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  • @PanzerFutz You are welcome Comrade. If you need help, you can add me on steam, so we can get the partisan one way faster KingDarBoja Steam Profile
  • @PanzerFaust Update on Achievements. Torched is still stuck at 3/30 mark. I got like 5 penal with flame upgrades as you can see: Penal Army but the count didn't moved: Torched Ribbon UPDATE #2 I managed to make it w…
  • @PanzerFaust I will try again using the mod in order to get They're Coming Out Of The Woodwork achievement. Also I forgot that I must spam conscript in one mission to get Penal Squad, not like in MP where I could train them from building. So…
  • @PanzerFaust Great! But I got curious about They're Coming Out Of The Woodwork achievement, did it worked for all three partisan squads (Rifleman, SMG, LMG) or just the LMG one? About Someone Has To Re-man Those Guns, looks like it doesn't wor…
  • I managed to get some of them using "All Units (170 Added)" mod. Defending The Motherland: Can be obtained using the mod above. Don't Step On The Grass: Can be obtained using the mod above BUT you must play a official map, don't use community o…
  • @PanzerFutz Da Comrade! Being honest, I only have used the M-42 at campaign scenarios since I don't own the "Defensive Tactics" neither "Urban Defense Tactics" commanders. At campaign scenarios, I noticed it could take down some medium tanks (…
  • I like your rework of the Defensive Tactics commander @PanzerFutz, however, I would keep the M-42 and get rid of the mortar team because you could spam cheap AT guns and use the camo in order to make "surprise" attacks to any unnoticed tank or vehic…
  • I like this commander idea, was going to propose a new commander that relies on bringing flamethrowers to Penal so players should have to spend ammunitions if they wanna turn them into more anti-infantry than anti-tank role. All the suggestions seem…

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