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  • elhadjokba


    May 25
  • BlaCOH

    To the community,
    It's usless to speak here to Andy_RE, he prefer play with his pro Axis friends and don't listen the community advises.
    He see only interesting messages and when you don't have answer, you are not interesting and he ignores you.

    April 24
  • Hidden_death

    hi there
    i heard that you can claim 30 k supply points when you register but i never received them my steam id 64 is : 76561198166211593
    thanks for your time

    April 23
  • 25Bandd

    hello sir
    we are from iran and have problem from company of heroes
    all players from iran and me cant joint to host lobby or automatch games.(error= conection is time out) we can only join to loby
    . this probles is for all players of iran. we need help you fix that. we can join to game with vpn but vpn is so slow.
    please help us
    thank you

    April 2
    • Andy_RE
      We don't have restrictions on any countries in place from our side. Unfortunately, this is an Iranian ISP issue.
    • BlaCOH
      Oh god you found the forum and you answer to players !!
      It's amazing how you filter request or messages, you are not a Community Manager you are just a joke
      You don't care about players who wan to upgrade the game,
      Stop live games against IA and start to play again real players, and please play USF ! (stop play Axis)
  • Mont

    The automatch vs players must be interesting and one of the things that makes it interesting is to have a fair match. Fair match is to play with or against someone got the same level as you. Not having a match against rank -100 and you with four-digit numbers. The thing is easy to be fixed is to introduce division such as following.. only players with the same division you will matched with

    20-19-18-17 (Legend)
    16-15-14-13 (Platinum)
    12-11-10-09 (gold)
    08-07-06-05 (silver)
    04-03-02-01 (bronze)

    In truth, every level should get its division as other games but a small community game, we tolerate and I don't mind matched up with someone fairly higher than me because at least there's a chance.

    P.s. I know there's no effect will happen I just felt I need to speak out my mind and sorry for my bad English as it's not my first language.

    April 13
  • Templuca

    Plz, stop nerfing IS2 heavy tank, i proved in a map Panther V vs IS2 10 times and the Panther beated IS2 10 times... FROM FRONT ARMOR.
    IS2 its the best tank in the WW2 and in this game its awful, is a waste or resources and time

    April 10
  • ForRiell

    Hi Andy_RE, how are you doing?

    I have a problem with the 30K supply link/registration thing. I've been playing CoH2 for some time now but I didn't know that you could link your account for some free supply. Thing is, I just linked my account but I didn't receive any supply. Can you check it for me, please?

    Here's my SteamID64: 76561198084499170

    Thanks in advance!

    March 31

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