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PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
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Here are the UK new commander proposals that I like. Note: this is just my opinion. Please don't take exception if your proposal isn't here. It will most likely be because you didn't follow the rules.

On that note, here are a few rules of my own:

Rule 1: You've got to follow the rules. If it violates the guidelines, it's out. The exception is the "One proposal per player" rule, which only exists to keep the number of proposals to a minimum. Given how many proposals are voided for violating the "No new units or abilities" rule, there are a lot less proposals to consider.

Rule 2: Transfers of units and abilities between factions are limited to the side they were on. Allied units and abilities can only be transferred to another Allied faction; The same applies between the Axis Factions. The exception is captured vehicles. This is a historically legitimate practice and requires no new units to be created.

Rule 3: I have not included my own proposals.**

Additional Notes: In many ways, the proposals for the new British commander are some of the most unusual and diverse ideas in all of the new commander threads. There are many new items, some of which are quite imaginative. Unfortunately, they couldn't be included on this list but, many of the proposals which made it are still quite inventive. As with other factions, there are some obvious themes, notably the need to remedy some of the deficiencies in British armored units and a desire to include the RAF more explicitly in the game. There is also a theme of importing items from other factions - a theme so prominent I have listed these proposals in their own separate section. The developers really have their work cut out for them with this faction. It will be very interesting to see which way they go.

So, here are the proposals that meet the guidelines and which I find interesting:

Armored Assault Regiment

(0 CP) Sherman II M4A3 tank (without de-crew ability)
(2 CP) Designate Command Vehicle
(4 CP) Observation Detachment Valentine
(6 CP) Vehicle Crew Repairs
(12 CP) Strafing Support

This is the first of a number of proposals which seek to redress some of the UK's deficiencies when it comes to armor. It's straight-forward and offers a variety of items which are guaranteed to improve the UK's armored forces. Extra tanks, repairs and command buffs will all help late game play for the British. The additional air support of the command tank's recon loiter and the Strafing Support off-map strike look to make this suggestion a must-have commander for the UK faction. Nice one, son!


Infantry Support Regiment

Tank Hunters Infantry Sections (2 CP)
Advanced Cover Combat (2 CP)
Assault (4 CP)
Air Resupply Operation (4 CP)
Strafing Support (12 CP)

This proposal leans in the opposite direction, offering support for the infantry - as the name plainly states. It has both offense & defense covered, with plenty of help for dealing with enemy tanks. The Brits don't need a lot of early game help so, this is aimed more at the middle, during the back & forth struggle for territory when tanks start to make their presence felt. It's a very solid option for those who like infantry combat. The lack of a dedicated infantry commander in the British line-up could make this a likely candidate.


Frontline Raiders Regiment

2CP - Designate Command Vehicle
3CP - Forward Logistics Glider
4CP - Smoke Raid Operation
4CP - Assault
8CP - Land Mattress

There are some interesting choices in this proposal, with an eclectic mix of items. It is an all-arms doctrine with infantry, tanks, artillery and air support all getting a run. Speed and surprise will be the order of the day when using this commander. It will suit some players better than others but, it looks like it could be handy for a variety of scenarios.


Apocalypse Regiment

M2 Flamethrower - 0 CP
Field Recovery Operations - 3 CP
Concentration Barrage - 4 CP
Anti-Building Flame Mortar Support - 8 CP
Air Supremacy Operation - 12 CP

There is a lot of heavy firepower in this suggestion but, it will require a lot of munitions to make full use of it and "friendly-fire" will be an ever-present danger. It might be best suited to 1v1 play, to avoid "blue on blue" casualties. This doctrine will only suit a small number of players but, they would have fun using it. Of course, the British would never give the regiment such a hyperbolic name - it would be something a bit understated, like "Heavy Support", instead.


Anti-Tank Regiment

Tank Traps
Improved Fortifications
Tank Hunters Infantry Section
Land Mattress
Concentrated Fire Operation

There are no statistics for this proposal so, I have no idea when the tank traps become available. It is a good suggestion but, it highlights one of the major flaws of the British forces - they don't have a single commander who provides tank traps. This proposal seeks to remedy that issue. A number of players (myself included) have suggested that Defensive Operations should be amended to include tank traps but, we're yet to see any movement in the direction of fixing this glaring problem. If it ever does get fixed, it would suit this doctrine nicely. Unfortunately, given the recalcitrance of the developers regarding British tank traps, they may be the stumbling block for this idea.


Encirclement Regiment

(1 CP) Raid Operation
(2 CP) Tank Hunters Infantry Section
(2 CP) Advanced Cover Combat
(4 CP) Concentration Barrage
(8 CP) Mortar Cover

The name of this doctrine suggests it will improve the chances of holding isolated sectors but, it would most likely find wider applications. It's another proposal that offers help for the middle game but, it may not be much help in the later stages when heavy armor units start to flex their muscles. I suspect the Mortar Cover will be needed a fair bit at that point, especially for the smoke rounds.


