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    @Yappir said:
    Well here goes mine i guess.

    Coordinated onrush doctrine

    0 CP - Assult pack
    Volks can now be improved with mp 40
    Pioniers can now be equiped with flamers
    (I would like them to have duuble panzershreks becouse with just one they are kinda meh compere to panzergrensm, also upgreat that increases pio repair speed would be welcome)

    3 CP STG44 infrared pack
    Obersoldaten can now be equpied with stg44s
    Feels that this improvment do not get enough of attention and it is a great so... more of it please

    5 CP HEAT rounds
    Tanks can now use heat shells

    5 CP Hull down
    Pio and volks can now hull down tanks
    (I know OKW do not have this ability but i imagine that since they at least can have it for pz4 and pz5 since they share this tanks with the other german faction. Maybe it is posible to adopt it to Luchs and other OKW vehicles?)

    10 CP Sector Assult
    Planes scout and attack targets in designated area
    (It is same ability as in Overwatch, I am not sure do i rember name correctly)

    Let us first talk about the idea what this doctrine is about. It focuses on 2 things: infantry and tanks. The doctrine encourages to coopertae agresive infantry play with tanks. Both of this things use to work inseparably in theather of ww2. I was thinking about panzergrenadiers work together with tanks speicaly that we have new upgreat for them in german infantry docrine. I came up with this insted. This doctrine wants you to cooperate your infantry with your tanks. Infantry is there to rush enem positions and destory things that could treaten your tanks like AT guns or bazooka teams. Tanks are with your infantry to clear our mgs and give some cover untl your infantry can reach the enemy postions. I also wanted to use abilities that do not have enough of recognition in current meta.

    What are the posible changes?
    Well i understand if hull down has to go. I would like to keep the bond betwen infantry and tanks but i understand that this is a difrent faction abiility and OKW might not be able to pick it up. It could be repalced with soemthing that reinforces infantry like "For the fatherland", "Rapid movment", "Vilant assult", "Panzer Comanders" maybe. Perhabs something like Opel truck but it is very sicuational vehicle and i feel that it would be a weak spot of this doctrine.

    Whats the play?

    How I imagine use of this thing? I think it would be obviously a good pick up on maps that do well with tanks. Big open spaces like for example Vaux Farmland. Since first minutes of the game doctrines starts to shine as we can use flamers for pios to have a bit more of control over the town. Both pio and volks are a great options since we have huge variety of upgreats for them. If we want our volks to have an egde in clos combat we can issue them MP40s. Smoke grenades are also an option now.
    Our main goal is to go for vehicles. Last truck is most interesting becouse we want pz 4s and obersoldaten. If we are going to drop repair truck we should not invest into luchs or puma as we want to get the juicy truck with obers. We will only use this as a repair station later on. More preferable is hospital to heal up our infantry, foot soldiers are half of our gameplay after all,

    When we got our Shverer (is this how it is spelled?) we can make obers or go for panzer 4, our choice really. We can go Panther if we feel like we need a heavier option but Panzer 4 is more versatile vehicle and would do better in supporting our infantry. If we would encouter problems with other tanks we have heat rounds to help us out. Goal is to create a huge offensive force that is capable to deal with our target. We have panzer 4, flamers, volks with smoke and mp40s and obers with infra red stg44s.

    In case we need to we can hull down our tanks, again it is a great ability that is bearly seeing a play. Our infantry after taking new position can now dig in tanks and defend to not give away land we just captured. Maybe this is a spot for opel truck to shine after all? To reinforce our infantry. Also it could transport our troops fast accros the map? Still Hull down sounds better and easier to use as loading and unloading troops is a bit too micro intense.

    If we need some support attacking heavy fortifications we can call in planes.

    Well if you need more serious artylery... you shouldn't pick this doctrine should you?

    Hull down is very good addition to okw and it's possible for every tanks but not for 5CP it must be like 2CP. If you try All Units Mod you will see even heaviest tanks could be hull down by volks. Just i'm not sure about that "STG44 infrared pack"

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    Wrong thread buddy, this is OKW

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    Okw has a lot of deficiencies, Often need teammates to make up. This theory can improve the ability of OKW in all aspects.

    slot1: StuG III Ausf. G Assault Gun(cp0) manpower:280 fue:90
    can call StuG III Ausf. G Assault Gun High rate of fire and high damage but poor hit rate. There are decent life and armor but less maneuverability. Ideal for combating enemy armor and vehicles. Produced by Mechanized Regiment Headquarters

    slot2 mg42(cp1) manpower:260
    Call a team of mg42 support

    slot3 Reconnaissance Overflight(cp4) ammo:60
    Call a reconnaissance plane to fly over the designated area.

    slot4 Stuka Bombing Strike(cp12) ammo:200
    Call a "Stuka" dive bomber to throw a heavy air bomb on a designated area. If you hit an enemy stronghold, the base becomes neutral.

    slot5 Tiger tank(cp13) manpower:640 fule:230
    Call a tiger-type chariot to support operations

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    Nice one!
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    Doctrine inspirated by the one from @Hower12

    Western Armour Doctrine

    0CP Stugs

    Stugs G and E can now be build in light mechanisated company (repair station truck).
    First of all thier price has to be adjusted to OKW. Puma has difrent costs in Wer and OKW. Stugs should cost a bit more manpower and a bit less fuel.

