How to open with OKW in new patch?

1 year ago

With the new patch, I find myself really hurting for manpower in the early game. It takes much longer to get enough infantry squads out to cover ground, and I feel as if I can't really make progress because I have too few squads. What can I do to have enough teeth so that my opponent doesn't cripple my advance with one unlucky fight?


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    1 year ago
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    I play 2v2 almost exclusively, and most of the time I play OKW. I assume what I have to say applies only to 2v2 games.

    I think a 2 Sturm Pioneer followed by 2 Volks build is pretty effective. You need to avoid spreading out too much and at least keep the sturms together at the start. You also need to push hard with them. Then have the volks catch up. I've had many games where I ran into a a lone four man brit squad or soviet engineer, and wiped them out quick before they had a chance to retreat.

    On the downside is that you sometimes run straight into early MGs. This will always be the hard part of early OKW. It perhaps argues for building a kubel wagon to outflank an MG you might encounter instead of your first volk.

    Again, barring walking into an MG you can't readily outflank, OKW has a nice early game advantage and you need to push hard with them. Bypass your gimme capture points and see if you can catch an enemy squad on it's own.

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