Healing bunker and MG deathloop

1 month ago

I thought these two issues were supposed to be addressed in the last patch. The Ostheer healing station (the bunker one) still relies on medic models going model to model and healing them. They still sometimes become stuck and won't heal anything until I move the squads around.

I also recently encountered that the machine guns still deathloop. It basically makes the german HMG useless when two rifleman squads fire at you, they simply melt you down before you can fire a burst to supress them.

Am I misremembering the patch notes or is this stillb bugged?


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    1 month ago
    zodiacbrvzodiacbrv Posts: 5
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    Haven't seen the deathloop anymore, but can confirm the medics ares still running for both Ostheer and OKW (seems like they still have to physically touch the models, but once they make contact they don't have to go model-to-model within the squad). They also get stuck on retreating infantry units, and won't heal until the squad moves slightly after the retreat (healing icons appears, but the medics just jitter slightly in place as if unable to reach/escape the infantry locations).

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