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1 year ago
PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

Here are the US Forces commander proposals that I like. Note: this is just my opinion. Please don't take exception if your proposal isn't here. It will most likely be because you didn't follow the rules.

On that note, here are a few rules of my own:

Rule 1: You've got to follow the rules. If it violates the guidelines, it's out. The exception is the "One proposal per player" rule, which only exists to keep the number of proposals to a minimum. Given how many proposals are voided for violating the "No new units or abilities" rule, there are a lot less proposals to consider.

Rule 2: Transfers of units and abilities between factions are limited to the side they were on. Allied units and abilities can only be transferred to another Allied faction; The same applies between the Axis Factions. The exception is captured vehicles. This is a historically legitimate practice and requires no new units to be created.

Rule 3: I have not included my own proposals.

Additional Note: Very few proposals for the US Forces followed the guidelines, which is why there aren't that many in this post. There are lots of really good ideas that are outside the guidelines and I suspect we may see one of them in the new commander. The US really suffers from a lack of commanders with good rosters, which in my opinion is why so many players have created new units and abilities for their proposals. I have enjoyed reading these new ideas and I would like to see one used by the designers but, they are outside the scope of this post so I can't bring myself to include any of them. Sorry.

So, here are the proposals that meet the guidelines and which I find interesting:

Urban Assault Company

0CP: Assault Engineers
0CP: M10 Wolverine
3CP: Ranger
4CP: Combined arms
9CP: M7B1 Priest

It seems that quite a few players see the need for an Urban Assault commander for the US (I submitted one as well). This one fits the theme quite well. Personally, I prefer to see the Flamethrower for Rear Echelon troops in the first slot because, it's unusual to see a commander with 2 infantry units in his roster. (For the US, only Airborne Company has that distinction, for obvious reasons.) However, that's not my call and I have to defer to the preferences of the player who submitted the proposal. Either way, It's a good proposal.


U.S Rapid Reaction Company

Fire Up
M8 "Greyhound"
Recon Sweep
Smoke Barrage or Combined Arms

This proposal offers a nice combination of extra armor and help for the infantry, plus a recon sweep to minimize the chances of an ambush. The author of this proposal couldn't decide whether to include smoke or the combined arms buffs and I understand why. However, I'm inclined towards the smoke because, Combined Arms won't help that much against heavy armor. Smoke might be the difference between losing a large chunk of your force or getting away with minimal losses. Other players may have a different opinion on this point.


"Joppy's Heroes"

0CP - M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer
1CP - Pathfinders
3CP - Ranger Squad
3CP- Browning M1919A6 Light Machine Gun
6 CP – P47 Strafing Run

The author of this proposal didn't include a name so, I made one up. After reading his linked post, I believe the name "Counterattack Company" fits his theme but, it's really up to him to give it a name. As for the commander, it's an interesting mix that seems to aim for a "quantity over quality" approach, with the Rangers being the exception. I personally don't like the P-47 Strafing Run because, I don't believe it's effective (it misses way too often). I would have gone with a more effective airstrike but, I still think this commander could be quite effective in a team game.


Assault Support Company

Assault Engineers
Off Map Smoke Barrage
M1919A6 Light Machine Gun
M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage
240mm Howitzer Barrage

This is another proposal of a commander that many players think the US needs. Assault Support seems to be a popular theme. This one does it very well. I especially like the "Priest"/240 mm Barrage combo. Now that's what I call Assault Support!


Breakthrough Company

M4A3 Sherman ‘Easy Eight’
Available from 0CP

I&R Pathfinders
Call in unit, available from 2CP

Combined Arms
Ability ready for use from 4CP

M8 Greyhound
Call in unit, available from 4CP

P-47 Rocket Strike
ability ready from 12CP

Many of these proposals seem like variations on the theme of making more use of the better US units and abilities under one commander. This is another such proposal and it seems quite well rounded. Light recon elements, a better tank and some buffs are all good but, the what I really like is the Rocket Strike. It's very good at making your opponent's tanks bleed.


Close Air Support Company

(3CP) - Paratroopers
(3CP) - M5 Halftrack
(4CP) - Recon Sweep
(6CP) - P-47 Strafing Run
(13CP) - M26 Pershing heavy tank

The name of this proposal doesn't really make sense and, as I've said before, I'm not a fan of the Strafing Run. However, this still presents an interesting combination. The Paratroopers/Pershing combo is certainly appealing. I think it would be even better with the Cluster Mines instead of the Strafing Run.


Combined Arms Company

Rangers (3 cp, call in unit)

Combined arms (toggle ability, 4 cp)

M7B1 Priest howitzer motor carriage (call in, 9cp)

P47 rocket strike (12 cp)

Pershing call in (13 cp)

Now this proposal really fits its name. I'm drooling at the thought of seeing this commander added to the game. It has everything you want under one commander. My applause go to the author of this excellent idea. It is outstanding!


Urban Mobility Company

(0CP) - M10 'Wolverine' tank destroyer
(1CP) - Calvary rifleman
(2CP) - Fire up!
(3CP) - M5 Halftrack
(7CP) - M38 cluster mines

This proposal is another variation on the popular themes for a new US commander, greater mobility and a focus on urban warfare. The combination of Cavalry Riflemen with the Half-track seems interesting - it would suit a "get in quick, get in close" style of play. Although, it might be another commander better suited to team games.


Infantry Support Company

Reserve Armour
• Available from 0CP
Off Map Smoke Barrage
• Available from 1CP
M1919A6 Light Machine Gun
• Available from 3CP
M8 Greyhound
• Available from 4CP
(CP lowered for better use of unit in early game situations)
M4 Sherman Calliope
• Available from 10CP

This has a nice mix of features - there are some infantry items but it offers a good selection of armor as well. This looks like it would offer some well-balanced play, suitable for a variety of styles and formats. I'd be happy to give this commander a go any time.


OK, that's it. Again, this is just my opinion so, don't be too unhappy if your proposal isn't here. The developers are unlikely to share my opinion so, your proposal may still be The One. Cheers.



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