    Second of all, why? OKW has panzer-jager 4 that can easly fill the role of stug G.
    First difrence is that pzjg4 are hard to mass. Having 3 of them is almost unachivable. Stugs from the other hand are easy to build up with thier very cheap cost. They are fragile and don't have the best fire power but having 3 of them at once is very easy. OKW could use an alternative to that specialy that they could start builidng them faster and lost of shwerer would not result in cease of tank production. Stug 3 can easly be killed with early game things and are only effective agaist amroured targets so i see no abuse in building them so early. They perhabs should require second truck to be set up so it is not as easy to make them and puma remain a viable option to build.
    Stug E could be a flomper (HE tank, like brumbar). Stug E is rather weak and realy used, specialy that wer has brumbar that is more expensive but more realiable. Having it more often in the field might be nice alternative, specialy that OKW have no tank that fills this role.

    Stug vets (both)
    vet 1 - Unlocks the 'Target Weak Point' ability
    vet 2 - Unlocks the 'Panzer Tactician'
    vet 3 - +30% armor, -10% reload time
    vet 4 - -30% reload time, +20% rotation speed, +20% maximum speed, +20% ac/deceleration
    vet 5 - free spotting scope

    If it proves that stugs are too powerful so early in the game they might be unlocable at 4 CP insted of 0.

    0 CP - Assult pack
    Volks can now be improved with mp 40
    Pioniers can now be equiped with flamers
    (I would like them to have duuble panzershreks becouse with just one they are kinda meh compere to panzergrensm, also upgreat that increases pio repair speed would be welcome)

    I would like to see this ability to be included becouse we do not see it often enough and it provides more good options to OKW player. It is included in only one other doctrine that is rearly used at all.

    4 CP - Emergency repairs

    I can imagine that having so many stugs would require some repairs. I never actually used this ability so this might be its chance to shine.

    6 CP - Tank camuflage
    Pz 4, Pz 5, stugs, can now be improved with camuflage. They can become invisible and can move undetected with reduced sleep. First shot has improved accurecy.
    During ww2 germans did use to camfulage tanks as allied vehicles. See bellow pithure of Panther pretending to be american M10. Maybe upon purchasing tank would change its paint and faction symbol to be american one? Also stugs could have attached bushes to its hull. I am not sure how hard these changes would be. If they are too much to be included vehicles can just be invisible on thier own, it is just cosmetic detail.

    12 CP - panther comand tank
    Panther if we still did not build our swerer and want to support our stugs. This perfectly fits the doctrine.

    Posible changes
    First of all is balance of stugs. When is early enough for them to apear. I imagine that this ability might need to cost a bit more CP. I would like that only matter of limitation should be players rescources. Sometimes it is hard to get this few CPs. This is the matter that limit Stug E in wer play and makes it a waste of resources insted of early game option.

    Also i am unsure is horde of invisible sutgs balanced. Tank camuflage might cost a lot as an improvment per panzer. Like 60 ammo or more. So making a lot of invisible tanks would be harder and losing them would be very painful. Stugs are very soft so i iamgine that this would be not so hard to counter with enough firepower. Specialy if enemy team has some off map AT support.

    In case some other abilities have to included for sake of balance. we can remove emergency repais or even assult packs.

    People say OKW is a faction about infantry. Creating huge amout of tanks is hard and it is nearly imposible to have a large amout of them. Meeting requierments to make pz4s is somewhat hard. By the time you have 2 of them, enemy will already have plenty of AT or his own tank option, stronger then yours. Comet spam is very painful to play agaist. Only AT that OKW has besides tanks are Panzershreks and Raketenwerfer 43. Both of this options are very weak on their own and vulnerable to literally anything (infantry, artylery, tanks). Single Katusha barrage can wipe them off the map.
    OKW play is often reduced to rush for swerer for the powerspikes. Buying both hospital and repair truck is almost never an option. Also spending fuel on pumas, luchs and other things is considered waste of fuel (if they turn out to be failed investement it is VERY painful). Every purches means we will be late with our panzer 4. Stugs make a twist on this. OKW player is not longer forced to go for the shwerer. Now we can ignore shwerer and have a comfort of an armoured option in mid-late game. In current meta having hospital and repair truck with out of shwerer is a very rare phenomen only occuring if we want to mass rocket halftrucks and our team has tank department covered.

    Whats the play?
    This doctrine is ment to be played on big maps where tank warfere is key factor. Doctrine is a jack of all traits. It is valid in all stages of the game. We can pick it at any stage of the game and still harvest from it. It is advised to lock in before puting up second truck.
    If we lock in from very start we can benefit by wider range of infantry improvment. Specialy if we have a lot of pio since flamer is now an option. Having 3 pio is vailable becosue we can go falmers, get some bonus panzershreks or get a mine detector to avoid tanks losing mobility.
    Volks are also a good option becouse smoke grenades prove very useful if we catch on mg fire and get pined. If we want we can transition all our volks in close range infantry.

    We want both hospital and repair truck. Order of buying those is dependand on players preferences. If we need medics and reinforce point we can go hospital first. If we want to drop luchs we can go for the repair truck and then add on hospital.

