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  • Leander7777

    I have a background in aerospace engineering and have always gravitated towards critical conceptual design decisions. The subject may be different, but I feel like I have always had a strength in devision core concepts for both engineering and game problems. So if possible, I would love to aid in any way possible. Strategy games have always been my passion and Company of Heroes is by far and away my favorite gaming series.


    October 10
  • Leander7777

    Hello Kyle,
    I think we spoke a long time ago. I used to be an active member in the coh1 and coh2 community. I worked with many of the main mapmakers and was even in contact with many of the Relic team members such as TribalBob and Quinn Duffy. My main interest was working on map design but that quickly transitioned towards designing the resource system for COH2 (while it was still in development). Long story short, I was working with Quinn Duffy and other team and community members to try to introduce a more interesting resource system with coh2. We were even going to work on an internal beta for coh2 with the resource system I devised. Unfortunately, however, there wasn't enough time left ahead of the release of coh2 and as such the project fell through.

    Moving on... I lost contact with most team members, since we communicated either through skype or the beta testing website, but am still as interested as ever to contribute towards conceptual design.

    October 10

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