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  • Khushrenada

    hello andy, i'd like to ask for help to redeem my 30k supply, becouse i singed in here and didn't get any :/
    it has been like 3 days and the game doesn't give me anything nor let me link my account via menu

    January 9
    • Khushrenada
      this is my steam ID
  • GhostBoyGheseee

    Hey Andy i think there is a bug with the Stromtroopers I mean the ability interogation is not working well i mean it creates an eye icon over the squad but it does nothing not revealing anything and also i didint recive my 30k suplies here is my id (is a custom URL)

    January 6
  • iKranksy

    Hey Andy,

    I feel the need to connect with someone from Relic staff about CoH 1 bar counting being prohibited. Since the prompt appeared this has been the general experience in team playlists.

    1. Low numbers of players total searching 2v2 automatch. (From memory only 2 players as allies / 6 axis)
    2. Get a good game with 19 Brit / 19 USA vs 18 PE / 17 PE
    3. Just before the game finishes, we are accused of bar counting
    4. The conversation continued in chat room post-game with a general tone of threatening to ban

    Unless there are clear answers to the below questions then this system is broken.

    1. In the case that high-level players are randomly paired on the same team and the opponent reports them as bar counters; are they banned? How do we prove or disprove the accusations?

    2. In the case there are multiple high-level players searching and the queue is canceled; how will you prove which players canceled the search?


    December 2019
  • ermis177

    Hello, could you please add to my account the 30k supply? i have registered but i have not received anything. my steam ID is 76561198146300070

    December 2019
  • LordMarco

    Hey :)
    Could I please receive my entry bonus in Company of Heroes 2? My steam ID is: 76561198104910369.

    December 2019
    • LordMarco
      I received it!
      But actually, could you help with me with the fact that I am always matched against super strong players? With a much higher rank than I am?
  • Rifle

    Hey Andy, good day. Might I ask if you still review email submit to [email protected]?

    October 2019
    • Andy_RE
      Hi rifle, we have been busy finalizing a new player reporting system which is now live
  • RainWithered

    I've read the new community code of conduct. So if I use the CheatCommand mod or trainers only in custom match, player vs AI only, would I be banned? It's fun to disable pop cap and go wild in custom games, and now I'm afraid of getting permabanned just because I would use trainers in custom games against expert AIs.

    December 2019
    • Andy_RE
      custom games and trainers is all good. Have fun!

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