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    Urban Demolition Commander

    Theme: This doctrine is centered in clear or eliminate buildings, covers and emplacements

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Urban warfare specialization (this ability also substitute the assault grenadiers in the mechanized assault doctrine)

    Available from 0CP.
    Aside of mg42s, yours grenadiers squads can be upgraded to:
    assault grenadiers (price 60 ammo), they receive 1 more man, all men are equip with mp40, lose the rifle grenade and receive grenade assault (they keep the panzerfaust)
    Your grenadiers can be equip with 2 Tankgewehr M1918 anti tank rifle, can be camouflage and can retract vehicles (like soviets guards do), they lose the panzerfaust (price 75 ammo)
    Note: MG42, assault grenadiers and tankgewehr upgrades are exclusive, you can only upgrade to one.

    Slot 2: Forward Command vehicle (FCV)

    available from 0CP
    Upgrade for 100 munitions
    Sdkfz 251 can be upgraded to be stationed (animation like the OKW 221 from elite armor doctrine), while stationed they can become a forward retreat point, [detect close vehicles units (like the 221 from OKW elite armor doctrine) OR deploy medics] and can produce goliaths.(For balance it should work like the U.S. mayor, is activation and deactivation time are quick but the cd for re-station would be long). The sdkfz 251 FCV can still reinforce and detect nearby infantry units with his vet ability but can't carry units

    Slot 3: Urban assault grenadiers

    Call in unit, available from 2CP
    Costs 340 MP
    Call in a 5 men squad urban assault grenadiers, they are equip with 2 flamethrowers and mp40s, smoke grenades and satchel charges nd have a survivability upgrade

    Slot 4: Ammo blitz

    Available at 8 CP
    Costs 100 Fuel
    Fuel has been reroute from your area to other places of the frontline, in exchange a surplus of ammunition (100) has been dispatch to your area

    Slot 5: Carpet Bombing

    Available at 15 CP
    Costs 250 Munitions and have a long reload time
    Call 4 He 111 to do a carpet bombardement over the marked enemy position, it deals extra damage to emplacements and buildings (the direction of the bombardement is set like the OKW walking stuka but in a more longer path)

    Strategies and Rational

    Urban warfare specialization will allow you to specialize your basic infantry into AT or AP roles
    Ammo blitz would give you a decent ammo stock (trading fuel for ammo) that will allow you to deploy goliath, use satchel charges and use/upgrade panzerfaust/grenadiers to counter tanks or have more specialized anti-infantry CQB units
    Since the ostheer don't have any option for a forward retreat point, the forward command vehicle could fill that role also giving access to goliath like the germans had in COH1
    Urban assault grenadiers are useful in close distance and with their smoke grenades they can cover their approach to emplacements or buildings to satchel them or send a goliath
    Finally the carpet bombing will clear heavy fortify frontlines in order to break the line

    Edit: fix a few typos and descriptions

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    Urban assault grenadiers

    Call in unit, available from 2CP
    Costs 340 MP
    Call in a 5 men squad urban assault grenadiers, they are equip with 2 flamethrowers and mp40s, smoke grenades and satchel charges nd have a survivability upgrade

    i think i remember this unit from all units mod

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    Faction + Commander Name: WHM Panzer Elite Doctrine
    Theme: Strike the enemy with the power of the Panzer Divisions. Veteran Panzergrenadiers who have seen combat from all over Europe and Africa stand ready to repel the enemies of the Fatherland. Short-barreled Panzer IVs have been pressed into frontline service to provide additional anti-infantry support, and when the battle reaches the critical stage, call in a Veteran Panther Battlegroup to gain the initiative.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Veteran Panzergrenadiers

    Call in unit, available from 0CP.
    Costs 300MP, 30 Mp reinforce cost
    3 man Panzergrenadier squad (Can switch models with Panzergrens,Panzerfusiliers, or Obersoldaten)
    3 models with K98s (Can spend 60 munitions after Battle Phase 1 has been completed to upgrade two models with scoped G43s, similar to the G43s of Grenadiers)
    Has access to Panzerfaust once Battle Phase 2 has been researched
    Has access to Model 24 Regular Grenade
    Has access to Rudimentary Repair(Same repair speed as Panzergrenadiers with support package from German Infantry Doctrine but minus one model)
    At Vet 3, they gain an additional squad member who has another K98(Gives squad exact same repair speed of a 4 man Panzergrenadier squad with support package)
    Can be upgraded with an MG42 for 60 munitions once Battle Phase 3 has been completed

    Slot 2: Panzer Tactician

    Same Panzer tactician from other WHM doctrines

    Slot 3: Panzer IV Ausf. F1(Short barreled 75mm)

    Call in unit, available from 5 CP
    Similar to Panzer 4 Command Tank but without the aura
    Has ability similar to COH1 PE Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank, can become immobile in exchange for faster rate of fire and accuracy
    Shouldn’t be as good as Stug Ausf. E versus infantry, but is stronger against light vehicles as it won’t have an arcing shot like the Stug Ausf. E
    Can be upgraded to have a pintle-mounted MG42(Same as Panzer IV pintle-mounted MG42)

    Slot 4: Butterfly Bomb Drop

    Similar to the M83 Cluster Bomb drop from Recon Support Company which were copies from butterfly bombs

    Slot 5: Veteran Panther Battle Group

    Call in two Vet 1 Panthers to the Battlefield
    Available at 15 CP
    1000MP, 250 Fuel
    Reduces manpower income by 75% for 3 minutes(Effect does not go away even if you lose both Vet 2 Panthers and does not become 25% if you lose one of the Veteran Panthers)
    Limited to one use like the Tiger Ace

    Strategies and Rational

    The WHM player is no longer restricted to the MG42/Grenadier builds and can play around with new builds. The Veteran Panzergrenadiers provide a riskier alternative to the tried and tested Grenadiers with their improved scaling into the late game at the cost of early game snares and squad survivability until veterancy 3. The player can forego Tier 1 similar to some Osttruppen builds or Tier 2 rushes. Mixing in Veteran Panzergrenadiers with the trusty MG42 teams can allow the VPgrens to dish out the damage while the suppression from a well-used MG42 can negate the VPgrens lack of survivability.

    The VPgrens can also scale into the late game and become a long-range firepower alternative to the regular Panzergrenadiers. The VPgrens rudimentary repairs can assist with the vital repairs to the Panzers in the late game.

