OKW New Commander Proposals I Like

1 year ago
PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

Here are the OKW new commander proposals that I like. Note: this is just my opinion. Please don't take exception if your proposal isn't here. It will most likely be because you didn't follow the rules.

On that note, here are a few rules of my own:

Rule 1: You've got to follow the rules. If it violates the guidelines, it's out. The exception is the "One proposal per player" rule, which only exists to keep the number of proposals to a minimum. Given how many proposals are voided for violating the "No new units or abilities" rule, there are a lot less proposals to consider.

Rule 2: Transfers of units and abilities between factions are limited to the side they were on. Allied units and abilities can only be transferred to another Allied faction; The same applies between the Axis Factions. The exception is captured vehicles. This is a historically legitimate practice and requires no new units to be created.

Rule 3: I have not included my own proposals.

Additional Notes: There are lots of great ideas in the OKW submissions and, like the US, some themes make themselves apparent when reading the suggestions. Captured weapons and items taken from the Ostheer feature heavily in the proposals. Personally, I like these concepts but, it remains to be seen whether the developers feel the same way (I suspect not).

Another theme that manifests itself is the need for a commander who improves OKW's early game play. Another player once posted that "the OKW is all about late-game inevitability" and that rings true to my ears. However, it is obvious that many players would like to have at least one OKW commander who bucks this trend. The difficulty is creating a commander who provides this but is still balanced.

The OKW commanders, in my opinion, are a lot more coherent than the US commanders so, the need for truly new ideas is stronger. The US Forces can benefit a lot from simply creating a commander which uses existing items in a better way. I believe it's harder to do that for the OKW but, some of the proposals on this list manage to meet that standard so it is possible.

So, here are the proposals that meet the guidelines and which I find interesting:

Fatherland Defense Doctrine

(0 CP) Beutepanzer East: T34/76 (Built at Schwerer Panzer HQ)
(0 CP) Beutepanzer West: M4A3 Sherman (Built at Schwerer Panzer HQ)
(0 CP) Thorough Salvage
(2 CP) For the Fatherland
(3 CP) Field Defenses

This is a unique proposal - it has 2 captured medium tanks in its roster. Neither are as good as what the OKW already has in its arsenal but, they are cheaper to build (both in manpower and fuel costs). The roster is aimed at offering the OKW better early-to-mid-game play and it might just work. However, I have a strong feeling that captured vehicles will not be among the new OKW commanders features (even though I think they are totally legitimate). Having 2 captured tanks makes this proposal very unlikely to be chosen, which is a pity because it looks like it would be fun to play.


Panzer-Schützen Doctrine

[0CP]Breakthrough Tactics
[0CP]Mechanized Reserves (Trucks & 250 Halftracks built at Battlegroup HQ)
[0CP]Assault Package
[12CP]Panther Pzkpfw V Command Tank

My apologies go to the author of this proposal. I like it so much I've modified it slightly to allow it to meet the guidelines. I am a big fan of having more trucks in the German factions' rosters so, I couldn't bring myself to exclude this idea - even though the original version was slightly outside the rules. I don't believe that Mechanized Reserves goes against the rules because, it requires no new units. However, the other changes the author suggested do, so I've scaled it back to a simpler version. I think it still looks like a good proposal in this modified form; it seems like a very coherent doctrine, mostly aimed at improving early game play. I just hope the player who suggested it can forgive my impertinence.


Siege Doctrine

Incendiary Munitions
LeFH 18 Artillery
Reconnaissance Overflight
Stuka Bombing Strike (or 105mm Howitzer Barrage)

There were no specifications included with this proposal so, I guess they are unchanged from their existing command points and costs. This is similar to the Ostheer concept but, I don't think it is quite as true to the name. It's still a good idea - very much about long-range warfare. It strikes me as an excellent commander for a team game, supplying long-range strike-power to the team while leaving the direct attack options to other team-mates' commanders.


Schutzstaffel Doctrine

Assault Package - 1 CP
Sturm Offizier - 1 CP
Infrared STG44 Package - 3 CP
Valiant Assault - 6 CP
Airborne Assault - 12 CP

This is another proposal aimed at the early-to-mid game that offers a lot to OKW infantry but very little else. However, it also looks like it would make OKW infantry very tough to beat once their veterancy reaches a certain level. I wouldn't want to face an opponent who had this commander because, once he reached 6 command points, his infantry would be damn-near unstoppable. The inclusion of Airborne Assault in the roster makes me believe that mobile AA guns would play a very large part in countering this doctrine.


