USF Calliope too powerfull

11 months ago

I think they should NERF the USF Sherman Calliope, why?
because it's too powerfull and their blast radius is huge and will kill any infantry than in the area (even if retreating the chance they gonna get killed is above 70%)
and the worse is the USF can just spam ranger and use bazooka and HOORAH and kill any german tank they see and if the german trying to kill the ranger the calliope can just wipe them all
SO OVERALL the calliope is just too powerfull as an MLRS to wipe an entire squad



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    9 months ago
    olidausgolidausg Posts: 7

    So the thing is the Calliope is designed to annihilate any squads it fires on. The same is true for the Katyuscha (SOV), Panzerwerfer (OH), Landmattress (UKF) and Stuka(Zu Fuß) (OKW). All th have access to rocketartillery with a commander or without a commander. It also depends were the Calliope or any of these vehicles fire. The closer they are the more consolidated and deadlier gets the barrage (at the trade off to be spotted, hunted and killed).

    And last but not least luck and bad luck are probably on of the most decisive factors tto get your squads killed.
    The rangers and airborne ranger are Bazooka experts. You see most of the time you need to defend your tank with infantry. Destroying enemy anti-tank guns and also if you have trouble with blobbing you need to have Mgs or own Rocket artillery which counters the enemy blob.

    Well i hope i could help you with that and i am available if you have anymore questions

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