    After we get both we can make a stug. We have a choice of model E or G. If we need soemthng to crunch defences and infantry we have model E. If we need AT we have model G. Yay, choices.

    Again we can ignore shwere. LUXURY We will not get obers but hey, you can't have everything.

    Our goal is to accumulate plenty of stugs and turn them invisible. Stugs are only good agaist infantry or tanks, depending wich model we got. Every model E is not a model G. There is some cooepration and decisions to be made. Our infantry will be able to compesate lacks of AT or AP options.

    At the very end we can get a panther off map.

    We can wage tank warfere with no shwerer truck.

    The downsides of this doctrine are lack of any off maps, artylery options and anything that benefits ifnantry besides assult packs.

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    Here my alternate OKW commander suggestion
    Advanced Panzer Tactics Doctrine
    Mixed previous commander abilities from Wehr and OKW

    I believe OKW faction needs a commander with Tiger tank support because historically Tiger Ace already destroyed in western front by British forces. This Panzer commander have to access every tank tactic abilities like smoke screen, spotting scope, repairs and hull down for their costly and outnumbered tanks. For sure they will use these tank tactics just for survive longer.

    Hull down possible for medium and heaviest ones. Tiger Ace also have to be access those tank abilities. Didn't mention about costs they could stay same which values used previously.

    This commander would be perfect for experienced players.

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    hmm great idea i think but i have a question : will okw not op if they will have acces to 2 heavy tanks? tiger 2 and ace?
    anyway nice job

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    @Martevall said:
    hmm great idea i think but i have a question : will okw not op if they will have acces to 2 heavy tanks? tiger 2 and ace?
    anyway nice job

    I was thinking only heavy tank option is Tiger Ace for this commander. But also it could be selectable player could decide between Tiger 2 and Tiger Ace but for sure Tiger 2 will be vanilla without smoke cover, emergency repair and spotting scope.

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    All right then
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    Infantry Defend doctrine
    CP 0 assault pack
    OB can upgrade STG44 infrared and VG can upgrade MP40,move flamethrower to Incendiary Munitions
    CP 1 ambush training
    ostheer same,SP VG MG34 and OB can upgrade
    CP 2 Field Defenses
    SP can bulid tank trap and 43 Anti tank mine,VG can bulid bunker
    CP 3 infiltration tactics
    CP 5 Panzer commander

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    German Warmachine Doctrine

    • Strumpioneers can build fuel points (only fuel) for 300 manpower - 0 CP
    • Tanks get the Panzer tactican ability - 2 CP
    • Strumpioneers can use the critical repair ability - 4 Cp
    • Reconnaissance Overflight - 5 CP
    • Player can build the Panzer 4 Ace tank with maxed out vet star and fuel cost to match. Can only build one - 9 CP

    The commander gives some team support role for OKW.

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    Doctrine "Forced Measures"
    Gather whatever resources you can from the battlefield and defeated enemies. Troops are trained to be more thorough in their salvage operations and Infantry can construct advanced defensive buildings. Also trucks Opel Blitz support infantry . While the elite Fallschirmjägers ambush and destroy enemy squads and can disrupt enemy supplies.
    With a large amount of resources stockpiled and the enemy surrounded, crush the pocket will concentrate firepower to eradicate them

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    Very Barebones suggestions, perhaps vague but I really would like to see some inclusion of captured equipment call-ables, such as the T-34, as a cool exotic flavour and historical implement (Soviet Tanks were probably more numerous compared to captured and working Yankie and Brit Vehicles) ... Cheaper medium tank alternatives such as the really bad Panzer 4 J or Panzer 4 F1, just enough to contend with the early to mid game fuel pinch ... Perhaps the Panzer 4 J due to its very slow turret traverse but desireable price could act in a static role, employing a ambush buff? A weird Pak 40 replacement/supplement ... Maybe throw in more powerful artillery call-ables like 280mm Strikes (The K5 Gun series was fairly common on the Western Front) I could be wrong but I believe it would be the smallest calibre Railway gun call-in, soo maybe it could quicker cooldown and activation times, but of course remain not nearly as powerful as the 300mm - etc. The lack of air ordinance should historically exist in their poor case, soo instead more ground based destructive call-ins could be brought fleshed out, Like Unique sector artillery strikes with the flexibility of the allies, maybe blanketing OKW units with smoke while bringing the pain on your enemies? I believe it suits the more specialised needs of the OKW, obviously nothing too OP but fun to use, I just believe that some minor changes with the existing OKW doctrine abilities could borne a fresh, more exotic commander, Adding call-able stockpiled T-34s and maybe other creative niche artillery abilities for the OKW would really make me happy ... P.S If any the Relic boi's see this, You gotta make a CoH 3 and get WW2 Japan, Italy, Poland and Hugary, etc a chance to show their quirks, It would be crunchy :)

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    Tank hunter tactics

    This commander focuses heavy on destroying enemy vehicles

    1st slot:

    Anti tank combat package (passive, 0 cp): special anti tank training allows volksgrenadiers to detect nearby enemy vehicles in a certain radio and can be upgraded with 1 panzerschreck per squad for 75 munitions and gives sturmpioners the ability to plant teller mines and riegel mines at vet 3

