Commander Update Beta 2021 - AEF Feedback

2 months ago
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Please post all feedback from the Commander Update beta for the AEF faction here.



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    GoforGiantsV3GoforGian… Posts: 30
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    Reserve Armor Must not lost its 75mm Dozer Blade.

    Mechanized Company is a company without any Super Weapon. But using large Various medium and light units Combination.
    And Dozer blade Is good enough but not Overpowered. 76mm sherman and Dozered 75mm sherman can be a good combination, Useful but not OP, and the WC51 'Dodge' is Heavily nerfed at Last patch. Lost of Dozer blade will make Mechanized won't be used by anyone.

    And Mechanized Company's Reserve armor makes to use various units. Reserve Armor totally Follows the patch teams Wills.
    Use less Jackson, M8A1. And the USF armor's Main character as Sherman.

    You know. Sherman is Usable but not match against Pz4 Over Vet2. But Dozered 75mm Sherman and 76mm Sherman can fight evenly against Skirted Panzer 4.

    76mm Sherman can fight with higher DPS or High Penetration HVAP. And 75mm shermans with Dozer can fight with 5 shot HP(640+80) and Better Armor 'Lower' than Skirted Panzer 4(216/108, Panzer 4 at V2 have 234/117). And costs 390MP 130F, Slighty Expensive than Panzer 4.

    I want Mechanized Company's Various unit Lineups get preserved. And Dozer blade and Reserve armor is not OP at all.

    And I think Armor Company's M10 'Wolverine' have to be buffed.
    Its Tagret size is X22 now. But originally it had Lower size than sherman.
    I think M10's Target size should be buffed to X18~X20.

    Caliope's Durablity Nerf is Wrong.
    320HP 110Armor is clearly Overgone.
    It is the Dullest Mobile Artillery. Easily chased by even Brumbar.
    If you Really going to Nerf Caliope. Do not touch its Armor and buff its mobility over 5.4

    Pershing's Max speed 10% buff at V2 can be increased to 15~20%. And Recive reduce damage can be 20% as same as KV-1.

    And how about the pathfinders sight range Bulletin goes.
    At now. Pathfinders sight range is 50 and when bulletined. 52.5

    If team make that nerf, maybe the team clearly make error to them, maybe You will give 'Pathfinder squad' buff as +5 sight range passive.
    Then Pathfinder's bulletin reduces 2.5 to 2.25 sight.
    I hope that won't be reduced.
    And also. If that nerf goes. Jaeger Light Infantry must have same nerf.
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    ProtosAngelusProtosAng… Posts: 15

    The Rifle Company is still useless since the buffs on CP and E8 are quasi at best. E8 is definitely not worth that price tag. Unless you know you'll be going against P4's only, then yes, E8 can be viable. It can also be viable in 1v1 with the agility buffs. However, in 2v2+, where there are multiple Panthers/Brummbars/Heavy tanks, I highly doubt anyone would pick an E8 over Jackson. The Flamer on REs is also a quasi buff, and an obvious trap. Anyone who gets a flamer on the REs will suffer sooner or later when the armour starts rolling out.

    Calliope nerf is also overboard. It's quite useless on long range barrages (hence the need for shotgunning) and with such low armour and a 2 hit requirement, you will need to micro the hell out of the calliope and ATs to stop any sort of P4 dive. Even more so if the P4 has the blitz. Calliope needed a nerf in the armour department only, not the HP and armour. For the price and timing, why even go for it if you know you need to pay extra care with it.

    M8 greyhound change is laughable. Still a useless unit.

    Rangers change. Need testing. Doubt it matters. For a 10 pop squad, you really need to give them 3 zooks to make them useful. Even 2 super zooks don't scare off anything heavier than a Puma. Don't think they need any buffs/nerfs

    RE granade launcher. Laughable before the nerf. I don't think I've ever seen anyone get actually damaged by the 3s fuse coupled with the fly-time. To upgrade REs with a nade launcher only to constantly have them launch it is really laughable. Don't know who proposed that change, but try to play 2v2 or 3v3 with one RE nade launcher and tell me if you will constantly shift to them to use the launcher. 15s cooldown no less xD ----> I really don't know which brainiac made that change.

    Dozer blade: If you say so. Never found it toxic to play with or against. But could be I guess.

    Pershing. Shaving off a couple of seconds of repair time will not make it any better. If you buff the armour to 280 or 290 and give veterancy a 15 or 20% buff to speed, then maybe. Right now, every AT axis has can easily fend off the Pershing and maps in 3v3 are not really designed around flanking since most are pretty lane-y. Hence, you want a KT or Ele or Jagd or ISU152. Something that has range and frontal armour and HP. Pershing has none of those. It only has a good AI cannon and good penetration with a slow ROF.

    Rest of the buffs/nerfs are also quasi at best. Nothing substantial, only to give the article that extra word or two, to make it seem more important and give a sense of a large update.

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    The **Pershings **cost-effectiveness is very low, you pay for a heavy tank and get a worse Panther. No experienced player will use this tank in combat. It is compared to other heavy tanks in the game, the worst behind the IS-2. Historically this tank would have outmatched a panther and even a tiger I. Decreasing its health is just no change. To encourage the use of it, i suggest something different. Give it the ability to decrew, like any other usf-tank. So the repair change is not needed and no RE build will be necessary, only to repair the Pershing. Furthermore improve its frontal armor and slightly its sides, to be better than the Tiger I, so it bounces more shots from the front and AT shots as well. This will balance itself, because you just need to use german speed, like the Panther or Pz4, or just an anti-tank squad to damage it massively from behind. This would give the commander the ability to breakthrough, which is always a necessary ability, and requires good micromanagement, so that the Pershing survives. Generally spoken, heavy tanks need to be able to resist a lot of frontal attacks to allow other units to survive. The USF generally lacks heavy armor in the late game, the Pershing in its current state cannot compensate this by any means.

