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  • Should be fixed now guys. Thanks for your patience.
  • March 21st Hotfix Bug Fix * Fixed a bug that was causing a crash in the final mission of Ardennes Assault
  • DECEMBER 21st HOTFIX USF Cluster Mines * Munitions cost increased from 90 to 110 BUG FIXES * Fixed an issue where the mini / tactical map for the 1v1 version of Crossing in the Woods was not displaying properly * Various text str…
  • DECEMBER 19th "COMMUNITY" UPDATE The December Update comes with a multitude of changes from commanders and core faction balance to new maps and map balance changes. As stated in the December Update blog post, none of these changes would have been…
  • DECEMBER UPDATE COMMANDER REVAMP - FINAL For all core faction changes released in the December Update, check out the Company of Heroes 2 Changelog. GENERAL Infiltration Units Infiltration is being adjusted to be less potent by forcing all …
  • V2.0 - FINAL UPDATE V2.0 of the December Balance Preview marks the final public update for the mod, focusing on some last iterations and adjustments to the Soviet, Wehrmacht, and OKW. Although no additional public versions of the balance preview …
  • V1.9 UPDATE The 1.9 update continues the DBP by targeting some of the remaining dominant call-in meta to bring these strategies in line with the existing faction design and relationships. SUBSCRIBE GENERAL Call-in Changes The follow…
  • V1.8 UPDATE The DBP continues in V1.8 with more minor tuning and tweaks to the commander revamp changes as we get closer to finalization. SUBSCRIBE GENERAL Panzerfaust Bug Fix We are trialing a workaround to fix the Panzerfaust bug …
  • V1.7 UPDATE This update to the DBP mod continues by tuning values to units from all 5 factions as we zero in on the final changes for the December Update. As always, please subscribe to the balance mod, playtest the changes and give us your feedb…

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