[USF] Riflemen versatility

8 months ago

USF as a faction puts a lot of emphasis on the versatility of it's mainline unit - Riflemen.
However weapon upgrades the way they work now basically lock down Riflemen to the choices made... so versatility goes down the drain in some way.
Riflemen are versatile in the sense of choince between AT or AI, but they are locked down afterwards.
Instead of picking up guns from racks, implement "Weapons package" upgrade for riflemen.
1-st after any officer upgrade. 2-nd after major is up(debatable)
"Weapons package" would allow riflemen access to topical upgrades. BAR or bazooka and will replace one of the weapons.
These are interchangeable upgrades. 10s long ONLY at base sector.(20s to switch from 2 BARs to 2 zooks)
So in theory USF will be able to adapt to situation on the battlefield and be capable to switch base unit specialty depending on the context.
In terms of costs: 60 muni for first upgrade. 50 muni for second.
I guess this calls for some nefs in the light of such changes (IF they are present). But the thought is just a concept of a mechanic.


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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 905

    Do u know where is the "versatility" stand for?

    • Riflemen
    • Rear
    • Lieu/Cap
    • Major
      Each of them can either pick double Bar or double Zook. Not versatility where you can upgrade mid battle field

    If you wish to have ability to upgrade 60ammo for a Bar & 110 for double Bar. Gren deserved to have the same thing.

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    8 months ago
    LoveMeNowLoveMeNow Posts: 29
    edited July 2020

    Riflemen --> ok for this unit
    Rear ? They just shoot paper bullets and they are fragile, they are just good to build bunker and defensive objects.
    Suppression ability is useless and need 20sec to work (when it works)
    Lieut and Cap --> We can have only one of each in the battlefield, but I don't underdstand why capt don't have grenad^^

    Let's talk about Bar and Bazooka:
    Penetration rate of bazzoka are useless in front, just good in back (for Pz4 and upper tanks) compare to panzerschrek that all call "Javelin", look the price
    About Bar, the advantage is that riflemen can use it during they run, but you need to spend 120 ammo to compete vs MG 42 light at middle range and long.

    So Major and rear are just good to stay back and defense, they are fragile and not powerful vs infantry and tanks.
    Major's Artillery skill is so bad.... enough to destroy a static position.

    The versability is here for riflemen and Lieutnant and Captain, but USF don't have enough infantry units. (sniper, jeep,...)
    I speak without choosing commander.

    And during this time OST have grenadier for 240 MP with MG42 light, and grenadier with Javelin.
    And you have you riflemen that you need 120 ammo Bar to try to counter grenadier and panzergrenadier.

    Can you give me the price of MG42 light and Panzerschrek ?

    When you take Ranger + Tompson and you lose againt panzergrenadier, there is really a problem in this game.
    What a good balance versability

    Welcome in Company of Axis^^

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    7 months ago
    KatitofKatitof Posts: 6,681

    Versatile does not mean effective with whatever.
    It means you can customize them to your needs.
    Doubling AI or AT weapon will always be more effective then mix, unless you plan to blob hard.

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    7 months ago

    Versatile means effective against whatever.
    Questionable middle tanks performance, paper thin TDs, lackluster indirect fire(non doctrinal)
    Only unit that will bear the brunt of front-line combat are Riflemen. So why not give them flexibility to better suit the situation. Especially if you consider that double BARs are not much of a difference in the late game, and bazookas are near useless altogether.

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    7 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 905

    This time I agree with @Katitof
    Versatile mean they able to fight against whatever, NOT effective.
    Fight effectively against a single thing is Specialize.

    RM able to AI well, with snare at hand for AT. Just tougher enough than Gren/Volk to tanking some damage. Thats versatile.
    AAHT able to kill AI, pin them. With 10 rounds for soft AT that just enough to kill a Puma. Thats versatile.
    Stuart able to kill light vehicle, stun them, engine damage them. And still to soft AI. Thats versatile.

    Especially if you consider that double BARs are not much of a difference in the late game

    Then you actually think 1LMG is different in late game?
    Guys, 15men 6BARs lose to 12men 3LMG, the problems is on you that time.

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    7 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 905
    edited July 2020

    Inside the game there are short videos about how to play. You make check introduction of USF

    USF play style is all about mobility & versatility. They're adaptable, can meet a variety of threats by getting their Flexible firepower quickly.

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