Helljumper's Assault Regiment

Resupply Halftrack 4 CP
Assault 4 CP
Air Resupply Operation 4 CP
Mortar Cover 8 CP
Churchill AVRE 12 CP

Here's another suggestion that lacked a name so, I've given it one. I'd prefer if the author would supply his own. It's another middle game proposal, with plenty of help for the infantry. The Churchill AVRE is a nice touch. Like the OKW's Sturmtiger, it might be best suited to urban combat, blasting garrisoned buildings into dust. This doctrine could work on its own or as part of a team.


Royal Air Force Regiment

Foward Logistics Glider (3 cp)
Air resupply operation (4 cp)
Hold the line (8 cp)
Strafing support (12 cp)
Air supremacy operation (12 cp)

This is a novel concept for the Brits but, it's similar to the Ostheer Luftwaffe Supply Doctrine. It is all about support from the air. Like the Luftwaffe Supply Doctrine, its big drawback is the munitions cost of providing all that support. It's nice to see just for variety but, it might be restricted to 1v1 games on big maps. It's a commander I'd like to have but would probably rarely use.


Royal Armour Regiment

Sherman V M4A3 build - 0CP
Designate Command Vehicle - 2 CP
Resupply Halftrack - 4CP
Vehicle Crew Repairs - 6CP
Concentrated Artillery Operation - 12CP

This is another proposal playing to the armor theme. The M4 Sherman would make a very nice addition to the British arsenal, filling a gap between the Cromwell & the Firefly while being historically accurate at the same time. The Resupply Halftrack offers something for the infantry, while the Concentrated Artillery is a nice piece of beef for the later stages of the game. This looks to be another must-have commander, making it a likely candidate.


Royal Armour Regiment

Raid Operation
•Available from 1CP
Tank Hunters Infantry Section
•Available from 2CP
Observation Detachment “Valentine”
•Available from 5CP
Demolition Specialists “AVRE”
•Available from 8CP
Strafing Support
•Available from 10CP

Here's another take on the Armour Regiment, not so much about patching holes in the arsenal as it is about providing a variety of specialist units to a player's force. It is a different approach but, one which could work quite well in the right hands. This suggestion is more balanced than some of the previous ideas, with help for all stages of a game. However, I'd be very surprised if the developers lowered the CP value of the Churchill - I think the chances of that happening are next to none.


Reconnaissance Regiment

Designate Command Vehicle - 2CP
Smoke Raid Operation - 3CP
Infiltration Commandos - 3CP
Observation Detachment “Valentine” - 5CP
Strafing Support - 12CP

This is an interesting concept, even if it strikes me as a bit limited. It's is well-structured to support its theme of light, fast-moving units capturing sectors quickly, with some air support to help out. My concern is that it offers very little for holding territory until the Strafing Support arrives. It seems geared to the period of transition between the early and the middle game but, it may not be much help in the later stages. I'd like to see it play-tested to find out.


*(Special Mention) These proposals have been separated from the ones above because, they include items taken from other factions - particularly intelligence gathering items from the Soviet faction. They are not new units or abilities so, they don't violate the rules. However, I believe the developers are unlikely to transfer items from one faction to another so, the chances of these ideas being used are pretty slim. But I like them so I've included them in this list.

*Behind the Lines Regiment

Smoke Raid Operation 3 CP
Forward Logistics Glider 3 CP
Paratrooper Commandos 3 CP
Allied Espionage 3 CP (passive Radio Intercept/active Spy Network combo)
Barrage Overwatch 7 CP

This is quite an audacious proposal. The author included quite a few modifications to the existing units, which I've left out so it could meet the guidelines. It's a variation on the Vanguard Operations concept which in some ways is more coherent than the existing version. Paratroopers are something I want to see and a Commando version may be the only way to get them, since it requires no modification to existing models beyond adding the parachutes. I can't tell whether the barrage is the standard Perimeter Overwatch at a lower CP or whether it's a new barrage akin to the Wehrmacht Sector Artillery. However, Perimeter Overwatch at the usual CP value is more likely to be acceptable to the developers. The Espionage ability is perhaps the biggest leap of all. It takes two different abilities from the Soviet faction and combines them into one. It's a nice idea, useful and historically accurate, but it is very unlikely to be included in the new commander.


*Tactical Support Regiment

Radio Intercept(cp0)
Commando Glider Insertion(cp3)
Spy Network(cp4)
Artillery Support Sexton(cp9)
Strafing Support(cp12)

Here's another proposal which utilizes the Soviet Radio Intercept & Spy Network abilities, this time in separate slots. This format might be slightly more palatable to the developers but, their inclusion is still a long shot. The other items are standard British fare, just in an unusual combination. It's not really coherent but, it is balanced and I think it could work for the UK faction.


