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  • You have not responded that you wrong with the Command Vehicle and I have a title a balance problem that I address and a solution.
  • I use always conscripts and never had a problem.
  • Soviets not require a forward retreat Point, Conscripts can reinforce troops and 6 man troops (also troop weapons). There is no reason that you have to pay 60 munition for the medical station. Why should a Wehrmacht Player pays 150 manpower and 60…
    in [WM]Bunker Comment by Rudon July 2016
  • Grenadiers are more expensive than rifleman. Grenadier 240m/4=60 manpower rifleman 280m/5=56 manpower It is wrong to ignore that a rifleman have 5 man. A five man Grenadier would cost 300 Manpower, a four-man Rifleman costs 224 Manpower. The 40 …
  • Have you ever seen that a full health rifleman was completely wiped out by one mine. Wehrmacht player had luck wehn from the vet three lmg Grenadier one man survived. This made it impossible to attack for several directions without risking losing a…
  • 30 ammunition for mine the vehicles damaged and infantry squads obliterates (only Wehrmacht infantry). Apart from that there are AT and no AI mines.
  • It was changed because a 30 ammunition expensive mine could instantly wipe Wehrmacht Grenadiere, Panzer Grenadiers and pioneer squads, even vet three.
  • A Nebelwerfers 41 for the T2 of the Ostheer woulden´t be bad. That would be a counter against the pack howitzer of USF or to put the UKF emplacements under pressure. For the OWK would it be something unimportant because, unlike the Ostheer, which mu…

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