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  • Commissar_Squad_RU

    Hello! Andy
    I still have a lock on the game CoH2.
    The last time we talked to you, you said that I had 8 days left and then I could play, but 8 days passed and the game was still blocked.

    My id

    October 12
    • Andy_RE
      Just made you unbanned, it may take half an hour.

      have fun, don't be an idiot again!
  • Stormbringer223


    Can you help with the 30K supply please? Steam 76561197997103237.
    I get to this page and nothing happens.

    October 11
  • Wintermist

    I like the upcoming changes, though I feel that the concrete bunker would also fit the Festung Doctrine, is that planned?

    October 1
  • GunOfGlory

    hay Andy I thing I found a major bug with in the game to due with audio and load noises and machine guns in game and I recreated it billion times I need help to get fixed

    September 23
  • Tobbacos

    Cavalry Riflemen are the best dude thanks!

    September 16
  • Rapikol

    Hi, i'd like to request a change of my e-mail address.

    September 15
  • petares

    Hello , I registered my account but i didn´t get 30 K supply can you help me ?

    Steam 64ID 76561198254974757

    September 11
  • redbaron

    I registered my relic account on August 29th. I have not received my supply points. I posted this on the forum page (reporting-missing-30k-supply) that was over a week ago. no one came to help, and like 5 other people have this issue. I tried sending a message to another administrator, I even contacted relic support. no one replied or fixed this. My steam ID is 76561198047683605. We could really use some help.

    September 5
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    September 5

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