Pershing loses veterancy after reloading a save

1 year ago
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I haven't tested it on other maps or anything since I presume it's the same. If I vet a Pershing to Vet3, save the custom game (no mods), exit COH2, start it back up and load the said save, the Pershing will still have the 3 stars, but all the veterancy bonuses will be gone. No matter how much enemies encircle it, the granades won't be tossed. Reload will be 6 seconds (tested it on the King Tiger because I saved the game right as the experts called in 2 of them and my Pershing was already on Vet3). Don't know about acceleration because I can't really test it but it does seem slower. Steppes btw was the map played, 2 expert allies vs 3 expert nazis. Of course, US is the faction.
In a nutshell: Play US -> Call in Pershing -> Vet Pershing to Vet3 -> Pershing can finally beat Panther -> Save the game -> Exit game -> Start the game up some time later -> Load the said save -> Pershing loses (at least) reload speed bonus and grenade defense bonus (stars are still up, everything says vet3 except, it isn't) -> Start a new game and hope to finish it without reloading a save, or at least don't call in pershing and vet it before reloading.
It's really really annoying. Vet3 Pershing attacking a King Tiger with reload speed of about 6.5 seconds (error of about 0.2 seconds I guess, pressing the pause on my smartphone stopwatch)


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    1 year ago

    Faction: US - Pershing loses veterancy after reloading a save
    Bug description:
    Pershing Heavy tank will lose all veterancy bonuses after you save the game, exit the game and load the said save. It will still show all 3 stars (or 2 or 1, depending on how many you had before you saved the game) but the reload bonus, granade defense bonus and acceleration bonus will be lost (vanilla, just-called-in Pershing)
    Tested it 5 times, every time I played with pershing until it reached the highest (third) veterancy, I would then save, exit the game and reload the save. I'd play with it and measure the time between shots and they would reset to veterancy 0 level. The crew won't defend the tank and the acceleration will be also back to veterancy 0 level.
    Map: Steppes
    Game mode: Annihilation
    Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC

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    1 year ago

    Update: Tested on every map, same thing.
    Call in Pershing -> Play with Pershing -> Get Pershing to 3rd veterancy level -> Save game -> Load game (noticed that you do not have to exit the game at all) -> Pershing still has all 3 stars but all the bonuses from the stars are lost, from acceleration, over to granade defense and reload reduction

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