New USF Commander Proposal

2 years ago

Ok so I'm super excited about the chance to put forth a new idea for a commander. I won't ramble on but I am a bit salty as I think this is the perfect opportunity to give the USF a call in sniper unit. It's an addition that the entire USF player base has been wanting for a long time. Just my 2 cents this would have been the perfect time.

Anyway Introducing the USF Indirect Fire Doctrine

0 CP- (Toggle) Slowly convert excess fuel to munitions
1 CP- I&R Pathfinders
2 CP- Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics (same as soviet) OR 3CP Ambulance Weapon Racks (Ambulance can be upgraded for Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel to allow for forward weapon racks)
4 CP- Recon Loiter (will accept the Recon Flight at 2 or 3CP too)
7 CP- 150mm Barrage (The one that used to be on Recon Support)

So the USF is a pretty munitions heavy faction and while fuel is always important their need for munitions isn't really supported with the current commanders. The Indirect Fire Doctrine hopes to give the USF and option of embracing the munitions playstyle fully. The 0CP Toggle allows for USF forces to increase the rate of munitions and fuel weapon upgrades for squads, Recon Overflights, and Artillery call-ins. At 1 CP the commander gets access to the I&R Pathfinders which need a lot of munitions to function. The combo of the Toggle and IR Pathfinders should make for a relatively deadly commander. The third option I leave open. I think the AT Gun ambush is a strong choice giving the commander some much needed AT options but this can also be solved by the Ambulance Weapon Racks. My thoughts is the upgrade would convert the Ambulance into something like an M3 Halftrack with healing and weapon racks.

The strength of the commander relies on the early game and maintaining units with high vet. At 4CP you get the Recon Loiter. This will help with scouting and locating targets for the 7 CP Artillery Call-in.

This commander is the only USF commander to have a theme and truly stick with it through all 5 abilities. The theme here is munitions and lots of them. The lack of Fuel means that players who choose this faction will have to make smart choices for the few vehicles they bring onto the battlefield and keeping those units alive becomes even more crucial.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Early game and mid-game this commander brings a lot of versatility and power. The combination of weapon racks, grenades, abilities like volley fire, and light vehicles like the M20 make for a strong start to the match. However if these advantages are not capitalized on the commander lacks elite infantry or vehicles to go blow for blow with the Germans. Your goal is to tip the Germans off balance with well equipped squads and then pound what's left into submission with 150mm Barrage!!

You'll have to be careful for when you choose to use the 0CP toggle. At the right time it can see you plasting the opponent into submission but play it wrong and a Panther can hit the field while you have no answer!


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    2 years ago

    Bump for Feedback

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    2 years ago

    Some feedback to improve your suggestions:

    1. Uncounterable resource conversions aren't very popular, that's why all the other ones were removed or changed.
      I would suggest to replace your first slot with "supply drops" that would work the same as the Ostheer ones - target a fuel or munitions sector and drop supplies in that give said resource. The enemy can capture these drops. Comes at 3 CP.

    2. As for the ambulance weapon racks idea, that's a bit weird. And a lot of extra work. I would replace that one with an M5 halftrack call-in that can drop the weapons, just like the British one does.

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