Region lock ? COH2

12 months ago
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hi ,
i have contacted customer support 2 times , first time i asked them about my multiplayer connection problem as i can't join any game lobby since 3 months ago or so ...
they told me they are unable to identify the problem .
now i have realized that i can connect to game by using a VPN , which can only mean my IP Address and region ( IRAN ) is banned .
so i contacted the customer support again to make sure if my region is banned before uninstalling the game .
they told me best place to ask things like this , is here , the forum! . ( i don't know why is it related to a community discussion )
so here i am , Dear Relic Developers , have you region locked some countries such as Iran ? your game is capping 31.8GB of my hard drive , i need answer


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    4 months ago

    I had the same problem and i also used a VPN, after a while tho, around half a month? i could connect back to multiplayer without VPN, but also dude, 31.8gb is not alot lol, i mean i have a dedicated hard disk for games XD

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