    The Short barrel 75mm Panzer IV provides a stopgap tank that can effectively deal with light vehicles and infantry, but struggle to defeat anything tougher than medium armor. The Short barrel 75mm Panzer IV can also come at a crucial time to defend the WHM from light vehicle rushes, but still be able to provide anti-infantry fire support in the late game.

    The Veteran Panther Battle Group works as the late game call in that can bolster a player’s armored force tremendously. The veterancy 1 of the Panthers means the Panthers can reach veterancy 2 faster where their armor protection is increased and become even more durable.

    Additional Context

    The Panzergrenadiers currently in the game represent the late war/Panzer Brigade style units with a large emphasis on assault rifles. The Panzergrenadier units used through most of the war were squads with rifles and MG42s/MG34s.

    The VPgrens lack of a snare until Battle Phase 2 is one of their weaknesses. They are weak to universal carriers,M3A1 Scout cars, and WC51 trucks. This weakness to the very early light vehicles would most likely lead to the production of 222 Scout cars to counter enemy light vehicles. This VPgrens into Scout cars is another parallel to the old Panzer Elite.

    The Veteran Panther Battle Group is obviously based off of the Panzer Elite ability.

    Overall, the doctrine is supposed to be a mixing of Panzer Elite elements like 3-man squads, Panther Battle Groups, and Butterfly bombs with the new WHM. The VPgrens, who represent the old PE, benefit greatly with support from the WHM’s MG42 teams, Pak 40s, rocket artillery, and proper medium tanks/assault guns like the Long barrel 75mm Panzer IV or Long barrel 75mm Stugs.

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    Faction + Commander Name: Wehrmacht Blaue Division Doctrine

    Theme: This commander can call in highly motivated and highly effective Spanish infantry of the Blue Division to fight alongside their German allies. Air support of the Blue Squadron is also made available, providing valuable intelligence with which to direct your forces. Together, they can muster an effective, flexible defense. However, care must be taken to mitigate damage from anti-infantry attacks, as the doctrine is reliant on infantry to maximize its effectiveness, and management of munitions will be critical.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Spanish Volunteers

    Unit Details:
    Similar to Wehrmacht Osttruppen
    Call in unit, available from 0CP.
    Similar to Wehrmacht Osttruppen
    Costs 220MP, 20MP reinforce cost
    6 man squad

    Panzerfaust; Infanterie Kompanie (Tier 1) (Active, Existing)
    Field First Aid; Veterancy 1 (Active, Existing)

    Does not suffer damage penalty when not in cover
    Is able to fire on the move
    Captures territory at normal speed

    Slot 2: Smoke Reconnaissance (Active, Existing)

    Active Ability
    Available at 0CP
    Identical to Oberkommando West Stuka Smoke Reconnaissance

    Slot 3: Spanish Field Officer

    Unit Details:
    Similar to Wehrmacht Artillery Field Officer
    Call in unit, available from 2CP
    Costs 240MP, 30MP reinforce cost
    5 man squad
    Only one active unit at a time.
    If Officer model is killed, unit must be reinforced to use abilities.

    Double Time (Active, Original)
    Similar to Wehrmacht Tactical Movement
    Costs 20 Munitions to activate
    Activation: Direct
    Duration: 20 Seconds
    Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    This experienced front-line Officer rallies surrounding troops to move faster. For 20 seconds infantry within a 20 meter radius will move faster.

    Valourous Struggle (Active, Original)
    Similar to Wehrmacht Concentrated Fire
    Costs 30 Munitions to activate
    Activation: Direct
    Duration: 20 Seconds
    Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    This experienced front-line Officer can direct and motivate nearby soldier and vehicle crews to fight harder, with the effect being more pronounced on his fellow Spaniards. For 20 seconds infantry will fire with greater accuracy and vehicles will fire faster. German infantry have +15% accuracy and German vehicles have -13% reload time. Spanish infantry have +18% accuracy and Spanish vehicles have -15% reload time. Radius 20 meter.

    Stalwart Commander; Veterancy 3 (Passive, Original)
    Similar to aura of Wehrmacht Command Tank
    Units benefitting from aura have a 0.8 received damage multiplier
    Affects Spanish Units only
    Radius 20 meter

    Field First Aid; Veterancy 1 (Active, Existing)

    Slot 4: Reconnaissance Overflight (Active, Existing)

    Active Ability
    Available at 4 CP
    Identical to Wehrmacht Reconnaissance Overflight

    Slot 5: Fighter Strafing Run (Active, Original)

    Active Ability
    Available at 8CP
    Similar to Oberkommando West Airborne Assault
    Costs 150 Munitions to activate
    Two Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters are called in to strafe the area with their 20mm cannons, suppressing infantry.

    Strategies and Rationale

    Though at face value similar to the existing Osttruppen Doctrine, the Blaue Division Doctrine is distinct in that it focuses on an infantry heavy, yet mobile defense that is capable of adapting to the constantly changing tides of battle.

    More expensive than an Osttruppen unit, the Spanish Volunteer unit in exchange does not suffer penalties to combat modifiers, and when used alongside the Spanish Field Officer, can provide a highly effective fighting force in order to repel attackers, or deliver a crushing counterattack. Individually, the Spanish Volunteer Unit can put up a good fight against most other infantry units, and is equipped with a Panzerfaust for dealing with vehicles. However, as with most other infantry units, they should be supported by dedicated anti-armor weapons or vehicles.

    The Spanish Field Officer is more expensive than the Wehrmacht Artillery Field Officer, and for good reason. It is a highly valuable unit that functions to increase the combat effectiveness of nearby infantry, with his abilities being especially effective on Spanish Volunteer units. As with the Artillery Field Officer, the Spanish Field Officer has decent survivability, but can be quickly overwhelmed if he is not properly supported.

    The reconnaissance air support available, which consists of the Smoke Reconnaissance, and the Reconnaissance Overflight, should be used to detect enemy troop movement and react accordingly, shifting your own units where necessary and coordinating effective retreats or defenses. The Fighter Strafing Run is most effective when utilized to defend against a wave of attackers or in preparation for a counterattack and subsequent push. It should not be relied upon, however, as the fighters can be shot down and the infantry will only be suppressed. Other units should be ready to move in and mop up the pinned troops.

    Due to its units and doctrinal abilities, this commander will lean towards the use of munitions rather than fuel. Management of munitions will be critical, as well as effective use of the various abilities at the commander’s disposal. The few vehicles that would be constructed must be supported well, and be taken care of to prevent a crippling loss of resources.

