coh2 windowed options do not work

1 year ago
mrmitraillettemrmitrail… Posts: 2
edited November 2019 in Guides

hello, i run coh2 for win 10 64 bot on lenovo W520 I7 , SSD, 16 GB ram having integrated vid card or nvidia quadro fx1000. coh is run on the nvidia card.

i used to play the same game on WIN7 and could run it on my secondary monitor and still be able to switch back to the laptop monitor at the same time to do other things WITHOUT having to do alt-tab to get out of the game.

with win 10 i cant do that even with -windowed -novid option in the launch options...

ive downloaded latest versions if DX and vid card.

anyone have a better idea of what i could do ?


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