    2nd slot:

    Spotting scopes (passive, 5 cp)

    3rd slot:

    Heat rounds (toggle ability, 7 cp)

    4th slot:

    Stuka close air support (loiter, 12 cp)

    5th slot:

    Elefant tank destroyer (call in unit, 14 cp)

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    Here are my suggestions for the new OKW commander:

    Advanced Weapons Doctrine

    Infrared StG44 Package
    High Explosive Anti-Tank(HEAT) Shells
    Rocket Barrage
    Command Panther
    +[King Tiger]

    Artillery Support Doctrine
    (an OKW version of the Royal Artillery Regiment)

    Artillery Flares
    Light Artillery Barrage
    leFH18 Artillery
    Zeroing Artillery
    +[King Tiger]

    Mobile Offense Doctrine

    Heavy Fortifications
    Cargo Truck (Same as Wehrmacht)
    251 Half-Track (call-in)
    105 mm Howitzer Barrage
    Panther Command Tank
    +[King Tiger]

    All CP values remain at their current settings. Contexts and rationales have been thoroughly explained by me in other threads so, I'm not going to repeat them here.

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    A commander suggestion for the OKW faction:

    Faction + Commander Name: OKW Mechanized Assault Doctrine

    Theme: Utilize speed and mobility aggressively. SdKfz 250 Halftracks has been requisitioned to improve army mobility. Infantry are well equipped and are prepared to assault enemy positions. Our Command Panther Tank will lead the assault.

    This doctrine promotes aggressive tactics, so if you like to attack and show that OKW early game dominance, this is it.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Mechanized Support

    Allows requisition of SdKfz 250 Halftrack
    Available at the Command Headquarters
    Same cost to the Wermacht counterpart
    Unlockable by 0CP
    Unlockable once a supply headquarters has setup
    (That Halftrack from Wermacht commander German Infantry Doctrine)
    For Veterancy concerns: (Not yet sure how to resolve that… You may tweak it if you want)

    Slot 2: Breakthrough Tactics

    Neutralize enemy territory at a faster rate
    Available at 0CP

    Slot 3: Infiltration Tactics

    Let infantry out of combat for quite some time use a lot of grenades
    Available at 3CP

    Slot 4: Valiant Assault

    Improve movement and attack effectivity
    Available at 6CP

    Slot 5: Command Panther Tank

    Lead the assault with a Command Panther Tank
    Available at 12CP

    Strategies and Rational

    The best defense is offense. Assault the enemy rapidly!

    This doctrine focuses on a mechanized playstyle, using vehicles and infantry early game to get the advantage. Having the SdKfz 250 Halftrack be requisitioned at the HQ provides flexibility, allowing the player to either focus on infantry with some mechanized support or focus on vehicles with some infantry support.

    This commander is indeed very similar to the Special Operations Doctrine, with some changes.

    I didn't made the SdKfz 250 Halftrack available immediately because of how overpowered it might become. Unlike the Soviet M3A1 Scout Car, the SdKfz 250 Halftrack has better survivability, and has the potential to be a very overpowered unit that can handle infantry and vehicles alike, if the squad onboard is a Sturmpioneer equipped with a Panzershreck (Imagine how potentially OP that can be for an OKW especially once reached Vet 5).

    Additional Context

    The western front was much more focused on Panzer divisions than mechanized division, but SS Panzer divisions had their infantry mechanized unlike regular Panzer divisions where their infantry companion were most likely motorized.

    German divisions kept the rule of “Self-sustainability”, where even a single Panzer division or an Infantry division can handle almost any situation they are in without the help of other divisions. SS Divisions were more specialized though.

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    I would like to see a Hummel howitzer

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    OKW Commander Proposal

    -Stellung Doctrine-

    An emphasis on defence for a fundamentally offensive faction. Being able to utilize German expertise in constructing strong defences and emplacements, whilst also giving infantry units the means to deal with relentless attacks. Much in the same situation the "Panzer Elite" found themselves in Normandy 1944, when an offensive grinds down, one has to have the ability to hold what they've gained (or otherwise, bolster and reinforce lines they previously held). This is quite representative of the situation in the west in 1944, and portrays the two opposite priorities that these forces had to contend with at the time; pushed onto unrelenting attack, but expected to resolutely defend every inch of territory.

    Slot 1 (2CP): Heavy Fortifications - Same as is presently used in the Luftwaffe Ground Forces and Fortifications Doctrines for the OKW.
    Slot 2 (2CP): Panzerfusiliers - Same as is present in the current OKW Breakthrough Doctrine.
    Slot 3 (3cp): Infrared STG44 package - Same as is present in the current OKW Special Forces Doctrine (if this is too potent to be used along with present units & abilities in the doctrine, replace with "For the Fatherland!").
    Slot 4 (8CP): LeFH 18 Artillery - Same as is present in the Fortifications Doctrine.
    Slot 5 (14CP): Sector Artillery / Sector Assault - Same as is present in their respective OKW and Wehr/Ostheer equivalents Use whichever works best with the doctrine and is balanced.

