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  • RainWithered

    It's been two weeks after you said the mod tools will update in "a day or two". Could you share some progress on the update of mod tools? Because some mods become bugged after the new patch, and if mod tools aren't updated, authors of the mods cannot fix these bug. I don't see any hotfixes being applied for some time. Is there anything delaying the update? Please let me know.

    June 12
  • ImperialDane

    Hey Andy. Where do i report People Ghosting/Streamsniping ? Been having a bit of an issue with trolls doing that as of late and not sure works anymore. Would be nice not having to deal with that so much as some of them are persistent i fear.

    May 11
    • Andy_RE
      Hey Dane,

      It's a tough one to prove, but if you have evidence I can take action. Example: If someone responds to your stream commentary in game with a taunt, or you catch them admitting to an actual snipe, not just matching you for a game.

      We recently made this "against the rules" but as I'm sure you appreciate its'a tough one to catch in the act.
    • ImperialDane
      Oh they pretty much react to my commentary or complaints and begin taunting me. In that sense they're not hiding it.
    • Andy_RE
      In that case we can ban them. Just clip it next time you get proof on Twitch etc.
    • ImperialDane
      Well i disabled the clips because trolls were using it to try and discredit me at every turn. I got the replays saved though.
    • Andy_RE
      I don't have time to watch whole replays, but if you send me screenshots of the who, and the big reveal of them confessing the snipe, I will action them. Please also include the persons steam 64id. What is your discord? Might be easier to manage there.
    • ImperialDane
      Imperial Dane on Discord.
    • ImperialDane
      Unless you need more specific information to find them.
    • Andy_RE
      You need the number code, like so, Andy_RE#5302 , feel free to add me instead :)
  • rxdolph

    hey Andy I registered for the 30k supply a few days ago and I don't believe I ever got it. Any way you can help?

    May 14
    • Andy_RE
      Sure, if you want to reply here with you Steam 64 ID I can get that sorted for you!
    • rxdolph
      rxdolph here it is
  • Prodigyigi

    Hello Andy,

    Sorry for once again interruption, could I ask for Your email - Thank you for taking the time to reply , I fully respect Your decision not to shorten my ban, what I did was inexcusable. What I would like however is some advice from you , and I was hoping you can give me your email address so that we can discuss the circumstance further with more ease - Matthew Dunn aka A_E told me partly to bring this matter up with you .

    Please consider ,thank you

    May 13
    • Andy_RE
      Do you have Discord or Skype? It might be easier to chat there. If so let me know your details and I will add you.
    • Prodigyigi
      I would like to find a good approach to the problem with your wisdom, specified information and general questions that aren't related to ban. If you are interested in here is discord channel :
  • Prodigyigi

    Hello Andy

    Sincerely, could I ask one bothering question. There is announced a big coh2 event called gcs2.
    As far as im concerned my account has been banned until june. I don't want disturb nor annoy You with anything on my mind. I fully respect Your final decision towards this situation. Therefore I don't want beat around the bush and be as direct as I can.

    Everything that happened in past, can't make it unhappen. I deplore with my faithless, wrong attitude to anyone that got hurt by me. Beforehand my behaviour was reprehensible, childlish.
    This three months of exile got me really hard.

    As a relic staff, could you please give approval and let me take a chance to participate in gcs2.
    I can believe to ensure You, that everything that occured in past will not repeat.
    (sorry for not private messaging you - didn't know how)

    With dignity,

    May 8
    • Andy_RE
      Hi Prodigyigi,

      We won't be shortening the length of this ban, as that is not something we do. It would be unfair to make exceptions for anyone.

      I'm glad to hear that you are ready to behave responsibly, and I hope you mean it. I hear you are a top player, and it would be great to see you contributing positively to the community in the future.

      Regarding GCS2, it is completely up to the tournament organizers, as it is not a Relic tournament.

  • fy9090

    Dear Sir,
    I am the user of this account:

        First of all, i want to apologize for using maphack. I realize that this is unfair to other players and get my lesson now.
        I used it for fun and played with random 4v4 games only. I promise and will not repeat the same mistake. I hope that you can give me a chance to join back this game.
      You can do to time-banned and stat reset to me if you like. I am sorry again and wish you give me a chance to revive.  
      Anyhow, I shall respect your final decision in this case, as i was wrong at first.
      Thanks and have a good day.

    SC. T

    May 3
    • DanielHazard
      you became permabanned ?? it's over !! I know where I'm talking: D I'm on the list too.
      I'm number 14 on the list of the evil. go to a keystore --> buy new --> learn from it ;)
      is better than begging like a child
  • Markio999

    Hello, just asking to confirm that my 1month time ban started on the 6th of april. If this is so, will my account be unlocked for multiplayer on the 6th of may?
    Thankyou for your time.

    May 7
  • c0mpl3x1ty

    Hey Andy, saw the announcement about cracking down on maphackers. I got maphacked last night and then I saw the comment you made. I don't promote any kind of amnesty, I hope you destroy these people and even make efforts to keep them from coming back. Long story short, screw the guy below asking for forgiveness.

    May 5
  • vsr

    Hello Andy! I know you are getting bombarded with a lot of comments and messages, so i will keep it short and sweet. Im not gonna ask you to nerf or buff any units like others, more over im requesting you to take a different and smarter approach with regards to the balance of this great game. Enough with the nerfing or buffing of specific game UNITS, rather i suggest you to focus on the STRATEGY of the gameplay instead. For example, the current proposed pop cap changes for tanks across all factions in the latest spring update preview, are GREAT! Changes like this will force players (especially the new ones) to use their BRAINS and not just follow SPAM=WIN strategy, which i personally think how the balancing for this game should be done.

    Cheers for your time. :)

    April 25
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    April 25
  • FiremanGames

    Hello ,

    I write to you because I do not understand why the Half-Track M15A1 does not supreme in the same way as the half-track OKW Flak knowing that is armed with 2 caliber 50. and a gun of 37 mm and why it does not is there more anti-aircraft abilitation? After spending a lot of time on the game I do not understand why you have not added the M18 Hellcat much better known than the Jackson M36.

    thank you very much

    April 18
    • BIH_Kirov_QC
      forgot the real life. it is a game, and a game need to be balanced and not necessary reflet the real life. for the hellcatt maybe we will see it in coh3

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