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  • daShark6

    Hey there, sorry about the headache but i haven't received my 30k supply and i have invested quite alot into this game.. please check it out and thanks in advance Andy :)

    ID: 76561198045619373

    April 16
    • daShark6
      I just cam back from the 30k reporting thread in the general discussion forum and saw your post.. regarding what you posted 6 months ago: 1: I didnt received the commanders as the soviet one is still unpurchased in my store and regarding the second point i really dont remember receiving any supply but if your records show that i did then its my bad just inform me if so.
  • chester
  • chester
    April 15
  • eisen

    hi andy can you see why i am banned? 5 minutes of playtime and cant go online. bad key?

    April 1
  • Prodigyigi

    Hello Andy, I have been gathering informations about 1v1 maps feedback, here are results from players :
    I think there should be an overall update for 1s, deleting some of the existing maps and redesigning others, but thats just my humble opinion

    April 1
  • Freak2805

    Hi, been trying to log in Relic SSO but only managed to log in here, havent been able to get the 30k Supply Points yet, tried getting in contact via Twitter but no success so far My Steam ID is: 76561198029447360 Thanks in advance

    Bought the game from Steam a couple of weeks ago and found out about the supply thing.

    I already tried logging in SSO. Relic but it wont log in at all, i tried different browsers and computers... there must be something wrong with the website.

    My name on the Forum is Freak2805, but on the steamid and CoH2 is matheusmuller2805

    Would really appreciate solving this problem since all i get from levelling up are Skins and i find them pretty useless because i want to try out new commanders.

    Thank you for the attention

    March 30
  • ShashimiBeaut

    alright, just got this game a few days ago. got the dlcs and all that too. really been enjoying it online but I'd really appreciate the 30k credits i was promised, felling pretty scammed right now to be honest. not really sure whats going on as it looks like everyone else is having this problem? I'll leave my steam id also i guess: 76561198092138717. if possible please get this sorted i really want to try new commanders.

    March 26
  • GhostBoyGheseee

    yeah still didint got my 30k suplies my ID Yea1234 and link

    March 22
  • GhostBoyGheseee
    Hi i didnt got my 30k suplied here is my steam id: Yea1234 thx
    March 21
  • ConceptEagle

    Hi. I registered to this forums a while ago and just recently confirmed my E-Mail. I have not received my 30k supply - my steam ID: 76561198268200073

    March 17
  • MustafaEren
    Hi.i just registered,and i dont have my 30k steam ID 76561197960287930
    February 28
  • GPower93

    Hi i also dont get my 30k supply and i have this bug that i cant get lootdrops when i reach 6000 points. my steam ID:76561198018298791


    February 26
  • Cigglukt

    Hi, just registred on the forums but got no points...Is it anyway it can be fixed? i have my steam64id. My id: 76561198859280281 Thanks.

    February 26

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