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    ZorxZorx Posts: 1

    OKW Ambush Tactics Doctrine

    Theme: Doctrine focusing on concealment and ambush tactics. Ultilizing camouflage and harrasing behind enemy lines. Most of the ablilites encourage setting up a trap/ambush/surprise attack.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    **Slot 1: **Jagdpanzer 38 "Hetzer" light tank destroyer

    ⦁ Available from 0 CP.
    ⦁ Can be trained at the The Mechanized Regiment HQ or The Schwerer Panzer HQ
    ⦁ Cost Approximately 105 Fuel and 360 Manpower and 12 Population
    ⦁ Can ultilize stealth
    ⦁ Ambush shot at veterancy 2. Shot with increased damage and a chance to cripple enemy armor

    **Slot 2: **Ambush and camouflage equipment

    ⦁ Available from 2 CP
    ⦁ Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenediers, Obersoldaten and HMG's can be upgraded with camouflage and ambush tactics
    ⦁ Costs 30 Munitions

    Slot 3: Infiltration troops

    ⦁ New infantry squad similar to Wehrmacht stormtroopers
    ⦁ Available from 4 CP
    ⦁ Cost Approximately 350 Manpower and 8 Population
    ⦁ 4 man squad armed with MP40's, smoke grenades and panzerfausts, effective at close range
    ⦁ Can be spawned from ambient buildings

    **Slot 4: **Valiant Assault

    ⦁ Available from 6 CP
    ⦁ Identical from "Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine"

    **Slot 5: **105mm time on target artillary barrage

    ⦁ Available from 12 CP
    ⦁ 175 Munitions
    ⦁ 105mm artillary barrage
    ⦁ Delayed barrage delivered in rapid succession

    Strategies and Rational

    This doctrine is dedicated to ambush and taking enemy forces by surprise.

    The Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer is meant to be a light tank destroyer capable of facing allied tanks such as the T34/75 and Cromwell tanks. It is a mobile tank with a low profile thanks to its relatively small size.

    Ambush and camouflage equipment allows infantry to be concealed in cover. While the Wehrmacht has a similiar ability, the OKW dont have this as of yet. Infiltration troops also heavily inspired from Shock troops, Storm troopers and Commandos. Valiant assault is there to support a push or a surprise attack by making it more quick and efficient.

    The final ability is a time on target artillary barrage. This barrage has a delay but the shells land in a very rapid succesion. This ability is similiar to that of the US Infantry Company ability.

    **Additional Context
    The Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer is already present in the game where it has the Keobe Flamethower as its main armament. However, the main use of the tank was to be a reliable and relatively cheap counter to tanks such as the T-34/75 and Cromwell tanks. The tank ultilized a 75mm PaK 39 L/48 cannon and adding the tank in this itteration to the doctrine may give it unique twist.

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    Light Infantry Doctrine

    Theme: Light infantry will cooperate with STuG Ausführung E to decimate the enemy at long range combat. Built up a strong defensive position with air-dropped weaponry and call the mighty Luftwaffe for support against armored vehicels.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot1: Air-Dropped Medical Supplies ( 0 CP )

    Slot2: Panzerfüsiliers ( 2 CP )

    Slot3: Supply Drop ( 4 CP )

    Slot4: STuG III Ausf. E ( 6 CP )

    Slot5: Stuka Close Air Support ( 12 CP )

    Strategies and Rational

    This Doctrine gives you some handy options for long-range-based-warfare, so its not necessary to spam like 100 Volks and rely on drunk raketenwerfers. Panzerfusiliers will shoot the enemy at distance and are also quite cheap for reinforcing the airdropped MG34 and Pak 40 ( which is also indicated for long range engagements ). I think 4 CP are fair for achieving this "advanced" AT-Gun also the paradropped MG34 fits well with the OKW-theme. The stubby-STuG would give the OKW a usefull ( synergizes greatly with the huge view and flares of the Panzerfüsiliers ) but not too potent Call-In-Unit against Ally-blob and russian MG-horde (yes, i like hyphens). Its also a cheap tank-option for OKW if the Schwer
    headquarter has been destroyed. Finally the medicines and Stuka Support will help you and your teammate to survive the panzer-storm and complements this doctrine.

    Additional Context

    The panzerfüsiliers were part of the so called light infantry which role was to engage more mobile than the heavier battlegroups (one reason for the "light" STuG ). Its also quite typical that those regiments were strongly supported by the air force. I tried to bring this abilities into that context and really hope you like that theme.

    PS: sorry for my bad english and greetings from germany!

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    Greif Doctrine

    0 CP - Beutepanzer Panzerkampfwagen M4-748 (a) [M4 with 75mm]
    Germans used captured US tanks, including in Operation Grief. It serves as a cheap mutli-purpose tank with more flavor than a Panzer 4.

    1 CP - Ambush Training
    Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, and Obersoldaten squads can be equipped with concealing camouflage and they gain a sprint ability, perfect for setting up traps and maneuvering to where they shouldn't be expected.

    3 CP - Undercover Commandos (Stormtroopers)
    Able to deploy from buildings on the map, these Commandos have American uniforms and weapons, along with the ability 'false transfer orders' which sends an enemy unit back to base.