    Additional Context

    In repayment for German assistance during the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco ordered that a volunteer army be raised in order to be sent to fight alongside Germany. The Blue Division was only used in combat against the Russians on the Eastern Front, so as to avoid conflict with the Western Allies. Even then, pressure convinced Franco to withdraw his troops in 1943, though many Spaniards remained behind of their own volition.

    The Blue Division largely consisted of those who viewed the Second World War to be an extension of the anti-Communist struggle that Spain experienced during the Spanish Civil War. Many volunteers were soldiers, and veterans of the Spanish Civil War. Though noted to be undisciplined, and notoriously underequipped, the Blue Division were nonetheless vital to the German war effort. They were especially renowned for their efforts in defensive battles, such as the Battle of Krasny Bor, in which the Blue Division repelled a Soviet force that was seven times larger and was supported by tanks.

    The Blue Squadron was the name of the group of Spanish pilots who flew German planes during the war, and they were credited with over 160 kills of Soviet aircraft, with 20 casualties sustained. Though the Blue Squadron never served with the Blue Division, this proposed doctrine includes them out of acknowledgement and respect.

    Additional Notes

    I am by no means a programmer or anything associated with game design, and I don’t want to presume anything, but the main issue one might find with this proposed commander is that its units are Spanish.

    Even knowing what little I know, I’d like to think that I’m aware of how much effort recording voice lines takes. If maximum immersion is the aim, then it might be jarring to hear German accents come from Spanish characters, though you could just as easily explain it as the Spanish soldiers having learned English from the Germans, thus their German accents.

    In regards to the fine tuning of the specific units, I’m again by no means a master of game design and balance, so the numbers I’ve provided are merely general assumptions and estimations based on my intended idea.

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    Siege Doctrine

    0 CP - Assault Grenadiers
    Hardly ever used unit mostly becouse it is only included in one doctrine that is not really offering anything besides more unit choices.

    2 CP - Arty Officer
    Very good unit, not seeing enough plays. I imagine that use combination of officers and As grens might lead to some cool use of both untis.

    6 CP - Incendiary bomb
    Ju 87 droping incendiary bomb. This ability is only used by lufftwaffe supply doctrine. Not really used very very often either.

    8 CP - 105 hotwizer
    A field gun we all know. I would like it to be included becouse it fits in theme of the doctrine and it could be paired up with officer. Only 1 doctrine so far have this oportunity.

    12 CP Zeroing Artylery
    OKW ability, however I can imagine it can be used in case of Wehrmacht. (there is no animations or any indicators that it is difrent faction ability). If it is imposible to be used by wehrmacht i would sugest replacing it with Sector Artylery or Stuka Close air Support

    I wanted to create doctrine that would reflect town siges performed by the Germans. Leningrad, Stalingrad etc. Also i wanted to utilise untis and abilities that are rearly used so we all can see them more often in the field. We can see here plenty of units and abilities focused on town combat. We have infantry equiped with mp40s, plenty of artylery and a plane option.

    posbile changes
    The ability that is most open to be repalced is the last one. For sure it must be soemthing that has some power in it. It can't be for example Stug E even that it would fit this doctrine. It has to be soemthing that can give us strong late game option. I would not go for thing like tiger since it does not fit the town combat theme. We have planty of option in off-map department. I would sugest the ability to either go for anti-tank support as this donctrine lacks it or some strong artylery option that can destroy srong fortifications.

    PS I am not sure how strong Assult grenandiers are but i think they should have a fair chance with american assult enginiers (with out of a flamer) and if not then they should be buffed or made cheaper.
    Recently i was playing and AS grens charged my conscript squad. My conscripts just melted them away before they reached me. I was shoting from a fari distance but still. Most basic infantry defeted soemthing that i have to use doctrine to get...
    Again they should be as good as Assult enginiers from USA.
    I would beef AS grens up, they should resist more fire.
    Also i would give them better choice of grenades. Smoke, flame, stun grenade maybe? Anything to make this unit more apealing.
    I am not sure what is thier fire power but if i recall it is not the best too. They should melt fragile squads in rate that is similar to other SMG teams. If they do not kill as fast as PPSH conscripts then it is a crime to waste an ability slot for them.

    Whats the play?
    How do i imagine use of this doctrine? First of all it excels on town maps something like Semoski Winter or Ettlebruck Station. We lock in instantly or we can wait with our chocie. If we lock in instatly we can use as grens to try to quickly rush some key buildings. It is not advised to skip the first building as we propobly will need mortars or regular grenadiers, specialy that as grens lack panzerfaust.

    We will want to mix in our infantry officer as quickly as posible. He can drop somke for our infantry attacks, buff our infantry play or drop some mortar support. We want to keep him alive becouse we care for his vet lvl. Also this unit is beefy on its own.

    Incendiary bombs can be droped to cut off some important street, rat out infantry out of buildings or force infantry and weapon teams to relocate. I imagine that in tight space of towns this ability will excel.

    Insted of transition into tanks we can start making 105s and shell enemy postions, specialy if we play on Ettlebruck Station and our team mates cover the tank department so we can focus on art support and infantry play. Fact that we have offier to coordinate artylery is very helpful. It is very posible that we will not buy tanks untill we have heavy panzer corps.

    At the very end we can try to finish off enemy defences with zeroing artyler, Here team play can shine if we get a reacon flight or flares. If we play agaist british we can first bait them into forcing defence on thier structures with 105s or incendary bombs.

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    I want some new unit,but the master post say ” must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game”,so I want use some Allied capabilities,or some units already in the game, but it can't be used in multiplayer games,so I find Morter Bunker in AllUnit Mod, this shows that “Morter Bunker” exist in the game.
    So why I want the Morter Bunker,because Axis don’t have medium-sized sustained artillery like allied 120mm Morter or M8A1,although StuG III E could make up for a little,but I think StuG III E don’t worth the 7cp, StuG III E sometimes come too late.

    Here my Wehrmacht commander suggestion

    Frontline Defence Doctrine

    Doctrine Ability 1
    2cp Artillery Field Officer

    Doctrine Ability 2
    2cp Defensive Fortifications

    Doctrine Ability 3
    3cp 120MM Morter Bunker
    Pioneers are able to construct 120MM Morter Bunker.
    320 manpower 30 fuel
    Morter Barrage
    Smoke Barrage
    Counter Barrage

    Doctrine Ability 4
    8cp Pak43

    Doctrine Ability 5
    8cp Command Tank

    Strategies and Rationale
    Speaking of my suggestion, I hope this commander is a functional commander, and I hope this commander can give German players more tactics, so most of the commander's abilities are ancillary, it don’t have powerful capabilities, but this commander can increase your advantage in some way.

