Bug, Mission 08 is now unbeatable

1 year ago

(Re-post of what I wrote in general discussion essentially...)

This may have to do with the tiger being changed but upon starting M08 of the Soviet Campaign, the Tiger that is supposed to appear, simply stays in its building all day. Waiting. And the mission never progresses. The Soviet tanks will call out "Tiger!" But nothing will happen. Here are some screenshots of this event, but I implore you to try it yourself. As I have tried numerous times now, and for no reason what-so-ever the Tiger just, doesn't want to come out and play.

Nameless scripted tank and SU-76m after the Tiger script was supposed to start

Frontovik squads moved near the nameless T34 in a desperate attempt to trigger the event. Nothing still happening.

Screenshot of all the tanks after they have called out a "Tiger" and no Tiger has appeared.


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    1 year ago
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    Yea, I can confirm this is the case too. Thought I was doing something wrong (not picking up all the ammo) so I ended up wasting 30 minutes restarting a few times trying to find them all or an AT gun etc.

    The troops say "Tiger!" and then the video plays where it shows a tiger in a barn, then cuts back to the gameplay.

    So then I thought I would have to "find" the tiger by throwing molotov cocktails into barns to find it.

    When you throw one into the barn where it's supposed to be you can see the tiger and the icon to crew the vehicle and a section panzergrenader appear inside that can shoot out at you and cause damage but you cant damage them with rifles or molotov.

    The tiger can't be crewed since it's inside.

    Please fix ...

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    1 year ago

    I can confirm this bug.
    Last time I played this mission. Tiger got heavy engine damage after got few shot by T-34.
    And this time track destroyed even nobody shoot it in the first place ?

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    1 year ago

    me too

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    1 year ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,426 mod

    Ok guys, i am going to forward this to Devs. Thank you for report.

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    1 year ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,426 mod

    All fixed m8s.

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