    4 CP - Reconnaissance Overflight
    A recon plane flies at the targeted area to reveal the fog of war, to allow more accurate attacks.

    12 CP - Zeroing Artillery
    A massive barrage of artillery fires at visible units in an area, synchronizing well with the reconnaissance and stealth abilities in the doctrine.

    In all, the doctrine is intended to be infantry heavy with a focus on keeping the enemy on the defensive, while an early tank provides a method to keep the enemy on their toes at the risk of slowing heavy tank introduction, while final recon and artillery abilities allows a final knockout use of munitions before the inevitable attrition of fuel exhaustion hits.

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    # OKW Hinterhalt (Ambush) Tactics Doctrine Idea

    Theme: Use advance ambush tactics, captured equipment, and light vehicles to hold out until an armor breakthrough.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    1 CP: Ambush Training

    • Identical to the Ostheer Version
    • Infantry are able to sprint for a short amount of time
    • Camouflage upgrade available for Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, and HMGs

    4 CP: SdKfz 251 Resupply Halftrack

    • Call in unit, same as Ostheer Version
    • Cost could be the same of 200 manpower 30 fuel (or more expensive as they would be rarer?)
    • No Flamethrower upgrade
    • Can carry and reinforce nearby units and deploy captured allied weapons for munitions (similar to the British Resupply Halftrack)
    • 50 Munitions for either a Bren, BAR, or DP and 60 for Bazooka or PTRS rifle (50/50 chance)
    • Same 1-3 Veterancy as Ostheer
    • If Relic wants to add OKW Vet- Vet 4: Halftrack comes with medics that passively heal nearby units, Vet 5: Can Place Riegel 43 Mines for 50 muni
    • Optional Idea for Relic**** Command Upgrade for 120 Manpower and 10 Fuel: HT becomes a Command halftrack that can't carry units anymore but gives a passive accuracy buff to nearby infantry units and reload speed buff for support weapons (same as Sturm Officer buff)

    5 CP: Hull Down/Camouflage Netting

    • Identical to Ostheer
    • Sturmpioneers and Volksgrenadiers can Hull Down light/medium/heavy armor to be stationary for buffs
    • Hull Down is available for Luchs/Puma/FlakTrak/Resupply HT/PZ4/Jagpanzer 4/Panther/KingTiger (maybe Infared HT/Stuke HT/ and Kubelwagen just for fun)
    • Hull Down damage received buff for light vehicles should be just enough that they shouldn't be receiving much, if at all, damage from small arms
    • ALTERNATIVE Instead of a hull down, how about a Camouflage Netting upgrade/ability for vehicles that allows them go invisible when stationary (similar to Vet JagPanzer) until they fire a weapon or the enemy gets close enough

    6 CP: Valiant Assault/For the Fatherland

    • Either VA or FtF works as an infantry boost for this doctrine
    • OR if Relic wants to make this slot unique have a Valiant Assault style infantry boost as flares go up in front line territories (similar to Brits Royal Arty "Early Warning") BUT honestly either VA/FtF would work just fine for this slot and there isn't much of a point to over-complicate things
    • 8-10? CP: Beutepanzer Support
    • Call-in unit, random tank either being a M4A3, T34-76, or Cromwell with OKW markings
    • 1/3 Chance for either tank
    • Sherman can't decrew
    • Native upgrades and abilities are available (pin .50 for Sherman and Tank Commander for Cromwell)
    • Price should be around 320 Manpower 110 Fuel (Reason: this call in would be a gamble of either overpaying 20 manpower and 20 fuel for a T34, saving 20 manpower for a Sherman, or saving 20 manpower and 10 fuel for a Cromwell)
    • For balance reasons give it a penalty to repair speed (it takes longer to repair this unit contrary to its allied counterpart) and is deployed damaged with 75% of its health
    • CP cost is unclear because I want the Beutepanzer to be a stop gap call in and want it available around the time armor would be rolling out for either side in a contested game.
    • Vet 1-3: Same as Allied Counterpart
    • If Relic wants to add OKW Vet- Vet 4: Repair speed penalty removed. Vet 5: Passive Radio silence (unit is not detected on the mini map until it fires its weapons)
    • Panzer HQ must be built to call in this ability armor but the HQ doesn't have to be alive to be able to be used

    Strategies and Rational:
    This doctrine was fashioned to be somewhere between a comeback doctrine (like Mobile Defense, Reserve Army, Luftwaffe GF {to an extent}) and a doctrine that changes the play style of the faction and a thematic doctrine of "Captured Equipment" that many players want to see.

    • Ambush tactics would give OKW more say on when they want to engage. You could set ambushes with your infantry and mgs or have one of your camoflauge infantry as a foward scout/flanker.

    • The halftrak would server as a utility vehicle to keep an offensive infantry push or as an alternative to the battlegroup HQ if it gets destroyed/the player decides to go Mechanized HQ and if the player vets up the HT enough it would effectively be a replacement for the Battlegroup but that HQ still has its reason to be built (foward rally, more health, KT access) and if the player decides to get the command upgrade they would need to be careful of not letting it die for it would be an investment that pays out over time. The weapon supply would be an interesting decision for the OKW player because 1 allied weapon is cheaper than the Volks 2x Sturm upgrade but 2 allied weapons would be about 50% more expensive and you cant have both. This weapon supply would work as a fill in the gaps ability as well as a team support ability. If the player has 3 Volks and give all of them 1 captured weapon they would save 30 munitions enough for a mine, grenade, or another ability.