*Résistance Regiment

0 CP - Radio Intercept
1 CP - Raid Operation
2 CP - Partisan Squad
4 CP - Air Resupply Operation
12 Cp - Air Supremacy Operation

This is another suggestion which borrows from the Soviet faction, this time including partisans instead of spies. There is very little chance of the developers accepting this idea because of all the difficulties involved (Soviet models could be used but the voice files are a big problem). On top of that, the doctrine seems quite unbalanced with a big jump from 4 to 12 CP. I applaud the author for trying to include irregular elements into the British faction but, they never really had the same place in the West that they did in the East.


*Royal Armoured Regiment

Radio Intercept - 0 CP.
Designate Command Vehicle - 2CP.
Vehicle Crew Repairs - 6CP
APCR Rounds - 7CP (Same stats as OKW "HEAT" rounds)
Precision Barrage - 10CP

The British armor theme resurfaces with this proposal, this time including a Soviet item and a British version of an OKW item. Radio Intercept doesn't really fit the theme and it's unlikely that we'll see any Soviet items featured in the new British commander. However, I think the APCR concept deserves some serious consideration. While it is technically a new ability for the British, it's easy to do, historically accurate and it would improve the units with 75 mm guns enough to give them a fighting chance against the medium tanks of other factions. If the new doctrine is the Royal Armoured Regiment, then APCR Rounds is the one new item that needs to be included in it.


*RAF Frontline Support Regiment

Advanced Cover Combat (2 CP)
Supply Drop (3 CP)
Assault (4 CP)
Air Resupply Operation (4 CP)
Air Supremacy Operation (12 CP)

This proposal doesn't really need RAF in its title; Frontline Support covers it pretty well. It has both offensive and defensive help for the infantry, with additional weapons and medical supplies as well. The author proposed using the Wehrmacht Supply Drop Zone but, I swapped it for the Soviet Supply Drop. It's not as good as the German version but, it is within the rules. Either way, it's unlikely to be included in a British doctrine. Finally, like the Resistance Regiment, this proposal strikes me as a little bit unbalanced but, it might still play well in the right hands.


** (Special Exception) I have decided to break Rule 3 for the British thread. I thought someone else might enter a version of this concept but, no one has so I must use my own. It is too historically accurate to be left out.

Lend-Lease Armoured Regiment

(0 CP) M10 Wolverine (same as US Version, built at Company CP)
(4 CP) Air Resupply Operation
(4 CP) Resupply Half-track
(9 CP) M7B1 Priest HMC
(12 CP) Strafing Support

The Lend-Lease concept is borrowed from the Soviet faction but, it was also used extensively by the British in real life. It addresses some specific weaknesses in the British arsenal in a balanced and effective way (I hope). It incorporates 2 vehicles from the US arsenal that were actually used extensively by the British in real life. The Wolverine fills the gap between the Cromwell & the Firefly, while the Priest offers superior firepower compared to the Sexton. Like a number of other proposals, it uses the Air Resupply Operation to address the lack of mobility for British mortars. I originally used the M21 Mortar Half-Track, but this is historically inaccurate - the Brits never used it. Since then, the developers have modified Air Resupply to include a mortar so, I've swapped it. It's not only more accurate, it should make it more palatable to the developers. When I first suggested this commander, there seemed to be a lot of support for it. It surprises me that there were no other proposals like it.


Righty-oh, that's it. Again, this is just my opinion so don't be too unhappy if your proposal isn't here. The developers are unlikely to share my opinion so, your proposal may still make it. Cheerio, chaps.



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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    It needs to be said that the Lend-Lease program was originally crafted specifically for the British, during the dark days of 1940. It was later extended to the Soviet Union when they were experiencing their own dark days in 1941-42. It has always struck me as odd that the Soviet faction has a Lend-Lease commander but the British faction doesn't.

    I recognize there aren't as many commanders in the British line-up and priority was given to commanders that addressed specific needs for the faction. However, the new commander should also be crafted with specific needs in mind and it is obvious (from the number of suggestions) that a better spread of armor for the faction is considered necessary. The M4 Sherman and the M10 Wolverine were both used extensively by the British. In my opinion, one of them should be strongly considered for inclusion in the new doctrine, regardless of what other items make the cut.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
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    I've done a count and, based purely on the number of times they appeared in the suggestions, these are the most popular items for the new British commander. I've compiled them into the format of a commander for the sake of seeing what it might look like.

    Note: This is NOT necessarily what the final commander will look like. I am NOT involved in the decision-making process and this is done purely for entertainment purposes.