    Morter Bunker
    First, the Morter Bunker Cannot move, attacking power should be lower than British mortars,that means that mortar bunker can only make up for one of the Axis weaknesses, but not better than allied artillery, so I think morter bunker need more functionality.
    In the 1v1 competition, mortar bunker can support infantry like mortars, but mortar bunker have more range.
    In the 4v4 competition, the novice did not know how to deal with the 120 mm mortar of the Soviet,the Morter Bunker can balance this situation, and because bunker cannot move, so experienced players can also easily destroy the Morter Bunker , at the same time, Bunkers attract part of the enemy's firepower.

    Artillery Field Officer ,Pak43, Command Tank
    Artillery Field Officer ,Pak43, Command Tank are not too powerful, but these two units are highly functional, especially playing with friends, these three unit can be more matched, more tactics, and whether it's in 1v1 or 4v4, these three units are doing well.

    Defensive Fortifications
    Concrete Bunker is a good capability, I like the defensive doctrine very much. In the 4v4 competition, Concrete Bunker can change the tactics of your entire Axis.

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    I would like to submit a commander that I feel would allow for an interesting gameplay for OST.

    Elite Blitzkrieg Doctrine

    Doctrine 1:
    2cp Panzer Tactician

    Doctrine 2:
    4cp Reconnaissance overflight

    Doctrine 3:
    4cp Call in Luchs(Same as OKW luchs, bust costs +15% more fuel and man power)

    Doctrine 4:
    5cp Hull down

    Doctrine 5:
    13cp Tiger Tank

    Strategies and Rationale:
    I would very much like to see a doctrine with hull down, and a tiger. I believe this would allow for some interesting gameplay for 1v1s, as well as see use in larger team matches. There is currently no doctrine that has hull down and a tiger, but there is one with elephant and hull down. I believe having a luchs call in would also allow for a more dynamic early/mid game, instead of getting a 222. It wouldn't be too over bearing as stuart/t70/uk armored car can still defeat the luchs without too much trouble, but it would allow for a more interesting and less linear progression which would give you the option of skipping the light vehicle building at the cost of not being able to produce paks or pgrens, until you decide to back tech.
    I believe it would be a fun and competitive commander that focuses on armored units, and map control, as it has no artillery, or plane call ins that can be used to neutralize enemy forces, ammunition can be spent on panzer tact, overflight, and unit upgrades.

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit: for spelling.

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    German Logistics Doctrine

    Concept: The German warmachine depended heavily on its Logistics infrastructure. Without proper supply lines, the entire German Army would collapse. Ostlegion Troops can be deployed to defend key sectors. Advanced Logistics allow for rapid mobilization of reserve troops and offer supply line protection from enemy breakthroughs. Pak 43 Anti-Tank guns can be constructed to deter enemy armour spearheads while the Panzer Command Tank can be deployed to coordinate defensive elements.

    Cheap but numerous Osttruppen Infantry can now be deployed.

    Advanced Logistics
    Capitalize on secured supply-lines. All units can now train and reinforce faster. Fuel and Munition Caches now protect individual sectors from Cut-offs.

    • Caches are now 50MP but do not offer any increased supply. They can be upgraded into Fuel or Munition Supply Caches for 200MP. [Instant Upgrade]
    • Individual sectors protected by fully-upgraded Fuel and Munition Caches do not suffer from supply Cut-offs and are considered "In Supply".
    • Fuel and Munition-specific sectors can be protected by Supply Caches [50MP] - No bonus, no upgrade.
    • Units train 20% faster.
    • Units reinforce 20% faster in Supplied Territories.
    • Cut-off immunity is exclusive to player-owned caches only.

    For the Fatherland!
    Infantry and Armour in friendly territory can be better protected.

    All Buffs are localized to player owned units in friendly territories only.

    • -35% received accuracy [Infantry and Weapon Teams]
    • +15% increased movement speed [Infantry & Weapon Teams]
    • +10% increased movement speed [Vehicles]
    • Modified Copy of OKW Overwatch Doctrine

    Pak 43 Emplacements
    Pak 43 Heavy Anti-Tank emplacements can now be deployed.

    • No change

    Panzer IV Command Tank
    A Panzer IV Command Tank can now be deployed.

    • No change

    This Commander offers increased protection from supply cut-offs and also allows for rapid mobilization of infantry and armour around friendly sectors. With a direct emphasis on the defensive, Osttruppen are very capable defensive infantry and with "Advanced Logistics", they are also capable of replacing losses incredibly quickly to protect key areas of the map.

    Advanced Logistics is the special snowflake ability within this Commander Doctrine.

    It allows any individually cached and upgraded territory the ability to remain in supply even when cut-off. This would allow you to continue building defensive structures, Pak 43 AT guns and purchase unit upgrades even when the territory itself is cut-off. On larger maps, this can allow you to continue holding valuable sectors even when you are cut-off.

    With multiple defensive modifiers, including the Command Tank (-20% damage) and For the Fatherland, enemy combatants will require much more force to displace you. With no direct offensive capability, you are expected to be able to hold valuable ground for extended periods of time without the need to evacuate so quickly.

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    oops had to delete this someone point me to UKF commander proposals

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    Wehrmacht- OberKommado East

    Theme: since OKW and ostheer is just Germany on different fronts its safe for them to borrow stuff from each other

    [OCP] OKW Motor pool

    IR half track can be built at Infanterie Komp.

    Panzer II Ausf. L 'Luchs' Light Tank can be built at Leichte Mechanized Komp.

    Flammpanzer 38t "Hetzer" can be built at Support Armor Korps

    Note: Max vet is 3 so unit cost may need Adjustment

    [0cp] Pioneer munition salvage kits

    Pioneers can salvage resources, but gains munitions instead of fuel


    [2cp] OberGrenadiers

    copy of OKW's Obersoldaten with some changes (340MP)

    LMG-34 available at battle phase 3


    vet 1: Unlocks the 'Blendkörper 2H Frangible Smoke Grenade' ability

    vet 2: +40% accuracy, -25% weapon cooldown

    vet 3: -29% received accuracy, squad size increase by 1

    [5CP] HEAT Rounds
    same a the elite armor version

    [15CP] Tiger B 'Königstiger'

    Note: Max vet is 3 so unit cost may need Adjustment

    With access to OKW units such as the IR half track for improved intel gathering, Luch for Light armor support, the hetzer for medium flame support, will give player new tactical options. The OberGrenadiers will proved a strong alternative to Grenadiers, but at a higher cost.Pioneer munition salvage kits used correctly will provide new ways to feed Ostheers hunger for munitions. HEAT Rounds self explanatory. Finally the mighty Tiger B 'Königstiger' to deal the final blow

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    Nice one!
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    The name and theme of your proposed:

    "Commander Romanian Mountain Hunters Support Doctrine"

    This doctrine will focus on infantry push in the early game then follow up with support weapons. Mountain hunters and camouflage nets will help the player to take the engagements in the most favorable way for him.