    • Hull Down is a good ability that is underused, and in the hands of the OKW it would allow light vehicles transition into late game and still have a use, Luchs could be used to hull down on flanks and act as a makeshift canon emplacement, Pumas would be able to hold out longer, medium and heavy armor would be harder to dislodge when set up in good positions which something that the OKW suffer from is that its great at taking positions but struggle at holding and thatch where hull down would help. Note the hull down for light vehicles should be just enough that infantry weapons would do very little to at all damage to it and would require armor or dedicated AT to dislodge it-Both Valiant Assault/For the Fatherland functionally and thematically fit into this doctrine only difference is that VA is useful for attacking and defending while FtF only works in friendly territory. Either one works for this doc with VA having the edge for versatility but FtF fits the “desperate defense” theme

    • Beutepanzer Support: this is what people want, captured tanks for the germans. The CP cost should around time medium armor starts rolling out. The idea behind it is as a comeback if your fuel position isnt as good as your opponent who already has armor rolling out or in horrible situation that your Schwere Panzer HQ gets destroyed. Its more to cushion the blow than being a straight alternative. To counterbalance its cost and randomness in what tank you get there should be a repair nerf that makes it take it longer to get repaired (reasonably german engineers wouldnt be familiar with Allied equipment) and when it deployed it wouldn’t be at full health to discourage people from spamming them and rushing into battle. The reason why I chose this tanks specifically because they are base units that the Allied factions use because I feel it would be unfair for the Allies if the OKW can produce their special doctrine tanks.

    The utility that this doctrine provides would be useful as a comeback from bad situations but you would be punished by the fact that taking this doctrine you are losing access to Call In Super Heavy tanks, off map arty/air support and conventional recon. This doctrine thematically would resemble late war German tactics of waiting in ambushes to surprise enemies as well as hunkering down armor and AT guns. I also wanted it to be Relic friendly because nothing in this doctrine “requires” new models. Everything is in the base game and shares the mechanics of other units.

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    2 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 984

    @Zorx said:
    The Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer is already present in the game where it has the Keobe Flamethower as its main armament. However, the main use of the tank was to be a reliable and relatively cheap counter to tanks such as the T-34/75 and Cromwell tanks. The tank ultilized a 75mm PaK 39 L/48 cannon and adding the tank in this itteration to the doctrine may give it unique twist.

    Real good idea to read the requirements from the master post:

    Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.)

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    2 years ago
    karapapagankarapapag… Posts: 16
    edited January 2019

    @Vegna said:
    Real good idea to read the requirements from the master post:
    Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.)

    Yes i've read this too but not understand totally because Hetzer avaliable with All Units mod and it's working well didn't notice any missing animations...

    Edit: I just inspect Hetzer carefully noticed tank don't have shooting anims his cannon somehow shooting but just without any recoil and side effects except little bit smoke. :neutral:

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    2 years ago

    My proposal for the OKW
    Commander: Salvage Doctrine
    Theme: Salvage, Scavenge, and Steal anything you can muster to fight the allies

    Slot 1: Thorough Salvage (0 CP): Same as scavenge doctrine
    Slot 2: Radio Intercept (0 CP): Same as Soviet
    Slot 3: Artillery Flares (4 CP): Same as normal
    Slot 4: Beutepanzer M4A3 Sherman (5 CP): Call in, same cost as the American counterpart, max 1, can't de-crew, same AP/HE swap ammo
    -Vet 1: scatter -10%, sight +15
    -Vet 2: max speed +10%, accel speed +10%
    -Vet 3: reload time -10%, rotation speed +10%, accuracy +5%
    -Vet 4: damage +10%, improve fire accuracy on the move
    -Vet 5: Auto Repair when out of combat
    Slot 5: Beutepanzer Sherman Firefly (8 CP): Call in, same cost as British Firefly counterpart, max 1
    Vet 1-3: Same as British counterpart
    Vet 4: Hits from tank is marked for 5 seconds
    Vet 5: Sight range increase when not moving

    Strategies: The main idea of this commander is flexibility and light support. OKW has a good early and late game. It's mid-game is (in my opinion) lacking. The gap some games from the panzer 2/puma/reketenwerfer and a proper tank from the schwere headquarters building can get brutal so having a capable call-in medium tank like the beute Sherman could fill the gap so players can variety their build orders and not always rush for the halftrack, build the schwere quarters, and then wait for fuel for a tank. Its also enjoyable to use some foreign allied enemy equipment on a axis commander
    Additional Context: This commander was influenced by Steel Division Normandy 44 (12th SS Panzer mostly, a little bit of the 21st Panzer). For the Beutepanzers, you can use the base models for the tanks but just put axis paint job and decals

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    2 years ago

    Oberkommando West Commander Submission

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    2 years ago

    **Faction and Commander Name: **

    OKW Elite Infantry Doctrine

    Unit and Ability Roster

    0 CP - Assault Package

    Same as the one from the Feuersturm Doctrine.

