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Version 1.1 introduces a cheats option for easier testing.

Access the cheat mods version via selecting New Commanders Cheats (Annihilation) win condition.

We have also introduced numerous bug fixes. Design changes are reserved for version 2.0


  • Soviet medics now work/ spawn
  • SVTs crate drops are now obtainable by Cons and Engineers. Penal and guard interaction will be addressed in a future update
  • Rally point med crate hotkey assigned as "A"
  • UC can now only upgrade to Wasp or Vickers, not both.
  • Assault Tommies can no longer obtain additional weapons from racks
  • Bolster cost with British tommies costing 350MP / 35 reinforce resolved
  • Panzerfussiliers should now be unable to upgrade both paths
  • Tiger Ace Spearhead ability no longer disables movement
  • King Tiger can no longer be called in alongside Tiger I


This mod is a fair bit more complicated under the hood than a standard tuning pack. Some of the work we've had to has affected the ai, and other core functions.

To quote one of our illustrious modders;

"We're doing a lot of dynamic replacement of starting buildings. Soviet, Ostheer, and OKW can be made to use the config to replace the buildings that might be able to help with AI. Any army with a stamp based base, i.e. US and Brits can't be properly overridden this way because we can't have custom stamps in wincondition packs. Since an entity spawns the stamp, the spawned entities of the stamp can't be replaced "Properly" so all is done in runtime."

For now at least the AI won't work properly, but we're testing out this fix.

In the meantime, try to arrange games with other players through the Discord channel:


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    Version 5.0 changes


    Dozer Blade
    The dozer blade will now increase armor to be in-line with tanks such as the Sherman 105.

    -Now increases Sherman armour from 160/80 to 215/105.

    M4 White Phosphorous Shells
    -Ability recharge from 10 to 20.

    To create uniformity amongst elite USF infantry, we are allowing Rangers to pick-up more potent bazookas.
    -Now have access to Paratrooper bazookas when picking them up from weapon racks or from drops.


    81mm Mortar
    The CP requirement of the mortar is being removed to match the arrival of its counterparts.
    -CP requirement from 1 to 0.

    m5 Half Track
    This unit is receiving buffs. See Soviet section below.

    6 Pounder ATG
    With Sappers being equipped with anti-vehicle snares, the 6 Pounder no longer requires its bonus against light vehicles.
    -Bonus accuracy of+50% removed against light vehicles.


    Radio Bunker
    With recent feedback, we are lowering the cost of the bunker and giving the bunker camouflage to make it difficult to detect.

    -Cost from 300 to 200.
    -Health from 960 to 480.
    -Is automatically camouflaged until units are within 20m of the bunker after being constructed.


    Infrared StG 44

    -Replaces Tactical Movement. This ability is more appropriate than in previous iterations due to the Tiger being behind tier 4.It should also allow this doctrine to field a variety of viable infantry compositions.

    -Timed ‘Sprint’ ability replaces Passive Sprint at veterancy 5. Requires veterancy 5. Sprint lasts for 5 seconds


    Weapon Crate
    The crate has been modified to benefit additional Soviet unit types.

    -Engineer SVTs do not count as slot items; ensures the upgrade does not interfere with minesweepers or flamethrowers.
    -Previously undocumented change: Penals picking up the crate replace their SVTs with Shocktrooper PpsH-41s. Takes up one weapon slot.


    Soviet General Faction Changes

    To improve the performance of Conscripts, while retaining their role as utility infantry that excel at shielding and supporting other units, we have added an upgrade to help them scale into the late game. The extra man and reduced reinforce cost will allow them to more effectively trade against opposing infantry while the veterancy bonus will help fresh Conscript squads gain veterancy.

    -New squad upgrade available after the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed.
    -Mobilized Reserves: Increases squad size by 1, reduces squad reinforce cost to 17 and increases veterancy gain by 20%. Takes up one weapon slot. Costs 50 munitions.

    Conscript AT Grenade Package
    -Fuel cost from 25 to 10.

    M5 Half-Track
    The M5 is receiving a small number of changes to improve its role as a support vehicle.

    -Cost from 270/30 to 240/30
    -M2HB Quad mount moving burst from 0.5 to 0.75
    -M2HB Quad mount far accuracy from 0.1 to 0.125
    -M2HB Quad mount burst duration from 1/5 to 1.5/2
    -M2HB Quad mount Cost from 100 to 90

    The SU-76 is receiving a number of slight changes to improve its role against light and medium vehicles with only a slight reduction against heavy tanks.

    -Accuracy from 0.05/0.035/0.025 to 0.05/0.04/0.0375
    -Penetration from 200/190/180 to 180/170/160
    -Rotation rate from 30 to 32

    M42 45mm Anti-Tank Gun
    The range on canister rounds is being reduced to increase infantry-based counterplay against groups of M42 ATGs.
    -Canister range from 50 to 30.

    OKW General Faction Changes

    The Kubelwagen is receiving mobility and veterancy changes to allow it to escape from other light vehicles such as the M3 and gain veterancy without needing to be on the front-line where its light armor and low health are liabilities.

    -Rotation from 40 to 46
    -Speed from 7 to 7.6
    -Now gains shared veterancy

    le.IG 18
    We have reduced the significant veterancy requirements on the le.IG to match its current performance.
    -Veterancy rate from 840/1680/3360/4480/5600 to 560/1020/2040/3060/3825

    Wehrmacht General Faction Balance Adjustments in relation to Version 4.0

    Due to the tank’s increased rate of fire, we are capping the tank’s AOE to lower its impact against grouped up infantry.
    -AOE can now only hit two models max per squad.

    A small change to the unit meant to allow Panzergrenadiers return to the field more quickly after engagements.

    -Reinforce time from 8.5 to 7.
    -Build time from 34 to 28.

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