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    2 years ago
    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    > @Andy_RE said:
    > In a perfect world, it would be great to have 10 fully tested commanders with confirmed rosters that could be put to the community for final voting.

    Seriously? I'm pretty sure there's a happy medium between 10 fully tested commanders and giving us options WITHIN the options to read through.

    Nobody expected what you just said. In fact I expected a lot less, I thought new content was done and you guys would just fix what we already have. Instead were adding more stuff without addressing long-standing issues
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    2 years ago

    Prediction: assault grenadiers are going to be ridiculously op on release and will need to be nerfect almost immediately (people act like they're underpowered, but usually this means they don't utilize their speed)

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    2 years ago

    i think Soviet Airborn should be 5 man (male sniper animation) arm with 3 SVT and 2 PPSH (like assault guard)

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    2 years ago
    RomanovRomanov Posts: 48

    @Dangminh25 said:
    i think Soviet Airborn should be 5 man (male sniper animation) arm with 3 SVT and 2 PPSH (like assault guard)

    I like the idea of using either the Sniper or the shocktrooper model, but would probably give them all SVTs with the option to upgrade to either PPSh with additional grenades, like a molotov/smoke grenade or Double DP-28 with button and AT grenades. Perhaps a third "demolitons" upgrade with flamethrowers and satchel charges, similar to old penals. since they will be in only one doctrine and possibly only 5 men it shouldnt be as strong as old flamer penals. the shock troop voice lines would probably fit the most.

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    2 years ago
    ARMYguyARMYguy Posts: 850

    @freejones12 said:
    @iA3 - HH The FlaK 88 was from CoH 1. Relic has stated many times they are not creating new units for this game anymore. They would have to create the emplacement from scratch, ergo we won't get it. Perhaps it will return in the sequel.

    They already copied the coh 1 bunker for the defensive doc, so theres no reason why they couldnt copy the flak 88 from coh1 into the game either IMO.

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    2 years ago
    Dangminh25Dangminh25 Posts: 66
    edited March 2019

    @freejones12 said:
    @iA3 - HH The FlaK 88 was from CoH 1. Relic has stated many times they are not creating new units for this game anymore. They would have to create the emplacement from scratch, ergo we won't get it. Perhaps it will return in the sequel.

    as a custom player
    I prefer update for AI for more offline/co op challenge than other new Unit ingame
    look the AI now
    they don't know how to built mines, heavy howitzer ( 152,203, lefh18), sand bags, trench and 17 pounder AT gun
    in cold weather map, they don't know how to built camp-fire for themshelf or get into nearest camp-fire or house, they just standing there till half of them dead and run back to base
    Sturmtiger AI always teammate kill and reload when surrond by enemy
    Churchill ARVE use the MG more than main mortar gun
    Sexton know to use 25 pounder gun but it allways charge into the enemy (i'm not check the M7 Priest yet)

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    2 years ago
    PanzerFutzPanzerFutz Melbourne, OzPosts: 346
    edited March 2019

    This post is purely hypothetical. It is meant for entertainment purposes only.

    Since the end of voting for the new commanders, I have been speculating about what items the chosen commanders will contain. If you read my posts above, you know how I think the US Urban Assault and the OKW Grand Offensive commanders might look. The British Lend-Lease commander is also pretty obvious to me, with the only question being whether they'll make a "strong" or "weak" version. I'm hoping they won't waste everyone's time with a "weak" commander (as in, having a Stuart instead of a Sherman, among other things) but, I'm not optimistic about it. The Soviet Airborne doctrine is also not hard to deduce; it will probably be similar to the doctrines of other factions but with Soviet equipment. The only real issue is what form the Paratrooper unit will take. Suggestions about that can be seen above but, people will inevitably have quite different opinions about it.

    The doctrine I find the hardest to discern is the Wehrmacht Strategic Tank Reserves. Relic cited Smartie's post as the template for this doctrine but, they also stated that they had their own version of the same idea. Smartie's version contains a number of items I believe are unlikely to appear in the new commander so, I'm forced to conclude that the version we'll get is what the developers came up with on their own. What that doctrine will contain can only be speculated, based on the name of the doctrine as it appeared in the vote. So, on that note, I have done some speculating and here are some thoughts I've had.