    The unit and ability roster.
    1 Romanian Manpower : Accelerates the pace of gaining manpower, this will help you to push faster the infantry on the map and replace losses. (If game balance is an issue, the acceleration rate should be lower at beginning and increase once you research the next Battle Phase)

    2 Romanian Mountain Hunters: 5 men team. Initially all are equipped with rifles( romanians used, zb 24, basically a copy of k98). Can be upgraded with zb30 lmg (the zb 30 was in most part identical with Bren Gun, so it can be used this. Maybe reskinned with a straight magazine).

    At vet 3 level they get a sharpshooter and the ability to manually snipe a unit( like the brit recon squad in coh 1)

    Abilities Infiltrate
    Throw Grenade

    3) 120 mm mortar. Romanians copied the soviet model, so it can be used the soviet model, only renamed as Resita 120 model

    4) 45 mm at gun. Romanians captured and used in great numbers this soviet gun

    5) Camouflage nets. When are stationary all the vehicles and guns, became camouflaged. Also first shoot takes longer, but is more precise and deal more damage (Like in Coh1 with M18 Hellcat)

    Any changes you envisage to preexisting units or abilities.

    Romanian Mountain Hunters should be a variant of Jagger unit, with a precise long range fire, the ability to infiltrate undetected into enemy territory and ambush enemy infantry units. Their weakness should be the total lack of AT capacities.

    Camouflage nets should apply to all vehicles, and guns. First attack should take longer time but also should be more precise and inflict more damage. Against vehicles should have a higher chance to inflict gun or engine damage.

    What new strategies/ options does this Commander add to this faction?

    The Wehrmacht should be able to push its infantry faster on battlefield and secure its teritory with the help of Romanian manpower and Mountain Hunter unit.

    The 120 mortar and 45 mm at gun should provide additional support to the infantry core.

    In the latest stages of the game Camouflage Nets should give Wehrmacht the chance to choose some advantageous engagements

    Any historical basis, or additional context/ rational you wish to provide.

    Romania fought on Eastern Front from day 1 of Operation Barbarossa.

    The Mountain Corp was one of the elite romanian unit, and also of the Axis. Almost all generals of mountain divisions were decorated by the germans with the Knight’s Cross. Mihail Lascar, a former mountain division general was in ‘42 the first foreign recipient of Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves.

    The mountain hunters, fought in Crimeea, Sevastopol and Caucasus. In ‘42 by taking Nalchik the 2nd Mountain Division reached the most eastern point of the Axis advance in USSR.

    In 44 the romanian mountain hunters covered the axis evacuation of Crimeea.
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    2 years ago
    RTM_01RTM_01 Posts: 3

    USF Anti-Armor Unit Commander

    • Dispatch AT Infantry - Two 5 man squads armed with Bazookas and AT Rifle Grenades in M5 Half-Track at CP2
    • Paradrop 57 mm AT Gun at CP3
    • Dispatch M4A3 (76) Sherman at CP5
    • Call in a P47 Rocket attack on designated target at CP7
    • Dispatch M26 Pershing at CP10

    This will provide much needed support when dealing with OKW an Wermacht Armor. No limit on number of units, but
    M26 will cost the same as Wermacht Elephant.

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    2 years ago
    RTM_01RTM_01 Posts: 3

    I just figured out there's a separate thread for each faction; can a moderator move this for me?

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    2 years ago
    MartevallMartevall Posts: 122
    Great commander ! But wrong place xD
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    2 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 984

    Best to avoid wasting your time and read the master post. Only units and abilities that are currently in game will be part of the commanders.

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    2 years ago

    Doctrine "crowding out the enemy"
    The doctrine of crowding out the enemy involves aggressively pushing the enemy out of a position, in this case you will be helped by a Model 24 grenade and in addition, the command will provide you with experienced commanders for your infantry to increase its effectiveness. Jaeger Command Squad will help you to break off the enemy's supply line, additional help in the fight to help you aircraft "Stuka" dropping incendiary bombs on the enemy. The final defeat of the enemy completes tank Tiger.

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    2 years ago
    Hower12Hower12 Posts: 39

    Logistics support Doctrine
    Strengthening logistics capabilities. Auxiliary doctrine based on protracted warfare

    slot1: Front line collection Bunker(cp0) manpower:200
    Front line collection Bunker can set up a retreat point, but only one. Escalate to Battle Phase 3 is required to use

    slot2 : Cargo Truck(cp3) manpower:200
    Call an Opel "Lightning" cargo truck that can increase the supply of resources in your friendly territory.

    slot3: Reconnaissance Overflight(cp4) ammo:60
    Call a reconnaissance plane to fly over the designated area.

    slot4:leFH 18 Artillery(cp8) manpower:400 fuel:50
    Engineers can build the leFH18 light field gun, unable to move but can launch the barrage at high speed

    slot5: Railway Artillery Support(cp12) ammo:200
    A large-caliber train gun will strike the curtain in the designated area.

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    2 years ago
    sebipatrusebipatru Posts: 12
    edited January 2019
    @Vegna basically all is in the game
    Romanian Manpower- is a mechanic that increases the manpower. Wehrmacht and Soviets have buildings that provide the same thing for munitions and fuel

    Mountain Hunters just a reskinned unit. All its equipment is in the game k 98, bren gun(for zb 30). Abilities are the same infiltrate, trow grenade, and for the snipe ability, the british sniper have a similar ability but against vehicles.

    120 mortar, needs just to be renamed

    45 at gun, the old soviet gun

    Camouflage nets- soviets have a similar mechanic for their zis-3

    OKW Luchs also have a somehow similar ability
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    2 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 984


    Reskin means it's not in game. They'd have to make the skin.

