USF all matches - pershing tank

1 year ago
mustangbronymustangbr… Posts: 39
edited July 2019 in Balance Feedback

as a 230 fuels american heavy tank,it only has 300 armor,2 machine guns,and most gravely,800 hp
compared with commander panther and tiger,the former has 50 sight range and 50 fire range,which make it deadly to any allies middle tank,which only has 35 sr and 40 fr;the latter has 1040 hp,3 machineguns,and blitz ability,which makes it even faster than pershing when it's on.
"yes,it's a piece of shit" you may marvel at it.
1.make it american tiger,as coh1
2.nerf its ability against armor,make it into a anti-infantry american panther,but also could be multiproduced like panther.for instance, 230 penetration,200 fuel and 500 manpower,800hp,could be produced in the major camp.
3.could be called twice(2 pershing both at the battle field as limit,not one like now),reduce its price to 600 manpower and 220 fuel

Make Pershing Great Again!


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