Urban Defense Doctrine

0CP – Assault Package
1CP – Early Warning System
1CP - Ambush Training
2CP – Heavy Fortifications
11/12CP – Sturmtiger/Sector Assault

This is another proposal following the urban theme (which is prominent in the US commander suggestions) - this time focusing on defense. The inclusion of Ostheer's Ambush Training with the OKW items really makes this idea look very suited to its purpose. As for the final item, The author couldn't choose which one was better for this commander. However, I suspect that Sector Assault might be susceptible to "friendly-fire" incidents in the close confines of urban warfare. I would be inclined to use the Sturmtiger, giving the player more control instead of leaving it to the AI. The Sturmtiger is also ideally suited to destroying garrisoned buildings, even if its mobility and reload time leave something to be desired. All in all, this doctrine would be really good on a heavily urbanized map.


Gewitter (Thunderstorm) Doctrine

CP 0: Assault package
CP 2: Heavy fortifications
CP 7: HEAT shells
CP 8: Pak 43
CP 11: Sturmtiger

This doctrine is quite aptly named, given its last 3 features. There's something for the infantry but, the late heavy firepower is what really stands out. OKW armor is the best there is and the HEAT shells just make it better. The costs of the last 2 items will force a player to choose whether to go anti-infantry or anti-tank (a player could have both but he'd have little else to support them). This idea really looks to exploit OKW's late game dominance. I believe it could be good on its own or in a team game.


Armored Fortifications Doctrine

0cp) Incendiary Munitions
3cp) Field Defenses
5cp) Panzer Commander
9cp) Rocket Barrage
13cp) Tiger tank

Like the doctrine above, this proposal is about late game play. The first 2 items mostly suit static warfare and I don't see them changing the balance for OKW infantry that much. On the other hand, the last 3 items really make a big difference. I don't think we'll see the Panzer Commander dropped to 5 CP but, it's still nice to have the buff, even at 8 CP. However, it is the barrage and the Tiger that would be the real fun of this doctrine. [If the developers do include the Ostheer Tiger, they may have a "one or the other" lock-out with the King Tiger. But, the exorbitant costs of these tanks may limit players' use of them together anyway so, a lock-out may not even be necessary.]


Coordinated Onrush Doctrine

0 CP Assault Package
3 CP Infrared STG44 Package
5 CP Hull down
7 CP HEAT rounds
10 CP Sector Assault

I don't like the name of this doctrine ("Coordinated Assault" sounds better) but, the inclusion of Ostheer's Hull Down ability makes it stand out from other OKW doctrines. It's a nice mix of items, offering help to early game infantry action and later game armored warfare, with an off-map strike for good measure. It's a "jack of all trades" doctrine; the worry being that it might be the "master of none". I'd have to play it to know for sure.


Wehrmacht Auxiliary Doctrine

(CP0) StuG III Ausf. G Assault Gun (Built at Mechanized Regiment HQ)
(CP1) MG42 (Call-in)
(CP4) Reconnaissance Overflight
(CP12)Stuka Bombing Strike
(cp13)Tiger Tank

This proposal goes all-in on using Ostheer elements for an OKW commander. It is certainly interesting and looks like a lot of fun but, the chances of this being used are infinitesimally small (no chance, really). I applaud the author of this idea for his audacity; I just hope he's realistic about the probability of its use (~0% +/- 0.01%). It's a pity because, in reality, all these items were used in the West.


Advanced Panzer Tactics Doctrine

(2CP) Panzer Tactician
(4CP) Emergency Repairs
(5CP) Hull Down
(5CP) Spotting Scope
(17CP) Tiger Ace

This is another audacious proposal, where 4 out of the 5 items come from the Ostheer. I'm not sure if the author meant this to be an OKW suggestion but, if he did, he should take note of what I said above. I do like this idea but, it's a very long shot for being chosen. One other thing about this proposal that I can't reconcile is the Tiger Ace. It seems very odd to me for a faction which struggles with supply issues to have a unit which chokes off that restricted supply almost completely. I would have gone with a regular Tiger; it comes in at a lower CP and it doesn't diminish a player's supply rate. Used properly, it will gain the same veterancy quickly enough anyway.


