Current State of the Game - Depressive

8 months ago

For starters, I must say, it's depressive...

Like seriously, the game has turned DEPRESSIVE...

I've been in this game for over 2-3 years now, and I can say I've never seen this game as depressive as it is nowadays, and why?

Because of blobbing and 3 unit tactics*

This might sound like a cry post or argument post about idk, hating nations? But since I play all of the nations here, I think its fair enough to say that Strategy* part of this game is fading faster than people after Thanatoses snap*

Before, you could've made some cheesy tactics and provoke some decisions that mattered, like early vehicle opening, or mid tier vehicle tactic, that would not ruin your mechanics or get you so far behind that enemy rushing heavy tank would immediately win, and information gathering was more relevant...

Nowadays? What will Wehrmacht do? What will OKW do?
Panzerfusiliers with bazookas (because buffing bazookas was a good and intuitive idea to COUNTER BLOB TACTICS)
Panzergrenadiers who reassemble MATRIX movie when blobbed and moving next to vehicles?
Grenadiers who I agree needed buff for their vet 3 to be able to survive artillery, but nowadays with nerfs with Americans M1 artillery piece, nerf to M8, and upcoming nerf to Soviet AT guns barrage ability (which of I approve highly)

Okay so, how is this actually a strategy game when you got to manage only baseline right click and assault tactics?

Alot of these changes were added while opposing nations were getting nerfs, and nowadays it got massively out of hand...
More and more Wehr players play MG spam, into the Panzergrens or Grens spam, OKW is as spammable as ever, American blobbing is tehnically the only mediocre thingie that works and frankly even that is depressive nowadays since they do not scale like ANY of thoose infantry stated above...

British as a nation DO NOT EXIST in this game anymore, atleast not as ANYTHING even remotely viable unless played entrench doctorine or mid tier pushing with cromwell smoke (or lategame if they decide to go churchill spam... which is borderline same since they can take wayyyy to many shots, pretty much like fcking panthers who eat 6-7 shots and walk out of it or tigers who take more planning to kill than whole game takes time to strategize)

Soviets being soviets, will never go out of meta with their all aroundness... but they are never the less feeling the burn of automatic vs non automatic weapons and tech rushing axis forces (aside the ridicolous baseline stats Panzergrens and Panzerfusiliers)

Stop ruining the game, that's all i'm asking... The game is neither fun nor competitive anymore, since more and more things are getting standardized (yes i'm looking at british and conscript rifles dmg and thoose ALL TIME AROUND DPS charts) and I wonder how did you guys manage to miss the fact that Panzergrens have so much bullet DODGE chance when on vet 1-2 that they can casually walk into shooting squads heavy cover without losses?

HOW IS IT that nowadays when you play, you are PUNISHED for playing something mid tier or light vehicle tier, and micro intensive, while rushing tech is promoted for Axis tree? Back in times there was annoying t34 85 opening gambit rush, which was annoying on its own, but never EVER was not uncounterable with a few well placed mines, or trap making with AT guns...

Nowadays, mayority of things is either standardized, remotely unplayable, or demanding... And that ruins the creativity of it...

Since the best tactic, be it 1v1, 2v2,3v3,4v4 is just A+left click (or Q+left click if you preffer grid)

I mean, we have reached such a lovely amount of skill requirements that nowadays you can see people play only Fallshirms who are able to just walk and destroy a green cover HMG squad of americans/brits/russians :)

I don't say that's the only issue... I say that should be a bit more LETHAL both vs infantry and both vs light vehicles... I MEAN ITS 50CAL its not meant for mass supression (and I'm not saying that mg42 is op, i agree it is THE BEST historically made HMG of Germany and WW2)

Vickers is in my opinion accurate depiction of what it presents (although it feels like rubber bullets with good supress but no dmg)
Soviet MG is literally buff buff buff but nowadays only way to actually utilize it vs blobs is if soviet player plays MG SPAM... (which is again depressive tactic to see and play against)
American MG is completely awful depiction of what it should be
Mg42 is god mode MG which is historically accurate
Mg34 is A bAD younger brother of Mg42 which comes cheaper and is generally alot shittier (but on vet 5 is absolute god mode, if you ever reach that high... Like IMMEDIATE red suppression mode)

American Tech Tree is by far too straining, too opressive and too limiting, as one tech blocks out the ability for other (you either go MG or AT GUN), their infantry are semi fire useful, and better on middle tier, but even against units who are also middle short tier they loose immediately (panzergrens, sturmpioneers, etc) not only due to difference in automatic weapons, but overall accuracy and performance and game it finds itself in
-> No Lategame tanks except Jackson blobbing which again, ONLY works against mass tanks (and even as such, JACKSON needs 7-8 shots to take out tiger, or 6 for Panther) while itself can take only 4 tops*
-Stuart tank is absolutely obsolete unit with overpriced abilities... JUST SAYING the FACTS
-M8? Who the F still plays that unit with its price and time it takes to get him out? Or position it has in Tech order?

