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  • Well it does seem to me that if I needed to upgrade at least one of my penal squad, get a Zis and a T34/85 to be able to fight equally with a Wehr player who has a Panzer 4, I have already lost the game or at least be playing in a disadvantage. Gu…
  • Idk but why is the Stg44 can be gotten earlier than M1919, more powerful AND cheaper than it? The M1919 is a doctrinal gun and shouldn't it perform like a doctrinal gun? I know that in realy history the Stg44 and the MG42 LMG are good as hell but if…
  • Maybe making it harder to access than the Katyusha (which is certainly worse since they cannot hit infantry with their rockets, they are better against Garrisions which no one uses at high level). How about making them a bit more expensive?
  • Indeed that thing is the most broken thing in the game lol. It can be invisible, but it should not be moving while being invisible. At least let it stop invi while moving but then get invi again. They completely shut down ANY light vehicles Allied …
  • I think that Volks can be tolerable. Maybe increase the Assault Rifles cost by a bit or making them having to unlock it through upgrades, or maybe nerfing the rifle a bit but not the Volks themselves. The problem lies with the inability to support…
  • I find OKW to be pretty good in 1v1 games (I have 10 USF games, only lost 1 to OKW, 2 lost because the game got a blinding white bug somehow so I quit). But the OKW faction is pretty useless when playing 3v3 or 4v4 unless they get Walking Stuka (tha…
  • I often find that USF against OKW comes into 2 different branches. Either you get Infantry Company or Tactical Support company and have infantry dominance then get steam rolled by either Luch or Flak HT or Pzer 4 which forces you to get the Captai…
  • I think that letting there be more than 1 heavy tank might open up a bunch of tier-skipping tactics from the Allied (Soviet skip Tier 4 after getting T70 to rush IS2, US skipping tier 4 to rush Pershing)
  • If the Allies spame Infantry and Tank Destroyer then what do they use to fight MG42s and anti-tank guns? The German has superior infantry if spammed (Grenadier anyone?), superior free-to-unlock grenades which punish non-micro intensive - allied pl…
  • Actually Wehr needs only to spam Pz4. THAT is the ultimate infantry killing tanks lol (though in term of AT it is comparable to the T34/85 which sucks at that role). Stug works as fine as Jackson though so if an US player can delfect your Tiger or T…
  • That is indeed what I am thinking about. Wehr specifically has a very good grenade that they can get for free. USF can kinda hold Wehr off with the Infantry Company Commander (which gives free gun rack), reducing the cost for Weapon rack upgrade and…
  • So you play Wehr? Because as Wehr all you need to do to punish a player that spams T70 is to get a Pz4 (T70 cannot and will not penetrate a Pz4 up front and deal minimal damage to the rear of a Pz4). The AI of Pz4 and T70 are roughly the same (T70 m…

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