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  • Sorry all of this commanders just trash i laugh so hard when i see soviet paratroopers landing with smoke screen like ninjas ) Anyway all of them will be free no need to be best.
  • Good ideas....But i'm sure they will not add new things to this game anymore. Just look their community commander picks except soviet paratroopers there is almost nothing new clearly they don't want put in anything complicated . But i don't blame th…
  • Here my Wehrmacht commander suggestion: Urban Assault Doctrine Wehrmacht's first and main strategy invading cities and turned them to army supply stations with Blitzkrieg tactic. Against strong resistances they used heavy bombs, artillery stri…
  • @Vegna said: Real good idea to read the requirements from the master post: Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.) …
  • Here my alternate US forces commander suggestion Urban Tactics Company Used in game units which is could be seen with all units mod. Wanted set a US commander more aggresive and with better tank support . M4A3 (76 mm) Sherman tank avaliable…
  • @Martevall said: hmm great idea i think but i have a question : will okw not op if they will have acces to 2 heavy tanks? tiger 2 and ace? anyway nice job I was thinking only heavy tank option is Tiger Ace for this commander. But also …
  • Here my alternate OKW commander suggestion Advanced Panzer Tactics Doctrine Mixed previous commander abilities from Wehr and OKW I believe OKW faction needs a commander with Tiger tank support because historically Tiger Ace already destroyed i…
  • @Yappir said: Well here goes mine i guess. Coordinated onrush doctrine 0 CP - Assult pack Volks can now be improved with mp 40 Pioniers can now be equiped with flamers (I would like them to have duuble panzershreks becouse …
  • Here my alternate Soviet commander suggestion Elite Force Tactics Soviet faction have many commanders but most of abilites don't let player to hold their positions, main reason is lack of defensive unit options Brits have some options to being …
  • Urban assault grenadiers Call in unit, available from 2CP Costs 340 MP Call in a 5 men squad urban assault grenadiers, they are equip with 2 flamethrowers and mp40s, smoke grenades and satchel charges nd have a survivability upgrade i think …
  • Here my British commander suggestion Encirclement Regiment Mixed previous commander abilities. Better tank hunters with cover bonus and fast capture rate will encircle enemy mortars and artillery will be key to hold position :
  • nice but almost identical with current ones
  • Here my Soviet commander suggestion Not a Step Back! Tactics. Mixed previous commander abilities. Wanted have a commander to feel Soviet anger in my fingers against Wermacht:

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