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  • I think that before they make a CoH3, there will have to be some massive changes/improvements to the game engine and/or they need to make it about something a lot different than what we have now. Either change the time period covered, for example…
    in COH3 Comment by Dude September 2016
  • I believe the changes made in the multiplayer units and stats do not carry over to the Theater of War missions, which were, for the most part, designed much closer to the initial launch of the game and 'balanced' based on what the units and stats we…
  • Generally speaking, the modded (non-official) items have grey borders around them (not always for decals like the R relic one I think) while the official relic ones have borders in some sort of colour - blue, etc. The worst unofficial offenders f…
  • It's not like linking something to facebook or other social media site. They are actually re-publishing somebody else's hours and hours of work and pretending it is their own. This is especially galling with something like Remco's mods, of which the…
  • atr3uh wrote: » [h=1][CoH2 - #379] Desert Fox Rommel vs Vesat Eiwalter[/h] What do you call a blob of Osts - a Blost?
  • I, for one, was very happy to discover you can now enable/disable blizzard conditions on custom maps. :eek: This is a great feature and I'd like to thank whoever it was who did it. However, they may need to create a "blizzard" league for th…
  • atr3uh wrote: » [h=1][CoH2 - #371] SturmTigerSage6 vs Fortune[/h] Raketen Luchs ftw?
  • MrSotko Gaming wrote: » Replay Cast #65 What a fight.
  • You might try glancing at the left hand side of the screen from time to time for a lot of the in game messages. Having some announcer call out everything everybody is building, as with the commander you were referring to, could be somewhat dist…
  • Naughtius Maximus wrote: » Yeah, this is a massive issue for the OKW and an incredible pain. Even worse, its often the medics who block the paths because they're trying to heal. You're losing valuable moments each time this occurs. I lo…
  • Everybody who chooses it starts gloating like Vader with his Death Star just before it is enabled, then come the mwuhahahaha's followed by nonstop giggles of excitement as they delect in the carnage. :cool:
  • Naughtius Maximus wrote: » Just select them in your faction choosy part of the screen. Couldn't have said it better.
  • It would be good for a Relic dev to do it, but if they go and majorly change some aspects of it, then the video can become obsolete.
  • Storm Elite wrote: » How do you ping in game, by the way...? I was never able to figure it out. At the same time, hold down LEFT CONTROL and THE A KEY and LEFT CLICK ON THE MAIN MAP BUT ONLY IF THE MINI MAP IS HOVERING OVER THE AREA …
  • Bernhardt wrote: » Lend lease doctrine as soviets makes UKF life that much easier. IMO LL for soviets, airborne as USF and Commandos as UKF is the best combo at the moment. Only Axis combo that comes close is Jagdtiger, Sturmtiger and 105mm.…
  • I tried to play your replay, but it didn't even show up in the replays box although it was placed in the playbacks folder . Maybe this is due to the patch or something?
  • TheSoldier wrote: » The Royal Artillery Regiment Commander has an ability that allows you to call in your base artillery anywhere on the map (aside from HQ sectors), even in the Fog of War. Doesn't require spotting, doesn't require an Infantry Sec…
  • When I test a new custom map as UKF, I often tend to plug in Soviet ai's on my side as they get an armoured punch up and going usually a lot faster than I can. On the infinite resources map (all units 118, popcap 250), for example, the Soviet a…
  • Influence_X wrote: » Hello, player with aprox 1,000 hours here. I have recently taken a break from coh2 and gone on to play dota2 for about two months now. Coming back to CoH one of the main things i'm really frustrated about... and feel like is m…
  • Gloating Ghost wrote: » Ambulance will become completely stuck if the territory is decapped when using the healing ability. There is no way to cancel the ability or move the ambo until the territory has been recapped. That's not good.
  • comrade_daelin wrote: » ... Chaffee is basically Sherman replacement... I'm not so sure about that: "Combat History The M24 Chaffee was intended to replace the aging and obsolete Light Tank M5 (Stuart), which was used in suppl…
  • In the original CoH forum, iirc, forum ranking actually followed a certain formula based a lot on how long you had been active and the number of days actively on. Of course that was when you could log on and stay logged on until you chose to si…
  • Blackart wrote: » No. It really help with the AI and it will attack where I ping? Yes. Play a custom test match with say 3 at least hard ai on your side versus 1 or 2 enemy ai and try it. The command combo is left control plus the A…
  • atr3uh wrote: » [h=1][CoH2 - #350] Joris(wwU) vs VindicareX[/h] Ouch. It's amazing how many times I see players land their glider behind their main base. I'm not sure that was what the intended use for gliders in the game.
  • Smuck wrote: » Meaning when they place sandbags behind windows and walls inside a house to withstand bombs and flames Kind of like the UKF "brace" command?
  • JimPanzee wrote: » If you play a game against the new faction and try to watch your replay after the match, it says the replay file is corrupted. Seams only to happen when you don't own the new addon. Well, that's not fun.

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