[OKW] [ALL] 1.2 Changes

7 months ago

I highly approve of all of these changes. The nerfs to certain units were far too severe, and im glad to see them rectified to an agreeable position now. I'm perfectly happy with the raketenwerfer getting its retreat back. It was too integral of its identity to remove, and makes it viable once again. If its still too strong now, I suggest removing the 5th man before you decide to take it out. Vet 1 camo and static only camo is perfect. It prevents players from sneaking around while still letting the raketenwerfer function as an ambush unit and escape trouble.

Its very good that falschrimjaegers get 2 FG42s on spawn. As I said before, nobody in their right mind would drop them in enemy territory with only bolt action rifles. Theyre now able to do their jobs while rewarding players for keeping them alive.

I like the sturm offizier changes. I always like to see more offensively based abilities.

The rest of the number changes are fine as far as I can tell. Nothing that fundamentally changes gameplay, just makes it more fair. Thank you Relic for making these changes. This is the best possible outcome.


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    7 months ago
    WAAAGH2000WAAAGH2000 Posts: 127
    I wish remove SturmOfficer Fear Propaganda buff to enemy too……
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    7 months ago

    Yet but now the Falschrimjaegers requires great nerfs as it has become the strongest infantry unit for only 320MP, being so much cheaper than other "elite" infantry units. Aside from that this unit should have a restriction to it's weapon upgrade ..... enable the upgrade only on friendly territory ... it is a true beast with the upgrade

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    7 months ago

    The Rakaten got a premium treatment with the last 1.2 patch changes:

    1. Retreat available
    2. Five man squad (better survival)
    3. Further range increase

    Sacrificing only:

    1. Camo moved to Vet1 ability
    2. Camo is now stationary (most appreciated change ever made)

    Fix it?
    1. Make it a 4 man squad once again and leave everything as it is
    2. Removing the Retreat option was a perfect move, however kids were not willing to Micro more (No hard Input needed faction please)

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    7 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 764
    edited August 2019

    Whats scarier than a 4men Fallschrim squad?

    5 men Fallschrim arm a Rak

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    7 months ago
    ARMYguyARMYguy Posts: 826

    Falls are def finally good. People apparently never played coh1, where falls were scary and rightfully so. Now, 6 + years later in coh2 life cycle, falls can finally be something to be feared, especially vetted, instead of something the allied player laughs at as they collect free XP.

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    7 months ago

    Most the units that were cheesy, broken and useless and now changed into a better state. Feels really refreshing to feel that at least there is more viable options to pick from now.

    Well FHT is still in a bad spot imo.

    Otherwise most of the changes are great, particularly in both the Rak and Sturmpio

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