    Pathfinder change is very good, because it counters the lack of a single USF sniper.
    The RE rifle grenade change is useless, because only unexperienced players were unable to dodge it. Furthermore compared to the wehrmacht Grenadier ability this is just no match. It does barely kill when it hits and still it has a timer to explode, which makes it relatively useless in the beginning.

    The M8 Greyhound is useless and adjusting his useless ability does not help. Maybe you should consider making this a vehicle between the SdKfz 221/222 and Luchs. This could be usefull as infantry counter, the ability itself does not provide enough to make it cost-effective.

    The Sherman Calliope is usefull in its current state. Removing its amor and health will make it less cost-effective and not comparable with Stuka-Halftrack and Raketenwerfer. Both of Axis Rockets can easily kill many units, while driving in and out very quickly. To give Allies a similar ability it is necessary for it to survive better, because it is also slower and a bigger target.

    I like the idea of improving the Sherman E8, but on large scale combat, it is still no match for a Panther, which is necessary for it to be a viable option. Maybe an increase of frontal armor would support its breakthrough ability and encourage the use of a more risky, but rewarding experience, when successfully executed.****

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    Aiborne82Aiborne82 Posts: 22

    I don't understand why the US are receiving a nerf to the Calliope. There is no reason to reduce a tank to the durability of a truck. It costs twice as much as the German non doctrinal counterparts. It makes no sense why a slower vehicle is being made easier to kill. I also don't understand why we are increasing a USF players micro. The Rifle grenades are extemely easy to dodge and honestly dont do a ton of damage either. You folks have already made the USF micro ridiculous compared to any other faction with the 75mm howitzer and the M8 Scott. I just dont quite get why it should be so much more difficult for a USF player to have to pay attention to half of his assets and honestly learn the hotkeys to be good at it, where as every other faction in the game does not have this disadvantage. Also the Rangers have a No key description right now. The Pershing still continuing to be worse than a panther is absolutely ridiculous as well at its current price.

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    GaInGaIn Posts: 26

    I think giving the Pershing a damage reduction stat in order to speed up its repairs is very confusing and not elegant game design. I would suggest simply improving the Rear Echelon repair speed a bit. This could be tied to the mine sweeper upgrade like it is for other factions.

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,748
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    240mm Barrage

    First the ability is designed as area denial:

    "We have increased the number of shells while decreasing the delay between shots to make this ability more potent at area denial. Damage has been modified to prevent instant kills on infantry while retaining high damage at the edges of the shell’s AOE."

    Now are adding anti structure capability. This a step in the wrong direction.

    In addition the ability cost only 25 munition more and gets 7 shell instead the 3 Gustav gets.

    The ability also has extremely low friendly fire modifiers allowing troops to attack trough it.


    Remove lower scatter shot
    Lower cost to 200
    Swap with TOT.
    Increase friendly damage

    Infantry commander will get an ability commander more suited to theme, Armor commander will be able to counter static targets like Pak/LeFH

    IR Pathfinder Barrage

    The is available to early for its power level.


    Replace it with a mortar barrage similar to Ostheer officer move to vet 1.

    M4A3 Sherman 105mm Dozer

    The unit has no reason to be a call-in . Still compares unfavorable to 75mm Dozer


    keep the CP but make it build able from T4.
    Change the auto to match other tanks:
    Increase projectile speed/range to 40/AOE at 75mm HE rounds
    keep barrage

    Unit now is better vs heavily armor tank due to armor/deflection damage

    M4A3 Sherman Calliope

    At this point one should consider putting a limit to caliope at 1(2?)

    Mortar Half-Track WP Shells

    WP barrage is very powerful forces retreat and long healing time. Greatly increase CD on the ability

    Pathfinders (All Variants)

    The unit should be vulnerable to CQB while it should not be unit that is spammable. The is no indication for the critical kill property of the weapon


    Cost to 240
    Carbines replaced by M1 units a different profile stronger long ranger weaker close
    Critical kill now a timed ability


    The unit has has no reason for 3 weapon slot. The weapon change will also allow the unit to transition from AI to AT as the progress with getting an addition bazooka from 1-3 at the game progress.


    Reduce slots to 2
    Elite bazookas now an upgrade and does not apply to rack weapons (or they can no longer get rack bazookas)

    Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades

    The ability is better suited for riflemen


    Ability moved to rifle company
    Ability now available to riflemen instead

    Rifle Company Advanced Infantry Gear

    The ability overlap with assault engineer.


    Scrap the ability add assault engineers where needed

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    Arcturus64Arcturus64 Posts: 10

    There's probably a bug that counts de-crewing and re-crewing as creating a new unit because 95% efficiency on a single stuart with those kinds of damages is a bit odd especially since those are close to the sherman's and it got 218% despite costing more 0

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,748

    76mm Sherman

    The unit is very strong and has abnormally high vet bonuses for a Sherman tank.

    Pop to 13-14 a pop of 12 it too low
    Increase XP value to be higher than standard Sherman
    Change the vet bonus to Sherman replacing the accuracy bonus with a penetration bonus

    Advanced Infantry Equipment

    The ability does not really help riflemen.

    Remove flamer and flare
    Ability know allows riflemen to upgrade with:
    Garand C taking up 1 slot that are more accurate at long range.
    M9 A1 bazookas with better accuracy and slight increase in penetration

    Airdropped Combat Group

    The ability overlap with Paras commander

    Scarp the ability. Ability know replaced by AT Paras
    Lower the MP price by 20 possibly CP by 1.
    Unit now comes with smaller target size and 6 garands C
    Can upgrade with 2 elite bazookas
    Fix camo currently they are some times revealed without firing

    Assault Engineers

    Lower reinforcement cost
    scrap destroy cover
    explosives always visible now at 30 cost

    Cluster Bombs

    The ability is superior to similar abilities

    add 1-2 CP and 20-30 MU

    Elite Vehicle Crews

    Scrap vet and Thompson
    Vehicles now can gain extra vet level.

