

    Strategies and Rational
    Rifleman is very lackluster since the heavy mp cost to reinforce the unit at late game, and having more unit such as ranger or cavarly rifleman will take over the pop cap to build more unit. so relying on rifleman only is very good move to make USF late game great again. after the upgrade no more space to grab weapon such as BAR or bazooka

    The smoke and flare barrage should be like the victory strike of the USF when the smoke dropped then come with flares to reveal enemy behind or inside the smoke, but still cannot be attack by infantry or only use attack ground from tanks. The smoke and flare just for recon purpose on what behind or what inside the smoke. Cannot be drop at fog of war. Need a slight bigger AOE than the smoke at USF pershing company. Smoke them and blind them

    Flamethrower for rear echelon is very important to help USF counter building that have been garrisoned by enemy unit. Or just change this ability with rifleman field defenses,it could work.

    The 105mm arty is needed since USF doesn't have non-commander long arty vehicle such as walking stuka or katyusha. The major arty call in is bad since the range is small and need to make major move to battlefield rather than stay back(since major can die easily) and people only use USF major for forward retreat point. i actually have another idea like, the single accurate arty drop like the stuka bomb dive with warning flare or one single accurate of 203mm arty drop with the warning flare before it arrive.

    Additional Context

    I think the M26 Pershing call in can be swap with Sherman Easy Eight
    if the Sherman E8 got buff on range or the penetration. People in this game have abandoned the Sherman E8 sadly,its my favorite tank for the USF :(

    i actually have lots of idea for america but the rules says only 1 proposal for each faction :/

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    karapapagankarapapag… Posts: 16
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    nice but almost identical with current ones

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    2 years ago

    Armored offense company
    The theme for this company is for the americans to have a more tank based lineup than normal.

    CP 0: Assault engineers
    CP 0: M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Sherman
    CP 3: Rangers or Combined arms at CP 4 instead
    CP 10: Bulldozer sherman
    CP 13: Pershing heavy tank

    This company is designed to make the US forced more viable in tank to tank combat with the enemy.
    In my experience the most viable strategy with the americans is just to spam infantry and let them do all the heavy lifting, with this commander the tanks the americans have at their disposal comes more into focus.

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    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122

    good but it also cost a lot , in my opinion rangers can be changed to wechicle's squad upgrade thompsons and bulldozer sherman should be changed to smoke offside barrage

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    USF Logistics Support Company

    Harness the power of Uncle Sam's logistics might to overwhelm the opposition. Streamline the flow of resources, get your banged-up vehicles back in action faster, supply friendly forces anywhere on the field with resource airdrops, and authorize rapid territorial expansion operations, while denying the enemy the luxury of having a steady supply line.

    Doctrine Ability 1

    0CP - Improved Resources Handling

    • Supply Dumps now provide 10% more munitions or 15% more fuel, depending on which dump was built on the territory point
    • Supply dumps now cost 15% more to build

    Doctrine Ability 2

    0CP - Vehicle Spare Parts

    • Rear Echelon Troops can now repair vehicles and buildings 15% faster
    • If there are still repair penalties to manpower income for the duration of the repair, it also gets a 10% increase to that income penalty

    Doctrine Ability 3

    5CP - Supply Airdrop

    • Call in a C-47 to drop a random bundle of munitions, fuel and medkits, plus a tossup between small arms and crewed weapons (MGs and Mortars only) on any visible location on the map
    • Costs 200 MP to deploy
    • Plane is vulnerable to AA for the duration of its flight

    Doctrine Ability 4

    8CP - Raid Operation

    • Infantry can capture territory points faster while ability is active; vehicles can now capture territory while ability is active
    • Costs 190 munitions and lasts 30 seconds

    Doctrine Ability 5

    12CP - Supply Interdiction Strike

    • Call in a P-47 to strike an enemy sector, reverting it to a neutral state
    • Costs 180 munitions
    • Can attack points in the fog of war
    • P-47 is vulnerable to AA for the duration of its flight

    Strategies and Rationale

    This tree is aimed at players who prefer building up resources in the early game, and resource denial for the enemy afterwards. It promotes aggressive expansion with the help of Raid, while Vehicle Spare Parts encourages players to keep their units near the frontlines by taking care of their maintenance needs.

    Interdiction Strikes can keep the enemy on their toes, and can force them to divert manpower and resources to protecting their rear lines--resources that would have been used to keep you away.

    This doctrine does not provide additional defensive options, however, so holding captured territories will be tricky. Coordinate with defense-oriented players to help keep your points safe, or saddle up with a cavalry/armor commander to help keep an armored assault going through faster repairs and supply drops.

    Historical Context

    The US was known for its massive logistics operations supporting the main push in the Western Front, from Normandy to across the Rhine. The sheer amount of supplies ferried throughout Europe was staggering, and the fact that they managed to do it (albeit with some discrepancies here and there) is testament to the vital role they played in winning the war.

    On the other hand, the US and its allies used their massive air power to cripple the Axis into oblivion, striking at marshaling yards, supply dumps, transport routes and the like, denying them critically-needed resources like fuel and steel.