    My first thought is that the doctrine won't resemble Smartie's proposal at all. I think they just liked the name of his doctrine better and decided to use it for their own idea. As I stated in an earlier post, 2 of Smartie's items come from other factions so, they probably won't be included in a Wehrmacht doctrine. The Tiger Ace is a Wehrmacht unit so, it might get some consideration. However, if this doctrine does contain it, that would probably rule out the inclusion of another veteran unit in the roster (such as a veteran PzIVJ). That just leaves Extra Training, which sounds suspiciously like a new ability. The developers might consider adding it but, there are already a number of similar abilities which could be used instead. Veteran Squad Leaders seems to be the most likely replacement, but there are also other infantry-buffing items available.

    The balance team has flagged the use of Assault Grenadiers for this doctrine so, we can assume they will take up one slot. If another slot is taken by a Tiger (of one sort or another), this still leaves 3 slots available. If one assumes there will be no Command Tiger, that the theme of this doctrine comes from the words "Tank" & "Reserves", and that it includes "no new units or abilities", it's possible to imagine a commander that looks like this:

    (0 CP) Assault Grenadiers
    (3 CP) Cargo Truck
    (5 CP) Spotting Scope
    (9 CP) Command Tank
    (13 CP) Tiger Tank

    It is a tank-focused roster, with Cargo Trucks to help supply the resources needed for such a fuel-intensive doctrine. However, the Command Tank/Tiger Tank/Spotting Scope combo may be seen as too strong by some people so, a weaker version might be more appealing. It might look something like this:

    (0 CP) Assault Grenadiers
    (3 CP) Cargo Truck
    (5 CP) "Puma" Armored Car
    (? CP) Off-map Strike
    (13 CP) Tiger Tank

    The Puma gives players another armored vehicle, one which comes earlier than the Command Tank, but without giving the Tiger any additional buffs. The same logic applies to replacing the Scope with an off-map strike. Within the context of the game, off-maps are by definition Strategic Reserves; it's just a matter of choice regarding which one to use. Some players might prefer strikes which are available earlier, even if these tend to be infantry-oriented [such as Incendiary Strike (6 CP) or Light Artillery (8 CP)]. Other players would be willing to wait for later, heavier strikes [such as Close The Pocket or Sector Artillery (12 CP)], knowing these could be used on a wider variety of targets.

    Now, whether the new commander will look like either of these versions is anyone's guess. The team may create a truly new ability or buff some existing unit; they may have a very different idea about what the name means. Given that their version was called "Elite Reserves", it might be reasonable to assume it will have the Tiger Ace in its roster. The truth is that we won't know until we see it and this has been an exercise in pure speculation.

    On a final note, Smartie's proposal finished with the suggestion of a Command Tiger. I like this idea very much, even though I think it has little chance of appearing in any new commander. I've given it quite a bit of thought, regarding what abilities it might have. Limiting them to only what the Wehrmacht already has, I formulated this version:

    Command Tiger

    Command Tank buffs (same as PzIV version)
    Artillery Smoke Barrage (same as Artillery Field Officer)
    Concentrated Fire (same as Artillery Field Officer)
    Plus all normal Tiger Veterancy buffs

    The idea of this unit is not merely to have a stronger version of the PzIV Command Tank; it's purpose is to provide the Wehrmacht with a spearhead unit to lead assaults. It would cost more than a regular Tiger and would become available at a higher CP level but, it would be well worth it. The Command buffs are defensive only but, they are always available to any unit within the aura. The Concentrated Fire buffs are offensive but, they are of short duration and provide a suitable "burst" for assaults. The Smoke Barrage can be used either way. This unit could be an alternative to the Tiger Ace, allowing it to remain a weapon unique to one commander, while providing another commander a different unique weapon around which to build a doctrine.

    I don't believe the Command Tiger will happen but, it sure is fun to imagine. Cheers.

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    2 years ago

    Any definitive statement on whether these new commanders will be automatically added, or will you have to purchase them? I could've sworn I saw they'd be included as base, but I'd like to make sure

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    2 years ago

    @Andy_RE There is nothing to ask sorry for, we all understand how hard and time consuming would it be to work in every single possible option proposed by the community. So we should just deeply thank the developers for involving the community into implementing new variables for the game. Aside from that, it is totally understandable and recommendable to test and modify any proposal if needed -keeping most of its essence- in order to implement a final product that will keep the game consistent and without anything too unbalanced.

    Keep it up Relic! This game has all the potential to become a competitive E-Sport game (It was too ahead of its era when released). Some partnerships and sponsors are needed to accomplish it #Thedream.

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    2 years ago
    SkysTheLimitSkysTheLi… Posts: 2,271
    The mod is barely playable it's so buggy. The expert AI refuses to tech up. So many combat engineers...
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