    IR Pathfinders

    Since aggressive airdrops are worth it and unit over laps it should be scraped.

    Unite removed and replaced "observation kit"
    Riflemen now have "pyrotechnic" type upgrade gaining +5 sight +5 in cover and able to call mortar barrage.
    Weapon upgrade to M1 C and can now fire flares.

    M10 Wolverine

    Improve base turret rotation lower vet bonus
    Replace HAVP round with defensive smoke


    Now an upgrade for RE and Riflemen instead of rack weapon, M1 C can become the rack weapon.
    Now take all weapons slots.

    M4A3 Assault Package

    Remove from the game
    Replace either with WP rounds for Sherman and Scott or with 75mm Dozer.

    M7 Priest

    Fix the CD on creeping barrage/barrage CD. It allows the unit to fire more often.

    M8 Greyhound

    offer as an upgrade to m20 the unit would refitted moved out of the map and replaced by the M8
    for a cost

    Mechanized Groups (WC-51 & M3 Halftrack)

    Make m3 an upgrade to WC-51 unit is refitted moved out of the map and replaced by the M3
    Remove the barrage from WC-51

    Mortar HT

    Increase the CD of WP and Timed and/or move WP to vet 1 and remove timed delay

    P-47 Rocket Strike

    add two extra weapon on planes with 1 salvo with high accuracy so that ability deliver some damage consistently


    increase CD on suppression fire
    possibly remove elite Bazookas for less overlap with Support paras.


    experiment with CP 1 as an infiltration unit set up beacon for future drops.

    Riflemen Field Defenses

    renamed Field Defenses
    Riflemen can build fighting position and wire
    RE can build mines/sandbags and gain 10% construction speed

    Urban Assault Kits

    Riflemen now get the fire up ability and the incendiary grenades (with reduces range/cost)

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    VipperVipper Posts: 3,748
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    Changes to commander to better fit the theme:

    Airborne Company

    M2HB Paradrop merged into one ability now droped from beacons
    M1 ATG Paradrop replace by a Bombing plane similar to IL-2 bombing
    P-47 Rocket Strike

    Armor Company

    Assault Engineers
    Elite Vehicle Crews replaced by an ability giving "war speed" bonus to vehicles
    M10 Wolverine replaced by Easy 8
    105mm Dozer Sherman replaced by WC-51 similar to Ostheer Opel truck
    240mm Howitzer Barrage Swapped with TOT

    Heavy Cavalry Company

    Riflemen Field Defenses
    Off Map Smoke Barrage
    Combined Arms
    M26 Pershing

    Infantry Company

    Riflemen Field Defenses
    Mortar HT
    Time On Target replaced by 240mm Howitzer Barrage
    M7 Priest

    Mechanized Company

    Reserve Armor (M4 dozer upgrade & 76mm Sherman) 76mm Sherman
    Mechanized Groups (WC-51 & M3 Halftrack) Replaced by withdraw and refit ability allow to build wc-51, withdraw and refit AAHT/M20 for Greyhound, withdraw and refit Stuart for M10
    Mortar HT replaced by Raid Tactics
    Cavalry Riflemen
    Combined Arms

    Recon Support Company

    Raid Tactics
    IR Pathfinders replaced by observation kit
    Airdropped Combat Group replaced by AT paras
    M8 Greyhound replaced by "155 artillery"
    Cluster Bombs

    Rifle Company

    Easy 8 replaced by 105 dozer
    Riflemen Field Defenses
    Advanced Infantry Equipment (now offers M1 C/M9 A1 bazookas/rifle grenades for riflemen)
    Fire Up replaced by cover to cover
    WP Smoke Barrage

    Or one could add the defensive stance (hit the dirt) increasing far DPS as a timed ability

    Tactical Support Company

    M5 Halftrack
    P47 Recon Run
    P47 Strafing Run

    Urban Assault Company

    Urban Assault Kits now provides fire up/incendiary grenades to riflemen flamer to RE
    M4A3 Assault Package WP for Sherman/Scott
    Rangers Assault enginners
    Cover to Cover Off Map Smoke Barrage

    Or one could add a version of UK that target ambient builds.

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    TremozlTremozl Posts: 322

    Would really like to see M10 Wolverine get a buff, I never see anyone use this unit.

    More health and/or superior firepower with adjusted cost would be ideal.

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    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 111

    Suggestion for the M26 Pershing: instead of lower health and damage received, give the Pershing Veterancy 1 ability: Vehicle Self-Repair. Spend 60 munitions and the Pershing will repair itself for 15 seconds, weapons and movement disabled by this ability for the duration. Still reduces its reliance on Rear Echelon Troops for repairs.

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    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 111
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    New USF Commander Idea:

    Armored Support Company
    A company that puts greater emphasis on American armor

    M4 Sherman "Crocodile": 0CP, 320 MP, 105 Fuel, Medium Tank available from Battalion Command Post. Armed with a powerful flame projector mounted on its turret but cannot fire its cannon. Can be upgraded with a .50 cal Pintle MG.

    Combined Arms: infantry and vehicles coordinate with each other to provide buffs.

    Time On Target Artillery: artillery barrage lands on the area within quick succession.

    Allied War Machine: 10CP, 200 Munitions, for a duration, up to 2 of your light or medium USF made vehicles that have been destroyed (must be along with its crew and abandoned doesn't count) can be replaced with the same type at no cost. If the vehicle is destroyed, a unit charge is accrued and after a period, the replacement vehicle equivalent can be spawned to the battlefield if you have enough population space.