    Hypothetical Regiment

    (1 CP/3 CP) Raid or Smoke Raid Operation (6 suggestions)
    (2 CP) Designate Command Vehicle (5 suggestions)
    (4 CP) Air Resupply Operation (6 suggestions)
    (4 CP) Assault (4 suggestions)
    (12 CP) Strafing Support (7 suggestions)

    Tank-Hunter Infantry also appeared in 4 suggestions but, given that Air Resupply includes an anti-tank gun, I thought the infantry-buffing Assault was a bit more handy. I grouped the Raid items together because, I believe they have been suggested for the same reason, to speed up the capture of sectors. However, I would prefer the Smoke Raid because, even though it comes a little later, it is a more versatile ability. It can be used for other purposes (such as covering a retreat), while the other version serves only one function.

    I find this hypothetical commander to be a bit unbalanced, with most of the items becoming available early. It also contains no extra units which, given the deficiencies of British armor, doesn't offer a player much help in the later stages of a game. The air support is very nice, with recon, air-dropped weapons and a versatile, if somewhat light, off-map strike included. It strikes me as a "Tactical Support" doctrine, useful but not particularly strong or appealing.

    I sincerely hope the developers use another method for choosing the roster of the new commander. I wouldn't be rushing to acquire the hypothetical one outlined above. While the items included are all good on their own, in combination they leave something to be desired. There's not enough meat in it for my tastes.

    Addendum: If the new commander decision was a popularity contest, the above hypothetical might be more appealing if Assault was replaced with an M4 Sherman build. Plus, given that a Tactical Support Regiment already exists the only name suggested which actually fits this doctrine is Frontline Support. Not saying that's how they'll go, not even saying that's how I'd go; just saying.

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    given the deficiencies of British armor

    I personally think you are underestimating British armour and discounting the strength of the command vehicle. The command vehicle gives something like a 0.7x reload multiplier, or a 1.42x RoF increase, 1.15x penetration, and 1.3x accuracy buff. It basically turns default British Armour into something about twice as powerful at the cost of making the command vehicle useless. This can be hard to pull off as you will basically need an AEC as putting it on any other vehicle is a waste. Unless the new commander has a Valentine + command vehicle which would also work.

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
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    @Socom62 Perhaps I need to clarify that statement.

    I was referring to the UK faction's core armour units, so it doesn't apply to the doctrinal tanks. More specifically, I was alluding to what I perceive to be a "gap" between the Cromwell medium tank and the Sherman Firefly. The Cromwell is a decent anti-infantry tank but, it struggles against the medium tanks of other factions. The Sherman is quite good against other tanks but, it's not much chop against infantry (which is not surprising because it plays as a tank-destroyer). The British core force is lacking a good all-rounder tank, which a doctrinal M4 Sherman would help remedy.

    From a historical perspective, the lack of "regular" Sherman's in the British arsenal is puzzling. They received over 17,000 of them (most armed with a 75 mm gun) and made numerous modified versions, including the Firefly. In fact, it's likely the Sherman was the most prolific tank in the British army. The Soviets were shipped less than half the number the Brits got and yet there's a doctrinal Sherman variant available to the Soviet faction but not the UK.

    Company of Heroes is a game full of anomalies. The new commanders offer a chance to address some of these anomalies and, to my mind, a regular Sherman for the British is one of the best ideas for doing it.

    Thanks for the feedback; it's always nice to know people are actually reading what I've written. Cheers.

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    Great post ;)

    Talking about the radio intercept, I was heavily inspired from the soviet "armored assault" commander with radio intercept, t34 85 and IS-2. Radio intercept + tank focused abilities is great combination, that's why armored assault is such good commander.

    Thanks for the feedback though :)

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    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @WilhelmIX Thanks for replying.

    I have a different opinion regarding the Armored Assault commander, namely that the T-34/85, the IS-2 and Crew Repairs are what make it such a good commander. But I get your point. Radio Intercept gives the player a good idea of where to send those tanks, so as to make the best use of them.

    The Radio Intercept + Designate Command Vehicle combo strikes me as quite a good idea. Knowing what the enemy is planning to do is a good thing but, using air recon to confirm the location of his units is even better. Having a tank that buffs the other tanks around it when attacking those enemy units is the icing on that cake. (The Precision Barrage provides the sprinkles on top.)

    Your Royal Armoured Regiment proposal is quite a good one, especially the APCR Rounds. However, an additional tank would have been nice. The best solution would be if the developers bundled Radio Intercept (or something like it) into the Command Vehicle, thereby giving the British some signals intelligence and freeing up a slot in your commander for an extra tank. There were quite a few proposals with intelligence-gathering abilities included in them so, there are plenty of players who feel the British need some signals intelligence. But, I don't have much hope the developers will do it.


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