Cheat issues

3 months ago

Hi guys,

Lately, I've been having games with peeps who are level <300. Some are level 40, some 240. Some are clearly rebuyers of a higher level, some clearly have a knowledge of what is happening on the map all the time, some have glaring cheats.

Things I've managed to cobble together so far:

  • +XP cheats : guys level faster
  • -XP cheats : your penal squads with 15 kills isn't level 1
  • resource issues, of course
  • and the rest (squads that have a pixel of life that always manage to get back, units that are completely repaired under 20 seconds, 2 SU-85 3* and 2 american AT 2* with armour piercing all bouncing, TWICE, on an OK P4...)

Overall, there's been, for the past week for me, about 1 game in 2 with those players under 300. Our policy is now to surrend anytime we see a level <300.

What's your take?


  • #2
    3 months ago

    Well cause they didn't updated the hax got more and more I saw a guy used a UK commander when he was played USSR, and resouce and map hax even some of high rank player was useing the map hax .
    and yes a lot sync error lol
    it's a dead game bro play or just give up they won't care about us

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