    M26 Pershing: same heavy tank from Heavy Cavalry Company, but isn't affected by Allied War Machine.

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    GoforGiantsV3GoforGian… Posts: 30
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    With Some play with Beta Patch. USF mechanized company was Clearly Doomed.

    Not the Fair nerf. With removing Reserve armor. It was just a Damn-Commander-Killing. Nerf.

    Never think about to nerf 76mm sherman to 14pop and deleting Reserve Armor's 75mm sherman Dozer Blade upgrade.
    Nerfing Combined Arms is Damn enough.
    Relic Already 'Killed' WC51 'Dodge' and Mechanized Company's pick rate is heavily Dropped.
    If nerfing reserve armor and Combined Arms both too. Then You just Throwing an attractive commander into Grave.
    Resonable Nerf or Buff can be thought.
    But that's overnerfing. This Patch is just killing the most attractive points of mechanized company. This can be just Hateful-Nerf to Just Kill a Commander.

    Easy Eight has been slightly better. But needs some more.

    Easy Eight is a improved sherman with all parts.
    So I suggest Buff Easy Eight's reload time 6.0~6.6 to 5.4~6.0
    And Its speed 6.1 to 6.6 and its Acceleration 2.1 to 2.4.
    Penetration 200/165/155 to 205/185/165.
    As the introduction of UI screen. Make Easy Eight right as the Pinnacle of the Sherman.

    Aarmor company is still mot very high Use.
    Reduce the M10's Target size Lower than Shermans. Around X17~X19
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    StrategosStrategos Posts: 6

    I think it's important that it is the public what kind of player you are, i.e. team games or 1v1, whether you play a lot or not. Otherwise one would not recognize the writer's motives. To me, I haven't actively played 1v1 for a good 1 year. But follow the tournaments and often watch 1v1 games in spectator mode, I know the current metas. In my day I was top 100 with all factions. I still play team games with friends from time to time (4v4) so ​​we're around the top 50. In addition, one should express my thanks to the people from the community who update, patch and balance the game. Since they are not paid for it and they sacrifice free time for it, one should not forget that. Hope my English is not too bad :)

    Mechanized Company
    With the loss of the dozer blade upgrade, the doctrine loses its usefulness as compensation I would put the mortar halftrack together with the truck in a passive ability (nobody needs the half-track vehicle to come out or stay inside anyway). Fill the empty command slot with the Phosphor Barrage from the Rifle company. Since you mostly build Shermans and then try to rush because you don't have an offmap in the doc (truck has one but usually doesn't survive that long), paks are a thread, the offmap fit in the playstyle.

    Armor Company
    Together with the buff of the bulldozer, the docs should at least be played more often in team games. So that the value is increased and maybe the doc is playable in 1v1, I would suggest a change to the M10. The M10 should be a rush tank, that means it has hardly any penetration at long range but high damage output. The M10 already has a good standard speed and the ability to do so. The damage should be around 240 (KT damage). However, since the penetration should be so small, it has to come to the side or very close in order to cause damage. So that the tank is not spammed in team games you have to increase the cost to 100 fuel and the popcap to 12 (Guideline). In addition, the tank should have 400 hit points (T70, go down with 3 shoots).This also applies to the British M10.

    240mm Barrage
    It looks very nice compared to the railroad artillery.

    Cavalry Riflemen
    Yeah why not.

    Combined Arms
    Compared to the other ability (Radio Silence, Valiant Assault, For the Motherland), the buffs are good and the ability is not too expensive.

    Fired Up
    Right direction (Sprint 1cp), reduce the cost to 10 mun and the duration to 5s, to bring the ability in line with sprint.

    Heavy Cavalry Company Smoke Barrage
    Yeah why not.

    IR Pathfinder Barrage
    Nice too see that change.

    M26 Pershing
    In most games you have a lot of ammunition available with the doctrine that you don't use. As one does not like to build a second echolon the Pershing should have self-repair (Okw stats). Otherwise the changes look good.

    M4A3 Sherman 105mm Dozer
    The changes are going in the right direction. But why not the same stats ​​as the Brumbär? Bulldozer is bound to a Commander.You have to tech and build just like the Brumbär.

    M4A3 Sherman Calliope
    The change is good because you should be punished if you don't take care of the Calliope. However, the Calliope should be compared to the cost of the other rocket arty.

    M4A3 Sherman E8
    The changes are going in the right direction. The Easy 8 should be something like the Comet. To the changes I would add a little higher armor because it is too lightly armored compared to the Comet and Phanter (+10). Rest look nice.

    M8 Greyhound Canister Shot
    Yeah why not.

    Mortar Half-Track WP Shells
    Looks good as the cost of all flame barriers has been reduced.

    P-47 Strafing Run
    Yeah why not.

    Pathfinders (All Variants)
    Bonus against sniper is a good change a good positioning should be rewarded. In team games you often see bloobs with 3 Pathfinders. Since they have a high visibility you can see Mgs and then you can put Arty on it. Mgs are no longer used as counters. You can hardly attack this bloob with your own inf, since the Pathfinder have a high damage output both in longer range and closer range. The snipe passive ability where every model can be snipped under 50% increases their fighting strength. You also have 2 weapon slots (bars).
    The damage should be reduced to close range (weaker in the early game) and a maximum of 2 squads should be available. The strategy should only allow Pathfinder to do this, but it reduces the bloob strength.

    There is no reason why you shouldn't upgrade the Rangers because Thompsen are very strong or the 3 elite bazookas. But the changes are fine as they can allow for a different style of play.

    Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades
    Good to see that these skills are no longer a auto ability. A UI icon for the Echolon Squad would be good that you can see which squad is upgraded. In addition, you should increase the strength a little bit, but also the cooldown.

