Should Wehrmacht/Soviet Commanders be consolidated?

1 year ago

Looking at the commanders of the OST/SOV compared to the OKW/USF/UKF it's clear that Relic had a change in direction when it comes to the design of the commanders. We have 3+ rows of the former, while the latter 3 only have 10 commanders to choose from each. I much prefer the second model, as it makes it easier to keep track of commanders, and makes each be much more distinct. There isn't a huge amount of overlap. The OST/SOV commander on the other hand are just a mishmash of abilities in an incredibly redundant manner. There are sometimes 3 or 4 commanders who share multiple abilities, and it genuinely makes them feel less special. The biggest problems are first that there aren't that many commander abilities to go around, so I would hope at the very least the units are consolidated so that if you see one you know immediately which doctrine is chose, and secondly that people have paid money for all these commanders, so there needs to be some kind of compensation. At the very least, all commanders should be unlocked for free, and people should be refunded 15000 supply for every extra commander they have bought. Its a mesy situation, but could result in better long-term play. If nothing else, CoH3 ought to follow the model of distinct commanders, not taking 3 dozen abilities and mix-matching them in lots of ways.


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    1 year ago

    I agree that having around 10 commanders is a sweet spot; that would be a good way forward.

    However, I think it's too late to remove commanders. A lot of them could be fixed, balanced, and made more distinct with relatively minor changes. The most annoying ones design-wise are the ones that share 3+ abilities with each other. With those made more distinct, a lot of the problem would be solved.

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    1 year ago

    @RoastinGhost Yeah I know with CoH2 being so old already theres not much purpose to it. Hopefully they've learned a lot for CoH3 and looking at how the latter 3 armies are structured I'm very hopeful for the next game.

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