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    2 years ago

    Reconnaissance Doctrine


    1. Flare Packages
      - 1 CP
      - Pioneers can lay down flare traps. Similar to conscript flare traps.
      - Grenadiers can fire rifle flares similar to USF Rifle Company flares.
      - Enemy units within a flare's line - of - sight will receive a 10% received accuracy debuff.

    2. Infrared Stg 44 Packages
      - 2 CP
      - Panzergrenadier Stgs are replaced with Stgs equipped with infrared scopes (similar to OKW Spec Ops Doctrine).
      - Infrared Stgs would have a slightly higher effective range.
      - Allows the panzergrenadiers to detect camouflaged and garrisoned units in a small radius around them.

    3. Shock and Awe Manoeuvres
      - 10 CP
      - Infantry Units move faster and tanks fire faster for a duration.
      - Reconnaissance Planes sweep the entire battlefield at the start of the ability.

    4. Reconnaissance Panther
      - 12 CP call in
      - Limited to one on the field at a time.
      - Has a built-in spotting scope and can call in a flame mortar barrage.
      - Has the same base stats as a normal panther except it has improved moving accuracy (same as the USF sherman)

    5. Zeroing Artillery
      - 12 CP
      - Identical to OKW Fortifications Doctrine zeroing artillery.

    Further Details and Explanations

    The Wehrmacht does not currently have a commander with a heavy focus on reconnaissance, so this commander was intended to add some extra variety into the Wehrmacht commander roster.

    1. Flare Packages
      The received accuracy debuff should provide the flares with some extra utility beyond reconnaissance.

    2. Infrared Stgs
      The detection range of the infrared stgs would have to be quite low to prevent it from being overpowered and to encourage a decent amount of skill to use effectively. For example, the detection range should be less than the range of an HMG; it should not be able to stop a grenadier blob from walking into an HMG position.

    3. Shock and Awe Manoeuvres
      This timed ability should allow the player to capitalise on the information gained by the recon aspects of the doctrine; exposed flanks can be exploited and dug-in hard points can be avoided or more easily dealt with. The recon planes will start at the players base sector, sweeping the battlefield until they reach the enemy base sector.

    4. Reconnaissance Panther
      This is not a command tank so it will have no aura. It is just a specialised version of the normal panther. The moving accuracy buff should make it easier for the panther to chase wounded enemy tanks into a pre-reconed area. The flame mortar barrage call in should synergise well with the Infrared Stgs and their ability to spot garrisoned buildings.
      Historically, the panther was not usually used for reconnaissance but there are records of small numbers of panthers being assigned to Reconnaissance Platoons.

    5. Zeroing Artillery
      The perfect ability to exploit the sight lines gained by the rest of the doctrine. It might be necessary to increase the time before the first shells to land or to slow the ramp up speed so that opponents have more time to react and withdraw from the area.

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    2 years ago
    @Vegna i see it as a grey area. Reskinning is a change to a existing unit. In the end you may be right. My commander could be out of the scope of this thread.

    Anyway thanks for your feedback.
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    2 years ago

    Heavy anti fortifications doctrine

    This commander focuses on destroying enemy defenses

    1st slot

    Demolition package (0 cp, passive): allows pioneers to place demolition charges, gives them demolition charges to clear terrain like brit sappers and gives grenadiers the ability to throw bundle grenades like panzergrenadiers

    2nd slot

    Recon planes (4 cp, off map ability)

    3rd slot

    leFH 18 field howitzer (8 cp, buildable unit)

    4th slot

    Sturmtiger (11 cp, call in unit)

    5th slot

    Stuka bombing strike (12 cp, off map ability)

    German combined arms defensive doctrine

    Theme: combines useful abilities from various commanders, focusing on defensive ones, givin an advantage to weapon support placement and defensive play. Also has a hull down tiger, who doesnt want to see a hulled down tiger?

    1st slot

    Panzer Tactician (2cp)

    2nd slot

    Recon planes (4cp)

    3rd slot

    hull down (5 cp)

    4th slot

    lefh 18 howitzer (8 cp)

    5th slot

    tiger call in (13 cp)

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    Here are my suggestions for the new Wehrmacht commander:

    Air Assault Doctrine
    (like the OKW Luftwaffe commander but with American Airborne-type abilities)

    Supply Drop 
    Recon Loiter
    Valiant Assault
    Air Assault

    Sudden Strike Doctrine

    Ambush Training
    Tactical Movement
    Light Artillery Barrage (or leFH18 Arty)
    Stuka Bombing Strike

    Counter Infantry Doctrine

    Counterattack Tactics
    Assault Grenadiers
    Stun Grenades
    Incendiary Bombing Run
    StuG III E Assault Gun

    Armor Disruption Doctrine

    Cargo Truck
    Mechanized Assault Group
    Sdkfz 234 'Puma' Armored Car
    Sector Artillery

    All CP values remain at their current settings. Contexts and rationales have been thoroughly explained by me in other threads so, I'm not going to repeat them here.

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    2 years ago


    This doctrine aims to create a heavily mechanized division for the Wehrmacht with some abilities taken from the OKW.

    Units, Abilities and Changes:

    0 - Sdkfz 234 "PUMA" ARMORED CAR – No changes, the standard Wehrmacht “Puma”.

    3 – CARGO TRUCK – The Opel Blitz that Wehrmacht already has. No changes.

    4 – EMERGENCY REPAIRS – This ability has been taken from an OKW doctrine. Many Panzer divisions were left alone for days while they waited for the supply lines to reach them during the invasion of France and, later, Russia. Tank crews were then obliged to do emergency repairs to their tanks. No changes.

    5 – PANZER COMMANDER – Taken from the same OKW commander as the former ability, I would change anything about this one too. In alternative, PANZER COMMANDER could be replaced by the Wehrmacht COMMAND PANZER (for 9 CP).

    15 – “KING TIGER” – I looked up this tank on Wikipedia and discovered that 3 “Panzer VI Tiger II” were deployed in 1943. I decided then to add it in my new Wehrmacht doctrine proposal, but to respect the low number of “King Tigers” that saw the battlefield in that year I would make it a “one call” tank just as the Tiger ACE. Plus, I would give it the ability to shoot HEAT shells (costs and damage from the OKW commander ability) to compensate the fact that you can call in only one BUT this is a feature that needs playtesting.