    Reserve Armor
    The upgrade made the Sherman extremely strong in terms of survivability. What could be very annoying, especially in 1v1. The 76 Sherman is good as it is.

    Rifle Company Advanced Infantry Gear
    The change with the receive accurancy is good. However, as with the Sturmpio, the flamethrower and the Mieneswipper should be possible together.

    Rifle Company White Phosphorous Barrage
    Yeah why not.

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    ArsArcanumArsArcanum Posts: 1

    With the upcoming commander update i feel this is the time to say this:

    USF currently doesn't have a sniper unit, the closest thing to a sniper is pathfinders. And pathfinders are commander exclusive units.

    Now there are 2 artillery units in the core USF army, the mortar and the light howitzer. Occupying pretty much the same role.

    I propose moving pathfinders to non-commander exclusive unit replaces the light howitzer, and make the light howizer a commander exclusive unit instead.

    Some adjustments of their abilities, performance, cost may be required, for example:
    Pathfinders: give them a more sniper-like role (1 man squad, one hit kill), can build beacon if you pick Airborne company, etc.
    Light howitzer: give them larger aoe supression, armor piercing rounds ability, etc.

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    2 months ago
    GoforGiantsV3GoforGian… Posts: 30
    M10 to 3 hit 400 HP tank?
    Then StuGs still 560? Don't Speak Damn shit.

    M10s and Stugs are positioned in Divable. Cheap 50Range Tank Destroyer based by Medium Tank's Hull and Both consumes 10pop. Not like Light tank Based-Hull SU-76.
    Both StuG and M10 can be divable. But why 'only' M10 must get nerfed?
    And M10's Target Size is ridiculous now.
    Its concept was mobility Dive. So last days. Its target size was smaller than sherman. But X22 now is Bigger than Shermans.
    Its Target size must be reduced as X17 as same as StuGs.

    And You know. StuGs have Higher DPS than M10.

    Reserve armor nerfed to only make 76mm sherman? Silly Update.
    That will clearly kill a commander.
    You know. Paks and Raketens can penetrate sherman, Jackson and M8A1 100% at all range.
    But even Panzer 4 at V0 can bounce 17~30% of 57mm AT's shells. And even Blitzkrieg at V1 and Skirts at V2 Reduces more.
    Panther and brumbar is also Harder.

    When the Dozer is on. Its penetrate rate reduces 100% at all range to 97~90% from Pak. And 93~87% by Raketen.

    That Little 10% of bounce rate is that annoying? Just tell Relic to kill entire USF.
    If some Annoying Ostheer's Sherman Survivality seems OP. Then All of German Tank Armor can be OP.
    Mechanized Company's Dozer blade must be preserved and That little Survivality rate increasing is just a small Gasp for USF. And Mechanized company is Only Company with a Brawl Fight. It means Mechanized Company uses many Shermans. And make a good Stage for PaKs and Panthers.
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    2 months ago

    New Patch Idea seems Better. but Still I hope Reserve Armor of Mechanized Company must be Preserved as same as now.

    If you Just increased Dozer blade Cost Wasn't a big Harm. but Just Deleting Harmed Diversity of USF medium tanks. and If 76mm Sherman is Less used. then Buffing 76mm Sherman was Right way. not Stealing Dozer Blade Upgrade.

    Last Patch Killed WC51 'DODGE' Truck and It critically Reduced Mechanized Company's Pick Rate. and even Nerfing both combined arms and Reserve Armor? maybe no one will pick Mechanized Company.

    I thought Mechanized company get nerfed its Early time and slightly buffed Late time because of its Low Jackson Use rate. but there was a Heavy Commander Killing.

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    2 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 77

    The only thing I would like to change from the capabilities of the US Army is the M10. No one uses it. Arrives late, short firing range, unable to penetrate even Pz4. I am not asking to make an OP unit out of it, but it is worth at least changing its cost. Reduce the occupied limit to 7, and the cost of personnel at your discretion.

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    2 months ago
    Patch Team. Are you Seriously Silly? Or just Hate Mechanized Company?

    Mechanized Company's Color is usinv light vehicles to mobilize and support riflemen, and Fight with Various Improved Shermans with Combined Arms, Yeah, It's a Brawl-fight commander.

    And you just keep trying to kill a mechanized Company.
    First. You disabled decrewing WC51 Dodge.

    Second, You Stole Dozer Blade from 75mm sherman of Mechanized Company and Killed Combined Arms Skill.
    And now, even you Kill 76mm shermans with nerfing ROF?

    Yeah. Tell frankly to me, you just hate US Forces and especially Mechanized Company. Are you even Hiring USF Balance Testers? Just hearing German User's and Soviet User's Opinion and keep Killing USFs and UKFs? My god. You Truly ignore US Forces User's opinion and killin' and killin' USF's Unit and Commander again and again.

    And also. Don't Touch Caliope, too.
    130 armor Jackson nerfed to 110 but V3 Jackson's minimum penetration reduced 286 to 264.
    Yeah. PZ4 no more have RNG against jackson but Jackson not V0 but V3 now have low bounce Rate against Panther(when 30%->286 min pen, it was not). German gets always Benefitted about RNG. But US Forces Always Become Victim about RNG.

    Stop USFphobic-Killing USF and make your mind!