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    USF heavy Armor company


    Jumbo Shown:
    Main cannons: same as normal shrouds.
    Speed: a little slower than the 4th train. production from the battalion headquarters
    Armor:300 HP:800
    Passive skill: 20% reduction in damage for all attacks


    76mm anti-tank gun: Performance is the same as 75mm anti-tank gun in the eastern front.
    Production from the Critical Headquarters at 0cp.
    Skill: Fire Arche-Piercing Discarding-Sabot Rounds


    When a repair truck is called, the M5 heartrack is loaded with cavalry. The hoofrack has a repair uplink which creates a repair skill.

    Skills are toggled and fixed when used, but a repairman comes out and can repair the armoured unit within a certain range. Up to the unloaded armoured unit can be repaired.


    155mm artillery fire

    13cp t26e4 super 'persing'

    One limit. If destroyed, call again. Price. Same as King Tiger price hp.
    Armor:400/110 or 375/110
    Main gun: Demage:240 Penetration:270/250/230
    Additional Skill Tank Commander, 105 mm artillery request, HVAP firing, smoke bomb

    Expand visibility, increase hit rate when upgrading Tank Commander. 105mm Attack Request Skill Activation

    Fire M93 HVAP Archer Piercing Round: 1 shot with 90 community, penetration 420/370/320

    The commander intended to deal with the opponent's heavy or Jung-gu tank later in the battle.
    Very few armored tanks are used to counter the opponent's tank forces or to break through the tank's forces, and many sacrifices are needed to catch a Yatk key or a 4th building battle
    Instead of reducing U.S. mobility, the commander gives strong punch and heavy anti-tank defense.

    It is famous for Eiji Sutmyeon, but it is also famous for Jumbo Shown. Although Jumbo Sherman was a small number in the war at the time, he was very

    T26e4 super 'persing' tanks have been added to be used as a true heavy-car unit in the United States. The existing Pershing has lost its gloves and stamina compared to other heavy electric vehicle units. T26E4 Superfilling is selected to add a re-established heavy car unit to this opportunity. In fact, it was put in at the end of the war.

    Translated into a translator. So it can be translated strangely.
    The original text is also posted.

    USF 중전차 중대.


    점보 셔면 :
    메인 대포: 일반 셔면과 동일함.
    속도: 4호 전차 보다 조금 느림. 대대 본부에서 생산.
    기갑:300 HP:800
    패시브 스킬: 모든 공격에 대하여 20% 데미지 감소


    76mm 대전차포 : 동부 전선 독일군 75mm 대전차포와 성능이 동일함.
    0cp에서 중대 본부에서 생산.
    스킬: Fire Armor-Piercing Discarding-Sabot Rounds.


    수리 트럭 호출하면 M5 하프트랙에 공병이 타고 있슴. 하프트랙은 수리 업글이 있고 이 업글하면 수리 스킬 생김.

    스킬은 토글식이며 사용시 고정되지만 수리병이 나와서 일정 범위안 기갑 유닛 수리 가능. 하차된 기갑유닛까지 수리 가능.


    155mm 포격 사격

    13cp t26e4 super 'pershing'

    1대 제한. 파괴되면 재호출 가능. 가격. 킹타이거 가격과 같음 hp은 동일.
    기갑 :400/110 또는 375/110
    주포: 데미지:240 관통력:270/250/230
    추가 스킬 Tank Commander, 105mm 포격 요청, HVAP탄 사격, 연막탄

    Tank Commander 업그레이드시 시야 확장, 명중률 증가. 105mm 포격 요청 스킬 활성화

    Fire M93 HVAP Armor Piercing Round: 90뮤니로 1발 사격, 관통력 420/370/320

    이 지휘관은 전투 후반에 상대방의 중전차나 중구축전차를 상대하기 위해서 구상함
    상대방 전차 병력을 카운터 치기거나 전차 병력을 돌파하기 위한 유닛중 장갑이 두터운 전차가 거의 없고 야트크 키거나 4호 구축전차를 돌파해서 잡기위해 많은 희생이 필요함
    이 지휘관은 미국의 기동성을 줄이는 대신에 강한 펀치력과 두터운 대전차 방어력을 부여함

    이지에잇 셔면이 유명하지만 점보셔면도 유명하다. 점보셔먼은 당시 전쟁에서 적은수 였지만 활약상은 대단했다.

    t26e4 super 'pershing' 전차는 미국의 진정한 중전차 유닛으로 투입하기위해 추가 되었다. 기존 퍼싱은 장갑과 체력이 다른 진영의 중전차 유닛보다 떨어졌다. 이 기회에 재대로된 중전차 유닛을 추가 할려고 T26E4 슈퍼퍼싱을 선택함. 실제로 전쟁 말기에 투입되었다.

    번역기로 번역했다. 그래서 이상하게 번역 될수도 있다.
    원문도 같이 올린다.