    Strategies: this doctrine would rely much on its tanks and keeping them alive. CARGO TRUCK would provide enough fuel to call in a good number of tanks, EMERGENCY REPAIRS would keep them running, PANZER COMMANDER would give them better shooting and good abilities, while the PUMA and the KING TIGER are there to give a good armored option in early-midgame and an endgame very durable heavy tank. Even though tanks result being more resilient and efficient, the lack of infantry and artillery compensates very well the strength of this doctrine, making it a “specialized commander” that needs support (which is good for game balancing).

    Historical Basis: Panzer divisions, especially those with big tanks, needed a constant supply of fuel and repair parts to be efficient to the top. As I’ve said before, emergency repairs would fit well in the Wehrmacht because of German difficulty to maintain safe supply routes (a task made very hard by Russian partisans). Many German panzer officers fought leading the assault with their tanks to better coordinate their division’s actions. Puma and King Tiger were not common to be seen until 1944, but both fought on the Russian front in panzer divisions. I would really like to play them and to see them played with the Wehrmacht on the battlefield.

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    2 years ago

    A commander suggestion for the Wermacht/Ostheer faction:

    Faction + Commander Name: Wermacht Light Reconnaissance Support Doctrine

    Theme: Provide vital intelligence that could help win the war effort. Light recon tank Panzerkampwagen II “Luchs” will scout the battlefield with ease. Cover units with smoke if spotted. Spotting scopes has been delivered to spot the enemy before they spot us. Infantry has been informed to interrogate the enemy for gather intel on enemy locations. Once the enemy locations are set, call in artillery to weaken their positions.

    This doctrine allows Wermacht players to really “see” what’s happening on the battlefield and can promote better defensive play or even offensive play, depending on the scenario.

    Unit and Ability Roster

    Slot 1: Light Armor Panzerkampwagen II “Luchs”

    Unlockable by 0CP.
    Costs as much as the OKW counterpart
    Available at the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie
    Requires Battle Phase 2 to be activated
    (May or may not have the Panzer Tactician ability, though it seems very useful if it does have it)

    Slot 2: Panzer Tactician

    Armored vehicle smoke ability
    Available at 2CP
    (I believe you know what’s this)

    Slot 3: Jaeger Light Infantry

    Allows Grenadiers & Panzergrenadiers to upgrade and equip G43 rifles
    Also includes interrogation ability
    Available at 3 CP
    (I believe you know what’s this)

    Slot 4: Spotting Scope

    Allows armored vehicles to upgrade and have a longer sight radius when stationary
    Available at 5CP
    (I believe you know what’s this)

    Slot 5: Light artillery barrage

    Off-map light artillery
    Available at 8 CP
    (I believe you know what’s this)

    Strategies and Rational

    In war, reliable intelligence is key to victory. Knowing what the enemy is doing will give you the upper hand, even at seemingly impossible odds.

    This doctrine is very focused to counter enemy infantry, since G43 rifles and the Pz II Luchs will really decimate enemy infantry, add it up to the high survivability of the Luchs against AT infantry and contemporary allied light tanks. The addition of spotting scopes will help spotting for the AT guns positioned.

    This may be very similar to the Jaeger Infantry Doctrine, except that it utilizes vehicles at a much more greater scale.

    I didn’t add Stormtroopers to this commander, mainly for balancing purposes, since that providing hidden units to this commander will make this commander overpowered (But then, you can still do such with a sniper, but at a cost). I don’t consider the Panzer Tactician smoke ability as making units hidden, since it denies line of sight and at the same time makes it obvious to the enemy you’re trying to hide something.

    Additional Context

    The Pz II Luchs was really intended as a light reconnaissance tank, being deployed to both the western and eastern fronts to take reconnaissance roles.

    In the eastern front, most recon groups had little to no armored recon vehicles, since most of it are diverted to the front to be used as part of the assault or defense, but the existence of armored recon runs were still present nonetheless.

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    2 years ago

    A commander proposal for the Wehrmacht/Osthseer

    Commander: Frontline Ambush Assault

    Theme: Use CQC (close quarters combat) to assault allied positions and setup deadly ambush against enemy counterattacks

    Slot 1: Assault Grenadiers (0 CP): Same as normal assault grenadiers, would have access to ambush camo
    Slot 2: Ambush Camo (1 CP): Same as normal
    Slot 3: Radio Silence (2 CP): Same as OKW Special Ops
    Slot 4: Perimeter Flares (4 CP): Same as warning flares in OKW Overwatch Doctrine
    Slot 5: Command Tank (6 CP): Same as normal

    Strategies: Early aggression using assault grenadiers to establish your frontline. Afterwards, setup traps with camo MG42's, other infantry and quietly move units with radio silence, and warning flares light up enemy advances into your killbox

    Additional: Assault grenadiers (5 man squad) for the Wehrmacht/Osthseer are (in my opinion) only steady CQC they have. Panzergrens (4 man squad), pioneers (4 man squad), and the new look Stormtroopers (4 man squad) are decent but they have lower model counts compare to the plethora of allied CQC fighting power al la ppsh-conscripts (6 man per squad), new look assault engineers (5 man), paratroopers with Thompsons (6 man), rangers with Thompsons (5 man squad), shock troops (6 man squad), commandos (5 man squad),and royal engineers when extra man (5 man squad). They need to be in a another doctrine besides the mechanized doctrine, which is mostly under-used besides the assault grens and the tiger tank

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    2 years ago

    Wehrmacht Commander Proposal

    -Panzergrenadier Firebrigade Doctrine-

    {Apologies, I had to rewrite this as my previous two posts have vanished in this sticky!}

    Given the ever fluid and evolving conditions on the Eastern Front, the German Army has had to rapidly adapt following recent setbacks, and to learn from difficult lessons following the disaster at Stalingrad. Whilst the German Army must still remain true to its core principles of Movement War (Bewegungskrieg) and it's peerless emphasis of the offensive, it has been forced to alter it's methodology and tactics accordingly.

    Focus must be placed on mobility and application of force, stern defence and swift counter-attack, as to take and hold ground. All with a mind on economy, and the judicious use of elite troops to lead the assault. This shall be achieved by applying maximum available pressure and firepower upon a focal point (Schwerpunkt), breaking the enemy line and holding ground by fortifying it, and guarding it with rapidly deployed, well lead infantry, who in turn are supported by well armoured units, and air assets provided by the Luftwaffe.

    This Doctrine in essence represents a post-Stalingrad reality for the Germans, straddling a few months either side of Kursk, encompassing the units and philosophy of the Ostheer at the time, reflecting their overall situation.