    You know. Nearday 1v1 USF winrate is around 51% but 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. It drops to 44%! As same as UKF!
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    2 months ago
    When even 76mm sherman get DPS nerfed. Its Advantage is totally destroyed.
    If 76mm sherman's AP shell DPS get nerfed. Then Mechanized company need a Counter-Buffing.
    Give reserve armor back(+75mm Dozer blade) and Buff 76mm Shermans Shell change time 6sec to 5sec and buff 76mm sherman's AP Penetration 140/130/120 to 165/155/145.
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    2 months ago
    mrpeedmrpeed Posts: 51

    Suggestion for Rifle Company to make it more focused:

    1. Give the EZ8 a white phosphorus shell.
    2. Replace the flame thrower in advanced infantry equipment with a distribute med kit ability for Riflemen.
    3. Replace white phosphorus barrage ability with M1919 weapon racks.
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    2 months ago
    MastersteveMasterste… Posts: 3
    edited April 27

    M26 Pershing: HVAP is too expensive. Cooldown is 120 secs (way too high for what it gives) and it frequently bounces off against heavy tanks even against Brummbär. Suggestions:

    • Reduce Cooldown from 120sec to 60sec
    • Give it a slight Pen buff. Price should reflect to be able to penetrate a KT.

    M8 Scotty: This unit has been nerfed to death. No is really using it anymore. I highly recommend to revert and improve some changes of the M8 scotty, it shouldnt be a auto fire squadkilling machine but should be better in the artillery role. Take out axis defence fortifications and team weapons (especially pak43) Suggestions:

    • Give the Barrage abillity a better AOE bonus. The slow velocity round and the slow reload speed is fair and different from other non doc arty units but also it has a too low aoe, it can be tooo easily dodged or just miss too often. Improve the AOE please. It is just fair.
    • 10+ Barrage range and additional Barrage range through veterancy
    • Change Barrage explosion => Too barrage explosion of zis gun 76mm to reflect the changes

    alternative => if you dont like my idea here a different independent suggestion: - revert auto fire range back to 60. Its still in range of AT guns and should be punished by it. 50 is just too low. Even a panther can kill it from that range. The accuracy nerf from last patch has already killed the snappy auto squad-wiping ability of the scotty and hardly hits anything

    M8 Scotty conclusion: These following changes would make the m8 scotty a better non doc arty and would make it scale better in late games especially against mass axis rocket 4v4 games. In 4v4 the USF is the worst faction.


    • Give it back more armor. It should be able to reliably withstand ostwind fire and withstand the one or other pz4 round. Jackson has already got a nerf for pen
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    2 months ago
    USAaaUSAaa Posts: 10
    edited April 25

    Sherman Easy 8 and Sherman 76mm ,i think not fair , because Sherman 76mm can use Load HVAP increase penetration to kill heavy tank, but Sherman Easy 8 not have any increase penetration to kill heavy tank ,The Sherman Easy8 Should be armor penetration more than Sherman76mm. what do you think ?

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    1 month ago
    USAaaUSAaa Posts: 10

    i never seen AI (CPU) in game fully select all commander why you fix some commander for AI select ? , i want to see AI can select all commander , it's funny AI (CPU) never drive Sherman Calliope or M26 Phershing HAHAHA ,Has anyone seen ??

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    1 month ago
    MastersteveMasterste… Posts: 3
    edited April 28

    Reference to newest commander post changes:

    M26 Pershing: finally HVAP is usable. But still the cooldown of 120sec is too extreme. Lower it too 60 sec or atleast 90 sec.

    Easy 8: Changes are good, right direction. Im not sure about the veterancy requirement for the new "more range" - abillity. I would ditch the lvl 1 requirement.

    PLEASE IMPORTANT take a look at the m8 scotty. This unit is BROKEN. Its been nerfed to the toes. No one is using it anymore. Please reconsider my suggestions from my last post:

    M8 Scotty: This unit has been nerfed to death. No one is really using it anymore. I highly recommend to improve some changes of the M8 scotty, it shouldnt be a auto fire squadkilling machine but should be better in the artillery role. It should take out axis defence fortifications and team weapons (especially pak43) from a reasonable range. Suggestions:

    • 10+ Barrage range and additional Barrage range through veterancy

    -Give the Barrage abillity a better AOE bonus. The slow velocity round and the slow reload speed is fair and different from other non doc arty units but also it has a too low aoe, it can be tooo easily dodged or just miss too often. Improve the AOE please. It is just fair.

    • Change Barrage explosion => Too barrage explosion of zis gun 76mm to reflect the changes
      alternative => if you dont like my idea here a different independent suggestion: - revert auto fire range back to 60. Its still in range of AT guns and should be punished by it. 50 is just too low. Even a panther can kill it from that range. The accuracy nerf from last patch has already killed the snappy auto squad-wiping ability of the scotty and hardly hits anything.

    M8 Scotty conclusion: These following changes would make the m8 scotty a better non doc arty and would make it scale better in late games especially against mass axis rocket 4v4 games. In 4v4 the USF is the worst faction.

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    1 month ago

    Overall Commander Changes

    -Riflemen Field Defenses: Include barbed wire construction, in the Rifle Company move ability to top row;
    This change is in line with the Defensive Fortifications ability in Ostheer and OKW doctrines. Move Riflemen Field Defenses to the top of the ability list in Rifle Company abilities descriptions for consistency among USF companies.

    -Combined Arms: Change from 8 CP to 7 CP;
    Better reflects ability cost and power while making it available slightly sooner.

    USF Commander Changes

    Recon Support Company
    -M83 Cluster Mines: Rename M83 Cluster Mines into M83 Cluster Bombs, change cost from 110 to 125 ammo;
    The name change lets players know this ability does not behave like mines. Increase in cost to better reflect its power compared to other USF off map strikes.

    Rifle Company
    -White Phosphorous Smoke Barrage: Slightly increase time between shell drops, change cost from 110 to 90 ammo;
    The shells drop too rapidly. Compared to unit phosphorous abilities, the strike is over priced for what it delivers.

    Urban Assault Company
    -Cover to Cover: Change from 4 CP to 5 CP.
    This ability drops smoke, gives sprint to all USF troops in its large radius, and does not require line of sight to activate. Increase in 1 CP better represents its power.

