30 k i am not new

1 year ago

Hello i would like to ask what to do if i didnt recieve 30 k suply at least i dont remember at all that i got 1 . It would be pretty nice if i can get 1 even when i am not new .


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    1 year ago
    SlayerSlayer Posts: 132
    It all depends on the registration. If you didn't register yet, you will get the 30 k supply when you do. Look for the register button ingame.

    If you already registered pretty long ago (like two or more years ago, can't remember the exact date of thesupply update), you should have received two commanders: Wehr and Soviet Defensive doctrines.

    If you already registered, but more recently, you should have gotten the 30k, as theycreplaced the two commanders by 30k supply, so you can buy two commanders yourself.
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    1 year ago
    BrappyboiBrappyboi Posts: 1

    I don't remember having any Relic account back in the time, when i was still playing CoH 1, so i tried to register myself here, and i didn't got my supply points infortunately.
    Do i have to link my Steam account to Relic for that ?
    Or did i missed something ?

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    5 months ago
    FelinewolfieFelinewol… Posts: 682
    • Simply check if you got Wehrmacht and Soviet defensive commanders.
    • That answers the question in itself ;)
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