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  • LoveMeNow

    Best noob staff forever, he is absent and don't care about the game.
    Updates are now manage by players wich "represent" the community and they just play OSt and OKW. (Just look last updates)
    This game is now dead and congrat to this kid who just stream against IA and always play Axis factions

    July 14
  • defcombeta

    I have an issue with my relic account linked email that needs to be changed, sega support does not have a working solution. Can you help?

    July 9
  • rapossa

    queremos mais comandantes

    June 24
  • VictorStewart

    Hi Andy, I have a few questions to ask regarding CoH2 and its game code and some patch release timing, how can I best contact you? Thank you very much!

    June 23
  • LoveMeNow

    I never see a bad CM as him...

    June 20
  • Franco514

    Hey Andy where can i ask about Company of Heroes 1 mod submission

    June 19
  • Hamill

    You keep adding update notes and these updates are pointless. The AI is dumber than they were before lmao! And what is up with the bug splats? MAKE AN UPDATE SO WE CAN JOIN BACK IN THE GAME! We get fucked up records because of Relic Enterntainments carelessness. You should tell your buddies at relic that! Seems like you don't give a crap about what the fans want. All you want to do is milk money and add more bug splats. Make an actual update that helps everybody. And help yourselves lmao put some care into this. RTS's from 2001 allows you to join back in... Oh look I was just looking for a match right now and it bugsplatted. What the heck.. I was undefeated with this team..

    June 18

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