British Tech tree is well made, but infantry lacking, variety oriented, but overally its depiction of the word: NERFED TO THE GROUND*
I am talking about the level of nerfing and ignorance and unplayability and creativity that HAS LEAD THE UKF to be literally NONEXISTANT on any competitive ladder, failing to meet even minimum to be labeled, and even their commander loadouts are nowadays limited to maximum of 3-4 of them
TBH I AM HOPING this patch works out alot more in their favor, since for last 3-4 patches only thing they were getting is NERF AFTER NERF unnecessarily, since mayority of other nations who complained on non counterplayable things* were usually the blob oriented tactics (WHICH FAIL miserably on entrenched brits or their bofors), but were counterable with some tactical planning (Puma sniping, AT gun sniping, counter arty, smoke fire combo etc etc:...)

Soviets are soviets... All round effective but their core infantry can basically McSucc it nowadays since anything higher than volksgrenadiers (without vet) are going to eat through them faster than American will eat through apple pie
Tanks and tech are still solid and quite all round fulfilling, but overally without meta commanders they are lacking lategame potency (aside the SU spamming)

Wehrmacht are overally, what they were, but just so MUCH MUCH more comeback simplified and much more upstraight stronger... Back then you had to plan, get intel and do some strategic parts exclusively to counter the enemy and plan your fuel spendings, nowadays nope... Just go for Tiger, Panzer 4 spam (which is rare) or Panther + Panzergrens/grens group up blobbing and you are on your way to tier 12+ on ladderboard
-Add in maybe one panzerwerfen and you are on the roll
-Importance of MG42 is also quite high since if you do not feel like constantly fighting enemy infantry, you can just blob it as well and get away with it
-Stugs, Brummbars, Scout cars(only in case of universal or m20) are practically a mythical rare unit

OKW have always, and will forever be, a nation that empathizes multiple groups of infantry and early rush tactics... SO WHY NOT CRANK IT UP SOME MORE RIGHT? Give Panzerfusiliers buffs to have more easily accessible AT options, with better Shreks and already potent AT rifle grenade (at snaring ofc), make Fallshirmjaggers absolute TERMINATOR units once vetted up with no limitations on automatic weapons, and TANKS? Lets not even go there...
-Mythical Units => Puma, Mg34 (rare but happens against USF), Panzer IV, Jagdpanzer
=> Why would you build these when you can be a simple and skilled person and just go for Tiger rush or early Panther? I mean Tiger and Panther can take more shots than any, and i mean ANY historian would EVER feel calm with call out, even for an arcade game...
You guys literally made these tanks be able to take more shells (including Churchill) than thoose people at World of Tanks were able to, and they were made fun of for it xD
-Lets promote NON BLOBBING tactics (while only historically accurate ones were soviets and sometimes americans but we all know how that turned out for their manpower, both irl and ingame here, which once again are counterable, unlike some blobs nowadays)

How is this then a strategy game with such standardizations (both of variations etc), limitations and constant changes that ruin creativity and enforce meta/blob mechanic? I mean I understand some things are always going to be OP and unchangeable, but RUINING other variants and creative outputs to FORCE some logical thinking and out of the box mechanics is quite sad for the series...

I am quite anticepating to see if some of these things will change in upcoming patches, with units having more dodge chance than actually opposing ones having accuracy amps* with with veterancy

I returned to this game, since it has its charm and love as an RTS game, but RTS* part and S* part is extremely starting to fade away, and turning into ego game, and frankly, I've even tried out Spearhead mod (out of WHICH i say is a MOD, not a requirement for how this game is ment to play, it was a good tide breaker for chill with some friends) but even this MOD made more strategical sence than the game mechanics we have in normal ones here... and that, my friends and devs, IS SAD...

(Also weapon racks and grenade unlocks for allies are just fml... why do these things exist, just to add extra fuel and manpower price on already strained economy and lack of lategame tech to open to)...

I am not certain in my personal return to this game until the minimal amount of solutions is implemented, I'm sorry, but damn shame... I hope devs will be better and smarter than this and I hope the next patch fixes stuff and makes it competitive and meaningful once more.

SO, best of wishes guys,

And cya on patch release update :smile:


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    8 months ago
    DarkpiatreDarkpiatre Posts: 48

    I will do a magical tricks:

    You can enjoy, it's free

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    7 months ago
    ReichadlerReichadler Posts: 20

    "Stop ruining the game, that's all i'm asking..."

    100% agree! They need to stop fecking with it, it is becoming a lame endless redress of balancing issues... if it can't be balanced in over 5 years... just leave it! All these updates are doing is making the game bug-splat more often... features are being removed, & the rebalance changes so much that they need re-balance the re-balance!

    This last patch is a disaster! The UK AI is broken, there are so many missing text strings I don't even know how to use the features.

    I would ask for my money back if I hadn't clocked up 5000 hours & made 30 mods for it.


    And roll back this latest 4-2020 patch. It is the worst yet! Or at least give us steam betas of the old versions so we can play the game we loved... not this bland porridge.

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    7 months ago

    Actually I must say, this last one is quite a step forward (Except Wehr 25% cap decap), but the stringing issues and a lot of buggy texts are quite depressive

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    7 months ago

    in the actual world war two USA was a very powerful army soviet just have numbers their tanks was bad everything else was bad, they make the unplayable on a low level. the devolopers just making the game for top 20 people if the numbers are okay they said ok we done a great job of making the COH2 fair game. besides they just fck it up on and on. i am playing this game 9 years now. All i can say is They ruin the entire thing.

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