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  • Evil_Kebab_77

    Hi, there is a lot of thing happening in the winter balance prewie, but i noticed that there will still be no granade pack for the russians (molotov and at granade combined). And the conscripts are still weak, whay don't they get the DP lmg from the Gards, so they would be equal to granardiers.

    January 29
  • LukasBach

    Good evening, I want to ask whether you can improve this great game ?, and make heavier say that when you get wins 2000 and XP, and if so is losing 1,500
    Would not it be better to do that if you win, you get 1500, or 2000 but if you lose, you get approximately 500 at 1500 for all users up Levels and it is very difficult when you have so many xp just get a few days as the oberkomanders I have already all Gaves Commander and the whole is no longer interesting when you do not get something new!
    another question Is it possible to add more space in your inventory with the wars fought and perhaps but good to HUMAN to display enhancements that allow new tanks or the start of a bad tank to the best and it simply would be no defects, we shall not be required here and now we just proposed upgraded what would be interesting to play and grow tired

    Sorry for my english, im from lithuanian.

    January 14
  • _Sober_

    Hello Kyle. First of all I'd like to mention Im a coh1/coh2 veteran with 3.000 hrs in coh2 alone. Been top 100 in 1v1 in my good times. I wander what it takes to make a Company of heroes facebook page for example for my country specifically. Also is it possible to do that with Relic's "blessings" (official)? Reason for that is that we want to gather the community. Do weekly tourney/ events etc. I also started covering the patch notes on my utube channel in detail in my language but sadly not many people can find that since Im new. There is a page on fb already but its just sitting there. Thanks!

    January 1
  • Commissar_Squad_RU

    Hello KYLE_RE! Will there be Any gifts to Russia? (Commanders and Intel Bulletins)

    December 2016
  • Omid_Hesam

    Hi Dear admin
    The M2 flame thrower is still bugged form last game update
    please fix it
    and happy Holiday!!

    December 2016

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