Infantry Defense doctrine

CP 0 Assault Package
CP 1 Ambush Training
CP 2 Field Defenses
CP 3 Infiltration Tactics
CP 5 Panzer Commander

This is a straight-up infantry doctrine aimed at early game play, from another player who thinks the Panzer Commander should come at a lower CP. What really makes this doctrine interesting is the inclusion of Ostheer's Ambush Training. It's an ability that would make OKW infantry very hard to handle when they are in cover. On it's own, this ability changes the balance in OKW's favor but, that might be just what stops it from being chosen. Play-testing this commander would be very interesting.


"Forced Measures" Doctrine

(0CP) Thorough Salvage
(3CP) Field Defenses
(3CP) Fallschirmjaegers
(3CP) Opel Blitz Truck
(12CP) Close The Pocket

This proposal follows a similar theme to the already existing Scavenge Doctrine but, it offers a different, more defensive approach. There is no doubt that Fallschirmjaegers presents players with a more potent infantry option than the Jaegers. Field Defenses and trucks look to offer a nice balance of fixed and mobile options at low cost. The off-map strike will come in handy, even though it comes in later than some other barrages. Given the early-game nature of this idea, it is surprising the author went with a barrage that comes in at 12 CP (even if it does suit the theme). I think this doctrine will only suit a certain style of play, limiting its appeal to the broader community.


Mechanized Assault Doctrine

0CP - SdKfz 250 Halftrack (Built at Command HQ/unlocks with 2nd HQ)
0CP - Breakthrough Tactics
3CP - Infiltration Tactics
6CP - Valiant Assault
12CP - Command Panther Tank

I really like this proposal. It's well-named, it's coherent, it strike a nice balance between early & late game help and it includes an Ostheer unit in a way that makes sense. OKW lacks infantry mobility so a half-track is a great inclusion. It comes under the same restrictions as the MG34 so it takes time to arrive but, players will have it when they need it. This doctrine is mostly about mechanized infantry but, the Command Panther is nice to have, once a player has built up a force for it to lead.


Stellung (Position/Emplacement) Doctrine

(2CP): Heavy Fortifications
(2CP): Panzerfusiliers
(3cp): Infrared STG44 package
(8CP): LeFH 18 Artillery
(10/12CP): Sector Assault/Sector Artillery

This is another coherent suggestion, offering good long-range warfare items. As the name suggests, it's suited to defensive play but can be used offensively. It looks like it would work on its own but, I think it would be very good for team play. The author couldn't choose which off-map strike to use and they both have value. Given that it's an OKW doctrine, I would go with which ever one is cheaper to use. Having the howitzer available means the difference in the CP values of the 2 strikes is not that important. The choice to use only OKW items makes this proposal a leading candidate, in my opinion.


Light Infantry Doctrine

(0CP) Air-Dropped Medical Supplies
(2CP) Panzerfüsiliers
(4CP) Supply Drop
(6CP) STuG III Ausf. E
(12CP) Stuka Close Air Support

Here's another audacious proposal, with an emphasis on air support this time. The Pazerfusiliers are OKW and they are the only item which really fits the name "Light Infantry". The rest of the roster is Ostheer but, except for the StuG, it's really the Luftwaffe. I'm not saying this idea won't work; in fact, it could be a lot of fun to play. What I am saying is that it's poorly named and it has a very low probability of ever being used. Still, the author followed the rules so, this suggestion makes it onto my list.


Luftwaffe Assault Doctrine

Flak Panzer IV Ostwind
•Available from 0CP
Breakthrough tactics
•Available from 0C
•Available from 3CP
Supply Drop
•Available from 4CP
Sector Assault
•Available from 10CP

This is another well-named and coherent suggestion; the entire roster suits the theme. The Supply Drop is from the Ostheer but, it makes good sense under this doctrine. It gives the Fallschirmjaegers exactly the sort of firepower they need to hold positions against light or even medium armor. This proposal is good enough that I would prefer to use it over the existing Luftwaffe Ground Forces Doctrine. Well done!


Sturm Infantry Doctrine

Sturm Offizier
Assault Package
Stuka Smoke Run
Valiant Assault

As the name says, this idea is all about infantry. No armor, no off-maps and nothing but OKW items. It looks like it would be very solid for early game-play but, how it would fare in the later stages of a game is the big question. The number of players who would choose it for 1v1 play might be limited but, I suspect it would see more use in team play. This suggestion's lack of balance is the main drawback when it comes to its chances of being chosen but, I know some players who would love to use this commander.