    Slot 1 (2CP): Defensive Fortifications - Same as the present Defensive Doctrine ability for the Wehr/Ostheer.
    Slot 2 (2CP): Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade / Veteran Squad Leaders - I put both here depending which works better for playability and balance, but with an emphasis on improved infantry anyhow.
    Slot 3 (3cp): Panzerfusiliers - Same abilities / performance as their OKW equivalent, however made more expensive, and requiring more CPs as they arrive on the battlefield in a 250 halftrack (Having the Panzerfusiliers in the halftrack is to emphasise the focus on rapidity and mobility. I kindly suggest that this minor alteration could also possibly be made to the German Mechanized too).
    Slot 4 (12CP): Stuka Bomb Strike / Stuka Close Air Support - Again I put the two here depending on which would work best for playability and balance. I admittedly do favour Stuka Close Air Support, as loitering aerial cover, over a given area of the map, is more in line with the spirit of the doctrine.
    Slot 5 (14CP): Elefant TD - Same as is in the game presently.

    -Historicity and Context-

    Defensive Fortifications is a reflection of the overall circumstances and strategic position of the Wehrmacht following defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad. With a few exceptions, the Germans were largely on the defensive on the Eastern Front from 1943 onwards, and following the Battle of Kursk itself, would never regain the strategic initiative. The Germans likewise would eventually be in perpetual retreat across the entire front, though they demonstrated their abilities, time and again, in erecting imposing and effective defensive positions.

    The improved infantry and Panzerfusiliers symbolise two things. Firstly the ad-hoc divisions and kampfgruppe Field Marshal Von Manstein would famously make use of in his "Fire Brigade" tactics as he sought to plug gaps in the line, and rapidly reinforce weakened positions which were being held. As such he managed to halt the advance of the Soviets in the southern portion of the front, following the calamity suffered by Army Group South. It's also representative of the use of elite motorised and mechanized formations in the stabilisation of the front, and later the successful counter-offensives which were launched against the cities of Kharkov and Belgorod, prior to the battle of Kursk.

    The Stuka ability (whichever one is more suited) emphasises the combined arms approach of the doctrine. Arguably the Battle of Kursk was the last time the Luftwaffe brought to bare concentrated firepower to cover the last Strategically minded offensive by the Germans.

    The Elefant is a perfect fit as to the time (and place) in the war which inspires the doctrine. The Elefant would makes it's first appearance at the Battle of Kursk (as did the Panther) with mixed result. Though it was cumbersome, lacking in anti-infantry defences, and vulnerable to targeted fire support by it's enemies; it proved itself a high capable and effective machine when used for its intended purpose. The Elefant is representative of a machine built to provide anti-tank support against ever increasing numerical strength of the enemy's armour.

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    2 years ago
    SkotobazaSkotobaza RussiaPosts: 2

    Disinformation doctrine

    When we speak about the balance in mass regimes the allies have the total arty domination, they have many direct strikes that can kill “Leif” and a lot of recons, Soviets, for example, have it in every tier (sniper, mortar), Americans have non doctrinal recon (major) + all the doctrinal abilities. “Leif” can win over ml-20, but not able to give a fight to Priests, Sextons and “Counter Barrage” ability. That’s why the allies are always dominating the arty game in 3v3 and 4v4s. This doctrine is supposed to help Axis struggle with allied artillery domination. This doctrine won’t see much use in the 1v1 and 2v2 but will be very popular in mass regimes.

    -## Radio Silence (0 point)The same as OKW special operations doctrine but as no one uses this ability, we should probably reduce its cost to a minimum (15-20 ammo) +have the passive ability that needs no activation to ignore the Soviet radio interception( the Soviet player should not receive any information from radio interception ability)

    -## No excess noise (0 point) (passive ability) The troops of the player stop appearing through the fog of war while shooting. Also, MGs mounted on tanks only should attack recon planes (if such thing is not possible to implement, they shouldn’t be seen through the fog of war while shooting.

    -## Camouflage(point 2) combines Ambush training (existing Wehrmacht ability) + Tank hunter ambush tactics (From soviet tank hunter doctrine)

    -## Cargo truck camouflage command (point 8) I think this is the main unit in this doctrine. This is basically a Cargo truck model from the assault support doctrine. When activated it doesn’t give you recourses, but it has an aura that hides the units (not only of the player with the doctrine but all the teammates) with camouflage that cannot bee de-camouflaged with a recon plane or any other recon, the camouflage of the truck disappears only when the ground units walk near it. This unit should be used to prevent the stupid recon + arty or air strike to kill the “Leif” and Pak-43 ’s. The Cargo truck itself though should be seen, not to make this ability overpowered. This ability is point 8 cause the units it supposed to cover only appear on 8 points. No more than one such truck can be called in simultaneously. The price is 300 Manpower and 100 ammunition.

    -## Stuka bombing strike (Point 12) The existing ability that will allow the player to bomb the allied arty to reduce its pressure

    (not important information: i would like the commander portrait to have a mask)

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    2 years ago

    Salvage Doctrine

    0 CP - Osstruppen Squad
    A doctrine relying on salvaging anything possible from the Eastern Front, bottom-of-the-barrel troops are a must.

    0 CP - Beutepanzer Panzerkampfwagen PzKw 747 (r) [T-34 with 76mm]
    The Germans captured many Soviet tanks in the war, and they put them to use. Here, the T-34 serves as an early tank call in, providing an early punch with enemy equipment.

    2 CP - Veteran Squad Leaders
    Infantry squads can be upgraded with veteran squad leaders. The massive attrition on the Eastern Front was a bloodbath that lead to many inexperienced units being put on the field, but the survivors of shattered forces were put back into the thick of it.

    9 CP - Beutepanzer Panzerkampfwagen PzKw 765 (r) [KV-1 with German 75mm]
    This KV-1 is armed with the same German 75mm from a Panzer 4, granting it improved armor piercing ability and accuracy. This will serve as a lighter and unique option as opposed to more traditional Tigers or Panthers, granting more HP than a Panther and less firepower, with the advantage of price and population.

    12 CP - Railway Artillery Support
    Superheavy artillery fires at the target. German rail artillery was focused primarily on the Eastern Front, where there was no shortage of hardened targets to take out.

    This doctrine is intended to be about constant offensive. An early mass infantry combined with an early tank is intended to cause a combined arms opportunity as the offensive can't be shut down simply by spamming one type of unit, while in the middle game an affordable 'heavy' tank is available to provide more firepower. Finally, rail artillery can crack even the hardest defenses, giving the opportunity for one last push later.

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