Random list of minor bugs.

4 years ago
- The Tiger I's main gun still does not recoil backwards into the turret when dispensing shells of death.

- DP's mounted on the T-34/76 and the improved 85 variant are still *silent* when fired.

- The Wehrmacht Panther still uses Skins equipped into the "Heavy" slot despite being a Medium Tank, same situation with the Oberkommando West version too.

- Light vehicles often times lunge *forward* first when given orders to reverse move. (Very noticeable when micro-ing the OKW Kubelwagon / Soviet M3A1 Scout Car)

- Doesn't happen often, but I've had groups of infantry being suppressed *after* giving the Retreat order by another source of suppression.

- FG42's reload animation is incorrect, as they used side loaded magazines.

Beyond that, I've *very* much enjoyed the launch of the Western Front Armies so far! Excellent work Relic! Thanks for the entertainment provided with your product!


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    4 years ago
    Minkov44Minkov44 Posts: 22
    More minor bugs added :

    - *Any* detonated land mines of any kind counts as "units lost" under the post game statistics.

    - Natural vehicle wrecks on maps no longer are salvageable by OKW forces, same goes for destroyed Panther wrecks.

    - The AI will rarely *steal* my vehicles when playing as the US Forces. Most often happens with unattended Ambulances in my base sector as I opt for Medics to heal on their own instead of using the Ambulance's ability.

    - Doesn't happen often, but I've had groups of infantry being suppressed *after* giving the Retreat order by another source of suppression.

    - Irregulars and Partisans no longer come in female variants.

    - The unique "paratrooper" Faceplate doesn't have proper capitalization.

    - The "Stealing the Spotlight" Bulletin has the word "accurate" spelt wrong.

    - A technical problem called "Error Code -4" that always wipes my loadout, leading me to sort my Inventory every time I launch the game to customize all 4 armies again.

    Thanks for noticing this thread if you do! I always feel Relic is always awesome when it comes to attention the most minute of details!
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    4 years ago
    James HaleJames Hale Posts: 1,814 mod
    These little things are appreciated. Please keep them coming as you find them, and I'll try to make sure they are reported internally for you.
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    4 years ago
    Minkov44Minkov44 Posts: 22
    James Hale wrote: »
    These little things are appreciated. Please keep them coming as you find them, and I'll try to make sure they are reported internally for you.

    Thanks awfully, James! Keep up the good work!
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    4 years ago
    Minkov44Minkov44 Posts: 22
    More small bugs :

    - LMG variants of MG42's (Used mostly by Wehrmacht Grenadier Squads) will have somewhat *really* short barrels, with their Bipods floating, supporting nothing.

    - Why do US Forces have a Heavy Vehicle Skin when they have none to field with?

    - PTRS's dropped by Soviet Guards Squads will not be replenished once reinforced back at HQ.

    - US Forces' Vehicle Crews sometimes do not have death animations nor ragdolls when killed.

    - Connection issues with Relic servers will often wipe all my saved Commander Loadouts, forcing me to customize all 4 armies every time I launch the game before playing.
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    4 years ago

    - Silent MGs on T-34 series also lack muzzle flash. Also a problem in single-player campaign.

    - No magazine on the American M1918A2 BAR, but the reload animation looks correct.

    - American rear echelon troops have a broken firing animation for the BAR and presumably other automatic weapons.

    - American soldiers firing the M1919A6 .30 caliber LMG from a prone position point their gun into the ground between bursts.

    - American soldiers when prone with other weapons also seem to aim into the ground in some situations.
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    4 years ago
    I'm going to use this thread to keep track of all of the minor bugs/glitches I've been bringing up, just so I can have it all in one place.

    - MG42 LMGs used by American rear echelon troops are glitched so that the bipod is detached and floating in the air ahead of the weapon. I'd presume the same problem occurs when other American infantry pick up a MG42. I'll try to check if the same glitch occurs with other factions as well.

    - American vehicle crews don't seem to "ragdoll" and if killed often just stand upright.

    - American M2HB heavy machine gun teams can only deploy their MG in a low position where it clips through any sort of cover, sides of houses, etc.

    - The M2HB in upgraded American foxhole positions is just floating in the air without actually being attached to a tripod or pintle mount.

    - Sometimes when American rear echelon troops are aiming/reloading the Bazooka a rocket will be floating in the air next to the soldier.

    - Sometimes American units hold their submachine guns wrong when advancing against the enemy.

    - OKW Obersoldaten armed with the MG34 LMG never use the weapon from a prone position even when terrain permits it.

    - The texture of the Maxim HMG's ammo belt looks bugged.

    - Multiple units don't remove the magazines from their weapons when reloading. I'll try to update this list in the future.
    Obersoldaten MG34
    Sturmpioneer STG44
    Vehicle crew M3 "Grease Gun"
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    4 years ago
    Minkov44Minkov44 Posts: 22
    Just recently got the new Commanders for the Western Front Armies and found new bugs with them too :

    - Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squads from the Scavenge Doctrine of the OKW cannot pick up Medical Supplies dropped by Veteran Sturmpioneers. I *think* it's because they already come equipped with G43's and arming them with dropped weapons with their Veteran bonuses would be crazy.

    - The Elite Armoured Doctrine of the OKW has a bug where you can upgrade the pintle mounted MG42 *and* the Panzer Commander at the same time if you purchase both of them at once, in which the MG42 Gunner is invisible, but functions as an infantry deterrent nonetheless along with the benefits of the Panzer Commander.

    - The Wehrmacht Heavy MG42 and any stolen variants has the same sound effects as the recently buffed MG34 of the OKW rather than the awesome ripple it used to have. Please restore it's awesome sound effect? :)

    - The Rifle Company Commander ability where it allows Riflemen to utilize M2 Flamethrowers is lost if RNG permits the opponent to explode it's fuel tank. It does not allow you to re-upgrade the same squad. Same situation with Guard Squad DP-28 Upgrades.

    - The WC51 .50 Cal Truck's Veteran ability "Step On It!" uses the same hotkey as unloading the current squad on board. I either have to spend Munitions to disembark the squad, or evacuate the entire vehicle crew along with the squad inside to get them out.

    - The Elite Armoured Doctrine (OKW) is no longer available on the Steam Store at the time of this post.

    That's it for now, keep up the good work Relic!
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    4 years ago
    Cynthia_RECynthia_RE Posts: 1,217
    Thanks for all of this! Sending the thread to the team.
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    4 years ago
    Minkov44Minkov44 Posts: 22
    Cynthia_RE wrote: »
    Thanks for all of this! Sending the thread to the team.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    4 years ago
    Good to hear, it's always great to see even the minor things get fixed. To list a few more.

    - The STG44s carried by Ostheer Panzergrenadiers have a broken texture.
    - The MG42 LMG model seems to be broken for anybody who upgrades to the weapon or picks one up off the battlefield.
    - As others have mentioned the King Tiger's roof MG is facing the wrong direction. For example if the weapon is engaging a target at 12 o'clock the gunner appears to be shooting at something off to 3 o'clock.
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    4 years ago
    Don't forget how king tigers and other tanks sometimes glide backward/forward about their length when ordered to move and something gets invetween, or ordered to change route quickly.
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    4 years ago
    Im not sure any of these have even been fixed yet.
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