    Sturmpioneers can upgrade to Flammenwerfer 35 Flamethrower while Volksgrenadiers can be equipped with MP40s and a variety of grenades.

    0 CP - Incendiary Munitions

    Same as the one from the Feuersturm Doctrine.

    Le.IG 18s are given incendiary rounds to saturate target zones with fire.

    3 CP - Infrared StG44 Package

    Same as the Special Operations Doctrine.

    Obersoldaten squads can be upgraded with StG44's equipped with infrared scopes. These weapons are powerful at long range.

    4 CP - Artillery Flares

    Same as the Special Operations Doctrine.

    Flares are fired at the target location, revealing the area.

    7 CP - Anti-Armor Package

    Not an existing one but basically an anti tank version of the assault package containing the Wehrmacht's PaK43's vet Target Weak Point ability and Elite Armor Doctrine's HEAT rounds.

    Raketerwerfer can use Target Weak Point and Tanks are now issued HEAT ammunition for increased penetration.

    Strategies and Rationale:

    Allows the faction to switch to a more munitions focused style of play by allowing the faction's core units to equip specialised weapons and munitions for specialised tasks that the OKW seem to be lacking in for an elite unit. The idea is that they won't need to rely on gas as much as other factions or having to tech up as fast and this makes sense as they can't build depots to compete.

    There are also abilities in this doctrine that are also only on only one commander at the moment. Having another commander with these will allowed some varied strategies and the OKW player being less predicable as the player now has options to handle different situations especially early on and does not forecast their entire doctrine just by the appearance of an ability.

    The assault package allows OKW to deal with two problems that they can barely deal with at the start. Flamethrower for the garrisoned buildings and mp40s for the rushing allied infantry before their first HQ. Choosing the alternatives will lock that unit's equipment slot to that task losing an anti tank capability to be able deal with garrisons or medium to long range standard infantry that can now be on the front lines to protect those valuable sturmpioneers who now have an additional task to clear garrisons.

    Incendiary munitions allows OKW to deal with strong early defences (i.e. mg spams or emplacements). It is also is an interesting tool to synergize this doctrine's specialise infantry by controlling the battlefield. i.e. If the OKW player opt to stick with volkgrenadiers with assault rifles then use this to create areas with incendiaries between the volkgrenadiers and thier targets to force a long range engagement.

    Infrared StG44 Package fits with this theme by giving the Obersoldaten the option to excel at short to medium ranges and deal with infantry rather than just long range.

    Artillery flares fits and synergizes with this theme by allowing the OKW player to recon so that they can choose their specialised options.

    Finally the Anti-Armor Package provides a much needed snare and more anti tank capability. e.g. Raketerwerfer snaring so that another Raketerwerfer can utilise it's best aspect which is mobility to hit the vehicle where it hurts or snaring a light tank to save infantry. The HEAT shells serve the same purpose as the Elite Armor doctrine.

    Additional Context:

    I remember when OKW was first introduced, they were meant to be the injured veterans and elites returning to war and have all the best toys that Germany had to offer. I feel like a doctrine focused on pushing this theme further but on the infantry would make sense as you think the veterans or elites would have the experience to be more adaptable and are capable of using different weapons for the right situation.

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    2 years ago

    Sturm Infantry Doctrine:

    Theme: Utilize the specialized infantry of the OKW to adapt to any situation with a variety of upgrades and units.

    Ability 1: Sturm Offizier- A strong core unit to build your army around. (I also suggest giving this unit a few more abilities, perhaps calling down smoke or artillery.

    Ability 2: Panzerfusiliers- Fill in the long-range combat role.

    Ability 3: Assault Package- This allows Sturmpioneers to have flamethrowers and Volksgrenadiers to have MP40s, as well as the two new grenades. Allows for versatility in infantry. (I also suggest adding an additional upgrade to Obersoldaten in the form of replacing two guns with Panzerschrecks.

    Ability 4: Stuka Smoke Run- Lays down cover for infantry for breakthroughs without relying on vehicles to do so.

    Ability 5: Valiant Assault- Used for large pushes.

    Strategies and Rationale: The OKW have a small but potent number of infantry, and the wide range of upgrades gives them lots of room to adapt to situations. I wanted this to allow commanders the most versatility when focusing purely on infantry. If infantry spam is a problem, upgrade with some MP40s instead of STG44s, or flammenwerfers. Tanks a problem? Give your Obersoldaten some Panzerschrecks. The infantry and upgrades are key here, the last two abilities are just for some added flavor, and can be changed if need be for balance.

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    2 years ago

    Doctrine "Exhausting war"
    Gather whatever resources you can from the battlefield and defeated enemies. Troops are trained to be more thorough in their salvage operations. While your troops collect resources, the sniper will support and cover your troops. While the elite Fallschirmjägers ambush and destroy enemy squads and can disrupt enemy supplies. SdKfz 251 half track support and replenish your troops, if you wish, you can install a flamethrower. With a large amount of resources stockpiled and the enemy surrounded, crush the pocket will concentrate firepower to eradicate them.

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    2 years ago
    Andy_REAndy_RE Posts: 299 admin

    Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their ideas.

    The Balance Team will now be assessing the best proposals for the next stage of this update.

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