Oberkommando West are a little strong, I believe.



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    MikeHaggarMikeHaggar Posts: 635

    OKW are really tough to play as of the most recent patch. For me the main reason is that Volksgrenadiers have totally lost their mojo. Unless you have a massive blob of them they will struggle against Riflemen especially if they don't have the STG-44 upgrade. Sturmpios are much much better at anti-infantry and anti-tank, but are more expensive. Volks have regressed to being kind of like they were in COH1, a basic cheap infantry unit that isn't very good. I guess this is more suited to them being only 250 pop but they're kinda good for nothing other than building sandbags now.

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    mlkmlk Posts: 49

    how can we say that the wolks are a bad unit, associated with the sturm at the beginning of the game, that gives a formidable combination, and what to say incendiary bombs that are available much too early, and which allow to burn most allied mg.
    I write texts here, to alert relic on flaws that seem important to me, and not to rage or complain, I leave it to my friends German players (one day it will be necessary to talk about the incredible and stupid racism of some players, sorry they are all on the German side)

    but to return to the game, I say it one last time THE JAG and the ELEFANT gives a considerable advantage at the end of the game to the "Germans", and to pass behind these tanks in 4v4 and 3v3 is a hypocritical utopia.
    the problem is that the jag and the elefant are only playing in 4v4 and 3v3 (lol)

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    Alright, if I may, I'm going to weigh back in here - hopefully I don't annoy anyone with my forum necromancy. I think, however, that any OKW players who disagree with me might actually find me to be a lot more reasonable than they think. For a start, on an objective level I don't have too much of a problem with German late-game armour. I find the Tiger generally fairly easy to deal with, and the super-heavies - Elefant, Jagd and King - all fulfil a place in the game. If an Allied player can't manage the map and control his opponent's fuel income, it's only fair that he should feel the wrath of German armoured superiority - can you imagine how boring Axis would be to play if you couldn't kick ass with your heavy tanks?

    Yes, their armour can feel overly dominant, but that's kind of the point. However, the problem is, often they reach that armour a little early in the game because of two things - the advantages inherent in the structure of the OKW as a faction, and how the strength of the OKW interacts with the Wehrmacht. There's a few things I want to bring up regarding OKW infantry.

    I've always admitted that volksgrenadiers aren't the best infantry straight-up. They'll be bullied by infantry sections and riflemen, but they serve three main incredibly potent utility purposes. First, they overcome the sturmpioneer's weakness to MGs and garrisoned units by bringing a grenade that, unlike a frag (which will usually only badly damage a garrison but not kill it), will always force an MG or garrison to reposition or burn to death. Secondly, they bring fausts, making them basically a fallback safe-zone for German armour in much the same way as grenadiers are - no allied player with any sense at all would chase a wounded tank past grens or volks. They also allow for an incredibly potent wombo-combo when used in conjuction with schreks and rakets. But the last thing they do is give sturms that fire support they need in more open areas. If any allied player bar possibly USF is forced to fight OKW in close urban terrain early, they've already lost, but if they have to do it in open territory where their superior rifles (assuming an SU player brings penals, otherwise they can kiss "superior rifle" capabilities goodbye) can focus down the sturms they get a fighting chance. volksgrenadiers go some way towards alleviating that - they can be as nasty as any other infantry if well-positioned, and if effectively used they will overwhelm allied infantry. It's just a very potent combination that hinges on this absurd power spike that sturms have on account of having a full compliment of assault rifles so stupidly early! They dominate combat in medium and close range - put them in a garrison, and they can take on two pre-grenade squads, given less-than-optimal cover.

    Another thing I'm finding increasingly irritating about the OKW are their doctrinal infantry - and I'm not talking about the stupid T-pose on death thing that STG obersoldaten do (though it would be nice if they finally got around to fixing that particular irritant, if they haven't already and I just haven't noticed). Firestorm, Breakthrough and Luftwaffe Ground Forces are all doctrines that give OKW even further advantage, extending their power spike well into the mid-game. Fallschirmjagers I can understand being badass - they were arguably the scariest units allied troops had to face, and in-game they're fragile enough to be dealt with (though I maintain that giving them the ability to paradrop is both historically problematic given the game's 1944/1945 setting and a tad obnoxious given that they instantly become terminators the moment they hit the ground instead of having to wait for better weapons like airborne). Firestorm is a doctrine that now sees excessive use online, hinging on the fact that not only do the MP40s turn volks into highly proficient assault infantry with frags, but also give them smoke to help overcome the one thing that could reliably handle OKW infantry - a well-placed MG or two. It wouldn't even be so bad if it weren't that they kept their fausts, making it so that if you want to shoo the bastards off you better be sure there isn't a raket or jagdpanzer waiting in the wings to ruin your day.

