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  • @Jason_RE said: Can you make sure you're running the right mod? none of those units have been altered. Thank you for your response Jason. It seems that my bug report belongs more to the regular bug section. Both bugs (OKW "Pak 43" stu…
  • 1.) The "Target Weak Point" ability of the OKW "Pak 43" does not stun enemy vehicles and tanks anymore. The same ability is working fine for Wehrmacht "Pak 43" and "Pak 40". Screenshot: - http://i.imgur.com/iLX3kW4.jpg (http://imgur.com/iL…
  • I also had a similar bug long time ago. But it seemed to be a very rare one because I was not able to reproduce the issue. Screenshot: - http://i.imgur.com/t0LyQOl.jpg (http://imgur.com/t0LyQOl) If you still got the replay you can upload i…
  • As far I am aware the "loud bang" audio bug arises in conjunction with reverb effects. By setting the audio quality to medium this issue can be bypassed until it has been completely resolved by the Relic developer team.
  • This audio issue is most likely in conjunction with "alt-tabbing" to the desktop while searching for a game/match.
  • I can confirm that the Soviet "B-4 203mm Howitzer" gets no actual increased range with veterancy level 3. Only the ui-range-indicator is updated at vet 3 but the player is not able to fire the gun at positions further than the original range of the…
  • Do you use "alt-tab" to skip to the desktop while the search for a game (matchmaking) is active?
  • This issue (loading screen music or search radar audio bug) seems to happen in rare occasions. It has also been reported here back in june 2014: http://community.companyofheroes.com...uring-gameplay And here in september 2014: http://w…
  • Nice find "Karelian"... :-) It is exactly like you describe the issue. Thank you for your efforts to identify the cause and reporting the crash bug.
  • Dear "Caius Bingerus", 1. The new "Panzer IV" model for the Ostheer is more detailed and polished in visual and audio quality. 2. The developer team is surely aware of those issues. They will likely get fixed in the near future. 3. The fema…
  • Those visual bugs are definitely not ignored by the developer team. It is just about setting priorities. And this means gameplay bugs are going to be fixed before visual or audio issues. So it is just a matter of time until they get fixed. Als…
  • Yeah that's what I mean... the "Attack Move" order (hotkey "A").... So now I know that this is definitely an issue for everybody... Hopefully Relic will fix all those bugs one day... :-)
  • So maybe I am the only one having this bug... Mostly all U.S. Forces and OKW units (infanty and vehicles/tanks) do not give a speech reply for an "Attack Move" order (on open terrain) when they are under fire (in combat). So here are the steps…
  • Hey "Carnage1895"... I just want to add three audio-bugs to your list: 1. Wehrmacht and Soviet infantry units play no battlechatter. This feature has been gone for Wehrmacht and Soviet units since the WFA-Release-Update. (U.S. Forces and OKW…
  • Hello "Carnage1895", I got some more issues to add: The Wehrmacht "Panther" top mounted MG42 moves without its metal-holder while aiming at enemy targets. Picture: - http://i.imgur.com/jsY3RTJ.jpg (http://imgur.com/jsY3RTJ) All US Forc…

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