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Wehrmacht Commander Proposal

-Panzergrenadier Firebrigade Doctrine-

{Apologies, I had to rewrite this as my previous post vanished in the sticky (and I can't post this there now)!}

Given the ever fluid and evolving conditions on the Eastern Front, the German Army has had to rapidly adapt following recent setbacks, and to learn from difficult lessons following the disaster at Stalingrad. Whilst the German Army must still remain true to its core principles of Movement War (Bewegungskrieg) and it's peerless emphasis of the offensive, it has been forced to alter it's methodology and tactics accordingly.

Focus must be placed on mobility and application of force, stern defence and swift counter-attack, as to take and hold ground. All with a mind on economy, and the judicious use of elite troops to lead the assault. This shall be achieved by applying maximum available pressure and firepower upon a focal point (Schwerpunkt), breaking the enemy line and holding ground by fortifying it, and guarding it with rapidly deployed, well lead infantry, who in turn are supported by well armoured units, and air assets provided by the Luftwaffe.

This Doctrine in essence represents a post-Stalingrad reality for the Germans, straddling a few months either side of Kursk, encompassing the units and philosophy of the Ostheer at the time, reflecting their overall situation.

Slot 1 (2CP): Defensive Fortifications - Same as the present Defensive Doctrine ability for the Wehr/Ostheer.
Slot 2 (2CP): Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade / Veteran Squad Leaders - I put both here depending which works better for playability and balance, but with an emphasis on improved infantry anyhow.
Slot 3 (3cp): Panzerfusiliers - Same abilities / performance as their OKW equivalent, however made more expensive, and requiring more CPs as they arrive on the battlefield in a 250 halftrack (Having the Panzerfusiliers in the halftrack is to emphasise the focus on rapidity and mobility. I kindly suggest that this minor alteration could also possibly be made to the German Mechanized too).
Slot 4 (12CP): Stuka Bomb Strike / Stuka Close Air Support - Again I put the two here depending on which would work best for playability and balance. I admittedly do favour Stuka Close Air Support, as loitering aerial cover, over a given area of the map, is more in line with the spirit of the doctrine.
Slot 5 (14CP): Elefant TD - Same as is in the game presently.

-Historicity and Context-

Defensive Fortifications is a reflection of the overall circumstances and strategic position of the Wehrmacht following defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad. With a few exceptions, the Germans were largely on the defensive on the Eastern Front from 1943 onwards, and following the Battle of Kursk itself, would never regain the strategic initiative. The Germans likewise would eventually be in perpetual retreat across the entire front, though they demonstrated their abilities, time and again, in erecting imposing and effective defensive positions.

The improved infantry and Panzerfusiliers symbolise two things. Firstly the ad-hoc divisions and kampfgruppe Field Marshal Von Manstein would famously make use of in his "Fire Brigade" tactics as he sought to plug gaps in the line, and rapidly reinforce weakened positions which were being held. As such he managed to halt the advance of the Soviets in the southern portion of the front, following the calamity suffered by Army Group South. It's also representative of the use of elite motorised and mechanized formations in the stabilisation of the front, and later the successful counter-offensives which were launched against the cities of Kharkov and Belgorod, prior to the battle of Kursk.

The Stuka ability (whichever one is more suited) emphasises the combined arms approach of the doctrine. Arguably the Battle of Kursk was the last time the Luftwaffe brought to bare concentrated firepower to cover the last Strategically minded offensive by the Germans.

The Elefant is a perfect fit as to the time (and place) in the war which inspires the doctrine. The Elefant would makes it's first appearance at the Battle of Kursk (as did the Panther) with mixed result. Though it was cumbersome, lacking in anti-infantry defences, and vulnerable to targeted fire support by it's enemies; it proved itself a high capable and effective machine when used for its intended purpose. The Elefant is representative of a machine built to provide anti-tank support against
ever increasing numerical strength of the enemy's armour.


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