    USF Unit Changes

    USF Infantry

    -Cavalry Riflemen: Reduce 2x Thompson upgrade by 10, from 70 to 60 ammo.
    Makes 2x Thompson upgrade cost match Assault Sections 2x Thompson upgrade.

    -IR Pathfinder: Add 1 scoped M1 to bring total to 2.
    This makes them match standard Pathfinders.

    -US Medics: Change the Distribute Medical Supplies ability to match British medics (can lock in place and is constantly on).
    Makes US Medics useful if they need to abandon the ambulance.

    -Major: Add 1 more rear echelon model to the squad, brings total squad size to 4, pop change from 3 to 4;
    The Major is already an extremely fragile squad and this gives the squad a little more survivability. Brings Major in line with the universal officer support weapon capture change.

    USF Vehicles

    -M8 Greyhound: Change from 4 CP to 0 CP, built in barracks after either Unlock Mechanized Platoon Command Post OR Unlock Mechanized Company Command Post is activated, production time same as M5A1 Stuart; Pintle .50 Cal MG upgrade from 45 to 30 ammo, increase cool down of canister shot, canister shot cost from 35 to 30;
    The M8 never saw use because of its awkward timing. This new form of production makes the M8 an alternative to the M5A1 Stuart with the exact same time of arrival. Reduced cost of MG upgrade because all Sherman variants MG upgrade cost 60 and since the M8 has roughly half the health of all Shermans, the MG should be half the cost. Also matches cost of MG upgrades on all Stug variants. Canister shot cost needs to be reduce because it puts the M8 in danger and has unpredictable outcomes. Increased cool down to balance reduced cost.

    -WC51 Truck: Reduce cost of MG upgrade from 45 to 30 ammo;
    This change is made for the same reasons as the M8 as this unit is incredibly soft for such an expensive upgrade.

    -M20 Utility Car: Armored Skirts upgrade from down from 50 to 30 ammo;
    Building the M20 means the player is investing ammo into other abilities like the M6 Anti-tank mine and smoke. The M20 is fragile, reduced cost better reflects Armored Skirts change in armor values.

    -M5A1 Stuart: Change Shell Shock and Crippling Shot abilities from 45 to 30 ammo;
    Cost lowered to match the short lived effects of these abilities. Crippling Shot is so heavily nerfed it is now the same effect at the AEC's Target Tread ability, except the M5 has shorter range and no smoke option.

    -M36 Jackson: HVAP shell penetration changed to 1000/1000/1000, cost from 30 to 50 ammo;
    Jackson and Pershing share the same caliber gun and ability. They should also match in their effects.

    USF Bugs

    None found.

    Thank you for reading and taking these changes into consideration.

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    1 month ago
    USAaaUSAaa Posts: 10

    CPU USF never choose Heavy calvary commander or Calliope sherman Please add the CPU commander choose , because USF CPU never drive Heavy tank not fair for CPU.

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    1 month ago
    BamperBamper Posts: 1
    edited May 9

    Even after 1700 hours, I can't say with certainty about the correctness or incorrectness of any changes in the balance of the game, but I know something about Recon Support Commander: I played with him in his most unpopular time and lived with him if my memory serves me - two revamps. The reason why 70 percent of my Allied matches are played by this commander is precisely this ability of the Pathfinders to request an artillery barrage. Therefore, this change in this ability was the reason for writing this feedback.

    In short, the change will probably kill the point of using this ability. I have tested both versions of the artillery barrage and to begin with, I will give the test data, and at the end I will try to collect everything into one coherent idea.

    Сurrent version version of barrage on weapons team

    As you can see, I considered the case when the owner of these weapons teams noticed the flyers, moreover, I waited for all three flyers to fall and only then gave the order to retreat. The two units retreated without damage. The anti-tank gun could possibly be damaged, but I will consider the case of trying to hide from the barrage without using a retreat to the base later. At the moment, the result is that the units will survive and the owner of the Pathfinders spent 140 ammunition without profit.

    An important note here. I do not consider the option when the owner of the weapon teams needs to react to the artillery barrage alert from the other end of the map for several reasons. Firstly, the very fact that the weapon teams are close enough to each other to be killed by one barrage is a mistake of their owner (after all, no one complains about the linear barrage of the SdKfz 251, in this case, the linear barrage simply does not give you the opportunity to put units on hold the front, there is no formation of units that would allow them all to fight for the front line and not fall under the likely fire of SdKfz 251). Secondly, in our example, the owner was given a handicap of 3 flyers in order to discover the fact of calling the barrage, and ONLY AFTER he retreats them to the base without any loss by clicking on the units ONE BY ONE. Secondly, the fact that the owner of the weapons team allows himself to keep it static, in one place and completely forget about the flank, which the weapons group covers, in my opinion, should be punished by the swift destruction of this weapons team.

    Сurrent version of barrage on weapons team without retreat

    Also an example of the fact that sometimes, with proper skill the owner of weapons team can dodge barrage without retreating to base. There may be damage or loss of models, it depends on which flyer the player moves the units on. But by dodging the barrage, he will be able to instantly set weapons team and cover the flank, because this is a very short-lived and pinpoint fire that does not have auto-guidance on visible targets.

    Сurrent version of barrage on heavy tank

    I don't think there is a need to comment on anything here. One of the slowest axis tanks manages to get away from the damage of this ability even without an upgrade to the engine, and as usual, even after the third flyer. You don't need to talk about medium tanks.

    Updated version of barrage on team weapons without retreat

    Now it's much easier to dodge the barrage. The unit is guaranteed to be saved during the retreat to the base, so I didn't even bother doing tests of the updated version of the barrage with the retreat to the base. MG42 changed position without damage, anti-tank gun only got a little bit. Even with the old version of the barrage, the Pathfinders had a chance to knock out the entire weapons team only if the team did not retreat to the base. Now it will be almost impossible to knock out the entire weapon team if the player simply moves the team left or right. You spend 140 ammunition, and he continues to hold the position with the same units, 5 meters from the original place.

