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    Hotfix Patch #2 - December 21st 2018

    Ardennes Assault

    -Fixed an issue with Ardennes Assault, in which light vehicles could not be built from their tiers.

    Balance Issues

    OKW Sector Assault
    -Adjusted sector assault to drop less bombs in a shorter time window.

    SOVIET AT Overwatch
    -Shell damage reduced to 60, previously was 120
    -Added 3-second delay between smoke and first shell
    -Added Penetration value of 260 to shells, so that heavy vehicles can bounce some shells.
    -Deflection damage of 30 added to shells


    -Fixed issue with USF 76mm Sherman smoke launchers not working
    -Made some adjustments to WC51 and Faust interaction to try and resolve Faust miss bug.
    -Fixed issue with Soviet KV-2 prioritize vehicle not working properly
    -Fixed issue with Wehrmacht field defenses, and certain items not being buildable
    -Fixed an issue with cav rifles displaying as 3cp call in units in the menu ui

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    Bugfix - March 25th 2019

    • Fixed a bug where Panzerfausts would target the crew inside WC51, leaving the vehichle unharmed.
    • Thanks goes to community member Aerafield for helping pinpoint the exact cause of this issue.
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    Map Update - May 5th 2019

    Fixes and updates to maps introduced in the April Map Update.

    • Updates to 1v1 map Nexus
    • Updates to 1v1 map Ladoga Karelia
    • Updates to 1v1 map Deutz
    • Rechnaya Pereprava is now available in 1v1.
    • Ponary Forest and Bialystok market are updated and again available in 2v2.
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    MINI PATCH - JULY 18th


    • Addressed bug where Panzerfusilliers could purchase Panzerschreks in addition to their G43 upgrade
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