    I think the most disturbing thing about the OKW's current balance lies in breakthrough doctrine, however. And no, it's not the jagdtiger - I can get behind the jagdtiger (both literally and figuratively xD) - I'm talking about the freaking sturm officer. Throw him in a blob - yes, I can't believe I'm saying this, a blob - with panzerfusiliers and early game infantry and they can easily delete an MG in heavy cover before it suppresses them from long range, especially it needs to adjust or gets marked. Like, I can't even believe I'm saying this, but I've had allies get steamrolled by my side by this strat - allies playing US, who are supposedly the guys who can give OKW a bloody nose. If there ever was an argument for some kind of clustering mechanic that amplifies received damage and suppression if your units are mingling together, this is damn-well it. Nothing else even needs to be said about this wankery, it's obnoxious and has no place in modern CoH.

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    WunderKatzeWunderKat… Posts: 731
    edited August 2018

    I left the game because of this for about 2 years. My friends left earlier (team games are even worse, though the brits help balance things out)

    I restarted recently. Everytime I fight OKW I lose. Everytime I fight OSH I win.

    Volks are waaaaay to good for what they are. Completely OP. They are so efficient and quickly vet to the point that they beat rifles.

    The forums have always seemed to me to be a sort of alternate dimension that had basically no relation at all to my experience in game. Most of the posting calls for OSH buffs and USF and Brits nerf on account of the OSH vs USF/brits 1v1 matchups. Meanwhile the OKW vs allies matchups get harder and I always without fail see more OKW then OSH in every game mode.

    I'm not optimistic for this game. I used to get stressed out about it and wonder if there was something wrong with how I played (I was sub 100 in 3v3 and 4v4 USF), then I moved on to Total War: Warhammer 2. There the balance is much better and the forums actually seem to have a good balance of concerns and a lot of them correlate to my experience in game.

    Now, in hind sight I consider CoH2 a skewed game with a skewed community. Its fun. But seriously when you can just predict your win ratio by the number of OKWs you see, it stops being fun.

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    ArgensaArgensa Posts: 14

    I find OKW to be pretty good in 1v1 games (I have 10 USF games, only lost 1 to OKW, 2 lost because the game got a blinding white bug somehow so I quit). But the OKW faction is pretty useless when playing 3v3 or 4v4 unless they get Walking Stuka (that thing is the best MRLS)

    Below are the 2 games I quitted.

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    jakejake Posts: 9

    @DarjeelingMK7 said:
    I play mainly UKF and fell pretty frustrated again OKW. OKW have counter to everything UKF have and they come so quick, so easy and effective.

    okw clearly not op when you are in a 4v4 UK will spamm vicker for fuel or just play as sim city lock in the cancer regiment and you cant even mortar that emplacement out and dont forget the tommi section the thing they just need to rush in cover and all their problem is solved they wont bleed cuz they get buffed in cover and literaly mg down the volks at medium range long range volk will lose too but at least they take some models out and if you go for the pz-2 dak (daka) he is gonna bring out the EAC or piat and rek your pz2 okw is more like a 1v1 doctrine they dont have realy good units until you get them somewhat veted but still vet 5 volks get wiped by 1 mortar shell you gonna feel whats op and if you play againts the glorius ORAAH faction good luck with the late game is-2 -isu with t34 spamm or with penal spamm and you cant even wipe them out so okw is clearly a glass cannon its risky to play but its rewarding when you pull it of

    1 cancer tactics you can do if you see the allies play like complete cancer you rush mg34 and raketes at their spamm at just facefuck them if the game relies on early mg and infantry spamm sure they gonna get it

    and dont forget okw dont have sniper so he cant even counter at penal blob with 3 sachel spamm backed up with 2 t70

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