    By the way, you are wasting not only ammunition but also time.

    Attempting a covert strike by the Pathfinders has never been easy. You couldn't just press the disguise button and, holding down the shift key, give the commands to move along the edge of the map to the enemy to the base in order to knock out the Katyusha. You need a veterancy rank 3 squad for covert movement (in video you can see why), which is not so easy for a pathfinders. And which also means that some of the claims of the people in this thread (hello vipper) don't make sense. You cannot sneak up on the enemy unnoticed and deliver a powerful artillery strike in early game until the squad gets enough experience (and also 140 ammunition, that's a lot).

    I also have to say that invisible artillery strike calls are common only for 1v1 and 2v2 matches, for which, unfortunately, most of the tests and patches are released. You won't be able to sneak into enemy territory along the flank in big matches, because almost the entire front (sometimes not evenly, but nevertheless) is held.

    Therefore, we move on to the final test and conclusion.

    Updated version of barrage on heavy tank

    The idea of hitting a vehicle with such a barrage is that the first few shells always fall first, knock out the crew or engine, then there is a short delay and the rest fall. In this case, I believe that this idea will die right away. Firstly, it is quite difficult to catch a tank with this ability - medium tanks are constantly moving and support battles on the front line. It turns out that you need to catch tanks, which are usually standing to shoot the enemy at a distance, but as we just found out, even the heaviest Axis tank moves fast enough from a standing position so as not to to receive any damage, it does not even take out the engine damage. Secondly, tanks are a higher priority in micro-management and players pay more attention to tanks: until the infantry squad reaches the designated point, the tank will already be in place and will require the next instruction from the player, and as a unit, the tank is always more valuable.

    So, let's summarize.
    Static weapon teams will die under this barrage - this update will not change anything for them. Is it worth punishing the weapons team with 140 ammunition if the enemy does not pay attention to it (I mean, seriously? He just put a machine gun in the house, drove a squad of riflemans and waits for the next squad of riflemans to come in the same way, get suppressed and run away?) Maybe it is worth raising the price to 160.
    For battles in 4v4, where the entire front can be traced and bypassing the enemy unnoticed, this decision will not be fatal. The only way at the moment to effectively use this barrage for such targets as the Jagdtiger and Elephant is a rather complicated plan of action. It is necessary, by turning on the different colors of the players, to recognize which player has the super-heavy tank, that standing in place, imperceptibly bring a squad of pathfinders with the third level of veterancy to it, then hit his accumulation of forces in some place (it is important that these are the forces of this particular player), create a critical situation for the player and after catching a short moment (for example, his squad or tank remaining with 1 hitpoint), return to the pathfinders squad and call a barrage on the super-heavy tank (and it will remain alive in any case) and finish it off with what it has.

    You understand? This is what I do in 4v4 in order to use this ability effectively. Static units that do not change the issued position will die without an update, but for attempts to catch an enemy fast-moving unit, this update will make attempts to catch it with an impossible challenge. Actually, you just have to hope for luck and the fact that the enemy will leave at this moment to talk on the phone. Before the update, flyers meant the beginning of the first shell's launch, and even this time, as we found out, is enough to move the unit and stay in position without running away to the base. With the addition of one second and early flyers, this ability will be little different from the regular Heavy Artillery in the Commanders Packs. Unless to use this, you need to work very hard and bring the pathfinder squad to the desired point, as well as ask your opponent to close eyes for 5 seconds, and not just use on the ability icon in the right place on all the map.

    I'm not sure that my feedback will somehow affect the decision of the balance team, but it will be very disappointing for the next revamp where the Recon Support Commander gets not what he needs. Hah, recon support without a reconnaissance aircraft, seriously, it would be worth adding a reconnaissance aircraft instead of a raid tactics, and not the one that just flies along the line, but the one that circles over the area, because the commander's original idea was to create a set of abilities that would allow to notice the accumulation of forces, find out where they are going and prepare a defense or counterattack with the help of the same pathfinder barrage ability. This doctrine does not need unit stat buffs, it needs good abilities. For the entire time of attempts to buff units in it, spam occurred in small game modes (M8 and pathifnders buffs). The only correct decision for two revamps was to create an Airdropped Combat Group, which fits into the commander's original idea of quickly creating countermeasures at the desired point on the map.

    So, if 1v1 and 2v2 players really need nerf, then you should probably consider limiting the number of pathfinders on the battlefield, or making a general cooldown for their ability, or raising its cost. But you definitely should not reduce its combat effectiveness and the effect of surprise (although the latter is also very controversial, because if you saw pathfinders in battle, you should carefully monitor the units, there can't bee surprises, like with Goliath).
    Thanks for attention. Sorry for possible grammar and syntax errors.

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    1 month ago
    mrdjjag81mrdjjag81 Posts: 308
    edited May 9

    The problem is that when they nerf one ability too much they often keep it that way and just reduce it's cost. Problem is that i don't want an useless ability for lesser resourch, i want an usefull one. So wouldnt be surprise if above nerf will result in a lazy fix as just reducing the cost instead of keep it usefull for a higher cost all tought this particulary ability is allready expensive in it's current state and pretty easy to avoid if you pay attension.

    Theres others units that could youse some adjustment instead when it comes down to react, the brumbars busting barrage for ex that land the first shot with pin Point accuracy on teamweapons from safe distant. But that's Another topic.

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    1 month ago
    yunusozgulyunusozgul Posts: 20

    Assault Engineers have the "M" key designated for both deploying M5 Mine and building Munitions Cache. In order to solve this issue, the shortcut key to deploy mines can be changed to the "V" key so that it will match the ability to deploy M7 Light Anti-Vehicle Mines of Rear Echelon Troops.

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