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    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    Great job man , you have my vote
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    USF New Commander Proposal

    Commander Name: Assault Support Company

    Theme: Bear the full might of the United States Army not with valuable men and vehicle but with barrages of shells and explosive ordinances, just because men are expensive and bullet are cheap. Support the front line with artillery, Off Map Smoke Barrage will assist Assault Engineer to advance and set up a defensive position, Rifleman can be equipped with M1919A6 Light machine Gun to occupy and repel any counterattack while M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage provide area denial against enemy advance and finish them off with 240mm Howitzer Barrage.

    Unit and Ability Roster
    Slot 1: Assault Engineers

    Slot 2: Off Map Smoke Barrage

    Slot 3: M1919A6 Light Machine Gun

    Slot 4: M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage

    Slot 5: 240mm Howitzer Barrage

    Strategies and Rational

    This Company is useful when you have a lot of Ammo to spare as you can uses Assault Engineers to embed along the standard infantry Rifleman for better short-range combat and can assist Rear Echelon in fortification role. Off Map Smoke Barrage can also be uses against MG in the building should the building cannot be avoided. Once the line settle then you can switch to defensive role and uses artillery to deny enemy path or you can also goes full on offensive with tanks as the tanks may not as powerful as Armor Company but it will make up for it as you will have an Assault Engineers and artillery to support your tanks.
    Assault Engineers can also be useful against OKW's Sturmpioneer in case you have trouble taking down one.
    Off Map Smoke Barrage can be useful if you focus more on Ammo-cache as this harmless ability if use properly it can cut all the enemy's tempo when they are attacking your position, it is also cheap and have a low ETA when uses.
    M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage are more useful when use as area denial rather than pounding enemy position because you already have the 240mm Howitzer Barrage for that as it is more accurate and higher tendency to squad-wipe enemy before they retreat.

    Overall it combine a strong aspect of Infantry Company with a bit of Armor Company to produce an artillery-oriented Company that are capable of assaulting enemy position without the help of armor.

    Additional Context

    Short-range monster Assault Engineers, Long-range monster M1919A6 Light Machine Gun, the lazy-gamer M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage, and the vaporizer 240mm Howitzer Barrage, what's not to like?

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    Faction + Commander Name: USF Field Artillery Company

    Theme: Use the unmatched flexibility and firepower of US field artillery regiments to effectively route and smash enemy forces.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    CP 0: Forward Observers

    • Increases infantry line of sight when out of combat, in cover, stationary or garrisoned
    • Passive Ability

    CP 0: Close Artillery Support

    • At veterancy level 2, riflemen are authorised to call in artillery barrages
    • Passive Ability
    • Cost: 60 Munitions, with a global cooldown of 35s
    • Rapidly fires 5 105mm shells in a radius of 30m

    CP 4: Elite M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer

    • Call in an elite M1A1 75mm Pack Howitzer crew
    • Cost: 420 Manpower, 20 Fuel
    • Identical to the standard M1 75mm howitzer, but has a permanent modifier that increases fire rate and range. Starts at level III veterancy.

    CP 8: 155mm Rapid Artillery Barrage

    • A slightly more powerful version of the I&R Pathfinder 155mm barrage
    • Cost: 180 Munitions, cooldown of 75s
    • Stuns tanks when hit
    • Requires line of sight to activate

    CP 9: M7B1 ‘Priest’ Howitzer Motor Carriage

    • Call in a M7B1 ‘Priest’ Howitzer Motor Carriage
    • Cost: 480 Manpower, 115 Fuel, cooldown of 120s

    Strategies and Rational
    Despite arguably having one of the best artillery corps in the Second World War, many agree that the USF faction has lacklustre artillery abilities and is missing a static artillery counterpart to the Axis and Soviet factions. This commander proposal aims to correct that.

    Forward observers will allow other line-of-sight abilities to shine right from the early stages of the game, while the elite 75mm howitzer crews will help deal with infamous early to mid-game Sturmpioneer and MG-42 HMG spam. Used effectively together with riflemen, experienced players will be able to assault entrenched positions that would otherwise prove to be a deal breaker for the better part of a match.

    The ‘Close Artillery Support’ ability for riflemen will help players to counter assaults and deny area to the enemy, while they re-organise their troops for a pushback. The 155mm artillery ability, when used effectively against enemy strongpoints and armoured pushes, will help the player deal with heavy German armour while the more versatile US armour has the opportunity to conduct flanking manoeuvres.

    Lastly, the ‘Priest’ Self-Propelled Gun gives the player the versatility to smash fortifications, conduct area denial and repel massed infantry assaults.

    Additional Context

    The M1A1 was a slightly improved version of the M1 75mm Pack Howitzer, although all variants saw wide use throughout the war. Several hundred were even sent to Chinese forces fighting against the Imperial Japanese Empire. Produced since the start of the war, it is not unlikely that crews gained significant experience throughout those four years and more of service.

    US artillery during the Second World War was by far superior to their German counterparts, both in supply and in quality. The flexibility of the fire support request system meant that even relatively low ranked troops could call for strikes and have them arrive quickly. So effective was this system that upwards of 70% of German casualties on the northwest front were to artillery alone.

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