That's it. Again, this is just my opinion so don't be too unhappy if your proposal isn't here. The developers are unlikely to share my opinion so, your proposal may still make it.

Final note: In case anyone is wondering why I'm writing these posts, here are my reasons.

1) I'm bored by waiting to see what the developers will choose and I'm sick of reading all the endless whinging on the Balance threads.

2) I didn't really contribute to the official submissions threads. I was busy with other things and a little burnt-out by the last revamp discussions.

3) I enjoyed reading the submissions but, I believe too many of them broke the rules. I felt that sifting out the ones that followed the rules would be a good exercise, not just for me but also for the players who did follow the rules.

4) I enjoy writing, especially about Company of Heroes. My opinion is nothing special; I'm not involved in choosing anything, I'm not even a moderator. But, with little else to read on these threads at the moment, I thought I'd make some contributions of my own. I just hope someone enjoys reading them.

Either way, cheers.



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    1 year ago
    YappirYappir Posts: 63

    Yay i am mantioned.
    Also i used onrush becouse we have so many doctrines with name assult in it. So... lets make it a bit difrent.,

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    1 year ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @Yappir It's your idea; you get to call it what you want. It's just that the word "onrush" doesn't really work in English. It sounds very Olde English to a modern ear.

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    1 year ago
    MSAF_Unbekannt_15MSAF_Unbe… Posts: 64
    edited February 2019

    @PanzerFutz All is forgiven. All I did change is to allow timed demolition charges to Sturmpioneers, which isn't really anywhere near overpowered and the asset already did exist in the game. It's designed to blow up field camps, advance HQs and competitive buildings without resorting to flame weapons and burning the whole thing down.

    The 251 Halftrack could already carry 2 Raketenwerfers so I did find it strange the Opel Blitz isn't allowed to do so, which was why I made a point to include that in the Commander's notes.

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    1 year ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @MSAF_Unbekannt_15 Thank you.

    I like the idea of the OKW getting demolitions like those the American Para's have; I think it would really fit the Assault Package ability - both in your suggestion and in the Feuersturm doctrine. I just have no idea how strict the developers are when it comes to how they define "new" items.

    As for the Raketenwerfer, I guess it is just another anomaly in a long list of them for that unit. I could do a whole post on all the things that need to be done to fix it but, there are already plenty of threads devoted to that topic.

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    1 year ago
    freejones12freejones… Posts: 58
    edited February 2019

    Thanks for Featuring my Idea (Sturm Infantry). In Hindsight, I probably should have replaced Valiant Assault with some kind of artillery barrage, but as I'm sure you read in my original post, I suggested to Relic that the Sturm Offizier be given some artillery call-ins, to give him some more use. If they don't, then I would definitely replace VA with at least a basic artillery barrage.

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    1 year ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346

    @freejones12 Your Sturm Infantry Doctrine has a lot of merit. It's both consistent and coherent; all the items are useful and fit the theme. I wouldn't take Valiant Assault out; the synergy it has with the Sturm Offizier gives the doctrine a lot of its potency. Both items buff the infantry in ways that are ideal for making assaults. In fact, there isn't a single item in your idea that could be dropped without diminishing it in some way.

    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the Sturm Offizier getting a proper barrage (I too have made that suggestion). The Propaganda barrage can be quite useful during an assault, by pinning a troublesome machine-gun for instance, but killing the enemy is always better than making him run away. Something like the British Mortar Cover or the Wehrmacht Light Artillery Barrage would do the trick. Even a smoke barrage would be handy for the Sturm Offizier because, it would free up the slot taken by the Stuka Smoke Run for a nice heavy off-map strike.

    Thanks for replying. It's always nice to know people are reading what I've written. Cheers.

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    1 year ago

    @PanzerFutz I agree with your suggestions! Perhaps Relic will agree as well.

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    1 year ago

    Yay i am mantioned.
    I think it is very interesting to see tiger tank and tigerking tank fight in the same time. Tiger tank can buff the king with the "decrease received damage -10%" halo effect. By the way, can we give the tiger tank and tigerking tank Smoking bomb?

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