USF Replay 4v4

1 year ago

what do you think could have been done different during this Game?



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    1 year ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512

    I am thinking at least a 155mm barrage could have helped which I forgot about.

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    1 year ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512

    another replay not a lot of barrage use but I did use recon overflight and 75mm howitzers.
    cavalry rifleman help with the castle.
    again what would you do different?

    a lot of my losses I think were just between my at guns and losing vehicle crews.

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    1 year ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512

    How often do you see a vet3 Stuart or 105 buldozer

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    1 year ago
    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 934 mod

    I have watched the first one. Interesting battle. Both sides were evenly matched, even after one of the other team dropped.

    Your team lost because the opposing team had slightly better coordination than your team did. One would need to watch your game as you play it, but there are a couple of things that could help your playstyle.

    Your infantry push on the far side in the first few minutes of the battle could have been impactful. It was not - because your infantry squads did not focus on the setting up battlegroup HQ which completed. You stayed too long throwing hand grenades at the completed structure, that did very little. You retreated your overextended one man squads losing one to a sleepy enemy taking your fuel point (you could have lost both). You did this at the expense of your side being doubled for 10 minutes while not gaining any significant advantage for the other side.

    When you did get a MAJ and ambulance up you were fighting battles at 3 places in the map. You built two M15's and tried to fight them on different sides of the map. I can barely control one M15 with my forces in one place. Your attention was trying your micro against always two and sometimes 3 others and it wore your forces out.

    If you had stayed with your mate you would have easily won your side. Then you could have impacted the center without the loss of troops. Not fighting 3 battles at once will allow your troops to use cover better, dodge grenades and retreat when needed.

    Playing with a mate with a cohesive strategy will greatly improve your results based on your playstyle. You clearly play with a team in mind and an agreed upon strategy will highlight your strengths. Use your same non-blob tactics but on a smaller portion of the map, and incorporate the tactical map every 5 seconds or so and your small victories will count for a lot more because you will be able to exploit success, verses always retreating exhausted units. Your play has improved from your last posted replay. Just my .02.

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    1 year ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    Ty @Rommel654 I always appreciate your analysis.
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