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  • 25Bandd

    hello sir
    we are from iran and have problem from company of heroes
    all players from iran and me cant joint to host lobby or automatch games.(error= conection is time out) we can only join to loby
    . this probles is for all players of iran. we need help you fix that. we can join to game with vpn but vpn is so slow.
    please help us
    thank you

    April 2
  • ForRiell

    Hi Andy_RE, how are you doing?

    I have a problem with the 30K supply link/registration thing. I've been playing CoH2 for some time now but I didn't know that you could link your account for some free supply. Thing is, I just linked my account but I didn't receive any supply. Can you check it for me, please?

    Here's my SteamID64: 76561198084499170

    Thanks in advance!

    March 31
  • GoforGiantsV3

    Dear Andy_RE.
    I think If medium tanks Target size get buffed. USF TD like M10 Wolverine/Achilles's Target size should be buffed too.
    Cus It is High-Velocity TD and have 50 Range. so it is used as Highly Consumed Dive Tanks. It need to get less hit by enemy. so I think M36's Target size should be buffed 24 to 23(M26 is 24. Firefly is 23). and M10s 22 to 19~20.

    and I should speak Assault Engineer's Grease gun's Accuracy should be buffed a bit more. It even is weaker than Volksgrenadier's MP40. have same range point(10 Close. 17 Medium range. 30 Far) but have 66%/37.5%/12% Accuracy Volksgrenadiers MP40 but Assault Engineer has 63%/17%/9.2%. I think 'Commander Specilalist Infantry' is weaker than 'cheaper Line infantry weapon upgrade'. so I think Assault engineer's Grease gun should be buffed Accuracy to 65%/35%/17.5%.

    March 26
  • anilturkel

    Dear Andy_RE,
    I have registered for a Relic account, and haven't received 30k of in-game supply. Could you please help me ?
    Best Regards,

    Steam ID:

    Membership account: [email protected]

    Membership name: anilturkel

    March 24
  • BlaCOH

    Hey Andy,

    The community ask you many questions and you don't care, you are a great community manager !
    I love that, you are a lucky man to have a good and active moderator to manage the forum but if you come here just to post new patch, please give this job to moderator
    Now you play against AI in live, it's a fucking joke and not interesting, go play all factions first, stop playing OKW or Wermacht
    I nerver see you playing USF ( may be you don't know play this faction) and you will see if this game is balance ;)

    March 21
  • Vlad7396

    Hello Andy, can u help me?
    I would like yo know the length of my ban..
    There is no info in the game and in e-mail.

    March 14
  • Don_Blas

    Hi Andy! I need Your help! Where can I get all patchs/updates? I have got a Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection but it seems to be v4.0.0.21701 version and I'm sure is there have been lots of updates. Thanks in advandce.

    February 23
  • VitoC

    Hey Andy, I'm Vito. I'd like to be apart of the dev. team for Company of Heroes 3 in some capacity. I have 5000 hours + in company of heroes 2. Have reached top ranks, and stream. I don't have dev. experience but I have a business background and web design/code experience. I'd take a job as a janitor to be apart of the team. I have so many ideas, and it's my only favourite game.

    Like Einstein used to play his violin to think (break writers block) I play company of heroes. There's no RTS game like it. The community is phenomenal although I do not participate much in it.

    I understand the new Company of Heroes is going to look for ways to make money. Maybe at the expense of the game. Here's a free tip. Allow people to paint or spray paint their own tanks at $5 per tank. This is an easy non-intrusive way to do a micro transaction that can yield great return. I know what I would put on my favourite tank - my name!

    Contact me. Make this happen.

    February 15

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