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  • iindeex

    Hello Andy
    I have a problem with my 30k reward
    Can you help me?
    https: //

    September 15
  • KyleAkira

    Hi Andy, regarding the September balance patch i want to report you something that may be a bug. Soviet Mortar from tier2 has access to flare at vet0. Is it on purpose? soviet 120mm or snipers need vet1 to shoot a flare. Werh Jaeger infantry needs vet1 to use the flare. Please let me know if its fine as it is. In my oppinion it shouldn't be able to fire flare on vet0 since all the special abilities usually unlocks at vet1.

    Kind regards

    September 7
    • Andy_RE
      Hi Kyle,

      I will ask the balance team about this and the intention. thanks for flagging.

    • KyleAkira
      Any news about this issue?
  • Magpie842

    Hey Andy,

    I used to be a caster in the community. It's been a while since I was active, Kyle was the last community manager I was in touch with - is he still active? Are you the community manager now? Just looking to find my bearings after a long absence, thanks very much.


    September 3
    • Andy_RE
      Hi Magpie,

      Yes I am indeed the Community Manager, welcome back! Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Thanks for sticking with us for 2 years.
    September 3
  • Ilmatar

    Hi Andy,

    I'm reaching out to you because of the missing 30k supply thread, which has been closed by now. I'm not sure who to reach out to otherwise, but you've been the one moderating there. I find myself having issues actually linking accounts. It's similar to what has been described in this Forum post . The site seems to not respond to me clicking "log in", I can still request a new password and get to the creation of a new account. I have tried different browsers, disabling any extensions, all without results. I doubt to have ever linked accounts, but I have checked for the two commanders which used to be distributed and I own neither Advanced Warfare (Sov.) nor Luftwaffe Support (Ost.). My Steam64 ID is 76561198008144570.

    Thank you for your patience.

    August 29
  • SoberUndertow

    Hey can I get the registration email for the 30k supply if that is still a thing? Steam id 76561198835423513.

    August 22
  • Tigergruppe503
    I have a question.
    Will there be any new Units like Jagdpanther, Tiger 1 late, Nashorn/Hornisse or something in the future?
    August 16
  • FreeSpeech

    Where to address to abusive behaviour of moderators?

    August 10
  • Saleji

    Hello, i'd like to request a deletion of my Relic account including the forum account.

    August 9

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