RE-upload: NEW Wer commander suggestion

2 years ago

WHER Advanced tank support doctrine

Theme: focus on countering alies tank and sending tough infantry or spotting officer on the front

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Radio silence
Ability, available from 0CP.
same as okw spec ops, it's just for filling a gap with something that might be useful

Slot 2: Dismounted Tank crew

Call in unit, available from 2CP
Costs 280 MP reinforce 40mp
Same models as the crews dirving wher tanks or the soilder whielding the mg42; weapon: mp40 5man squad as it's the standard number to operate most of ww2 german tanks. unit simbol : surmpios/pioneer+mp40 on the bottom/something creative, possibly a skull or a dagger and wrench

their purpose is to add an high hp unit to wher, to lead assaults and sustain heavy fire, their damage output shall be low: slightly higher than regular pios( or not); vet 1 gives them the ability to toss an Tmine to a tank, (or an at granade) to deal high hp damage and suffer a guaranteed critical, vet 2 improved damage (idk the percentage to insert) , vet 3 bonus to explosive damage defence .
possible upgreades : mg 34 to give access to better firepower on distances
ability: repair (and/or repair critical)
as the war lasted longher, the number of tanks produced decreased an so the crews had to fight boots on the gtoun, it happened that also in the early stages of war tank supply was not efficient and more infantry on the frontline was always good.
The tecnical role would be to give wher a unit able to sustain heavy fire and HE fire.

Slot 3: Mecanized officer

Call in unit, available from 4CP
Costs 300 MP and 80 Fuel -only one at time-
No veterancy (it's alredy an high rank officer)

a 250 HT with no mg and the passenger slot filled with an officer and his guards, (better if same tank crew models with gun) they can not move from the halftruck, they are a fixed crew, (or they can abandon it as usf crews but then the normal unit would be a basic inf squad, maybe not). general damage output of the officer squad on a half truck(or no damage). 250 normal armour and hp(or a little more)
Area boost to inf.(and/or tanks) for defenc (same as command PIV) , area boost to tank damage/accuracy (same as command panther) -possible revision on this-
wide field of view, similar to snipers
ability to call in some average artillery (same as usf major, or mortair barrage) paying munitions.
Ability to become stationary and camouflaged and to stop shooting (general camouflage ability) : this will provide logistic support to help spotting enemy moves on the battle, and boosting friendly units, however it is really vunerable to enemy fire, so the "silent mode" can give him a chance to survive and act as a observation unit.
-historically 250 HT had so many roles, this one would perfectly fit-

Slot 4: Panzer Tactician

Standard wermacht ability

Slot 5: Special ammunitons racks

P4 and Panther can now alternate between normal round and "free" heat rounds
Stug 3G has same ability as okw heat shell for munitions
pak 40 can use an he barrage -50 munitions 4 shots directly on target area- (long cooldown)
Available at 13 CP

-The risk is that it can get too op, so it can be made into an upgreade for a tank: it gives the tank a spotting scope and access to tis munition sot free for a limited period, shot good vs tank bad vs infantry, at the cost of 80 munitions and the exclusion of mg42 turret, only for Panzer 4 and Panther; CP reduced to 10

Strategies and Rational

First ability is for fillar and can be replaced with anything 0CP standard wermacht.

Tank ground crew is a cool addition, adding something like a met shield for wer, its squads can be wiped by random one shot arty and i see it's frustrating, so this unit will fill the damage sustainability but not the damage output.

250 officer can offer mobile spotting and boosts at the expence of survivability

Panzer tactician, sinergizes with tank support.

Last ability gives the player a better option to kill tanks, designating a tank to "tank hunter role", and making paks a sort of support unit to match zis3 or su76 indirect barrage

Additional Context

The tank crews fighting on foot were a thing back in the days an is documented in the novels of Willy Arberg, aka Sven Hassel , and i would love to see on this game something that reminds me of his "adventures" since coh2 can lead to either epic moments or hilarious time, being of great fun.



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    2 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 984

    too late and also use units and abilities that don't exist which rules it out.

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    2 years ago

    well,units already exist, models and everything only some abilities are new, they just need to be patched togeather

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    2 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 984

    @Mr_Lippo said:
    well,units already exist, models and everything only some abilities are new, they just need to be patched togeather

    Which means they don't exist. If it's not something that can be built already in game it's a new unit.

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    2 years ago
    Mr_LippoMr_Lippo Posts: 4
    edited February 2019

    i understand what you say and it's true, i interpreted that it was possible to take existing material, units and models in the game , change skin to already existing models, tweak damage and add ability; the mechanized officer is like mecanized groups, take officer squad, make passenger of 250HT lock inside and slap ability, nothing more: i talk easy, i'm not a modder so what i m saying might be more hard than waht i think... i tried to work with waht was available... At least it would be cool :smile:

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