The sight bonus of panzer4 veterancy5 is a bug so you remove it?Are you guys serious?

2 months ago

I am really confused after I saw this in today update BUG-FIX.After I test,I confrimed that veterancy5 16m sight bonus has been removed.So I want to ask your guys why?Becasue as far as I know, this 16M sight bonus already exist at least 4 years since I play this game.It is seems more like a nerf than a "bug".moreover,another vehicle, hetzer which has the same 16M sight bonus in veterancy 5, do you consider this is a "bug",too?


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    2 months ago
    mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 307
    edited February 27

    As far it was not intended to be there in the first place it's consider as a bug, or if it appears. Maybe the hetzer was`nt intended to have this sight bonus as well, but it.s more obviously on gun tank rather than one with a flamer i guess.

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