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  • Send a copy of the replay or a video to [email protected] and explain what happened.
  • Are you playing on Windows PCs or Macs? They are not cross-platform so all players need to be playing on one system or the other. Linux and Mac are cross-platform though.
  • The solution to your first problem is to play a different faction if you find unlocking new items to be your favorite part of playing . I cant figure out what you are trying to say in the second part though. Are you suggesting that you should be not…
  • When you start the game there are three categories labeled Play, Learn, and Additional Content. In the Play category the third option is Online & Skirmish. Select Online & Skirmish. This will bring you to a screen with 4 options: Automatch V…
  • Its not Relics problem if you are bored with their product since you already paid for it and still play it 4 years after its release. If fighting over strategic points is boring play annihilation or just play a different game. You could also front R…
  • I think a player rating system would be more fair. Sometimes your teammate flames you then leaves and other times they leave for seemingly no reason. If a player rating system were implemented players with bad internet connection would still get pun…
  • This is why I play 1v1. This wouldnt be such a big problem if more people played the game. Using StarCraft 2 as an example, you almost never get matched with a noob after you played your placement matches but this is because of the much larger playe…
  • This is unfortunate. My question is if cross-platform multiplayer was absolutely one of their goals then why would they utilize a deterministic engine, and relies on clients to generate the same outcome for all gameplay-relevant calculations, like p…
  • @ultramega said: when i first started playing rts games there was no such thing as matchmaking. i never had a problem with that. now that some people like minty for example play some games and win and are happy and then lose brutally several time…
  • @GoYellowFox said: Bomb kills only gun crew This is a good idea. Kinda like an abandoned vehicle.
  • @Vipper said: African Americans did had separate quarter during WW II. They actually where separated units. Imo you should not be insulted by thing that actually to place historically. What I mean is that the American Army was racist towa…
  • If they started as a four man squad, all equipped with rifles of course, and could be upgraded to a six man squad it would make a lot more sense.
  • Having Cons start with only 4 rifles would suggest that the Soviet Army didn't care about the lives of their soldiers or that they suffered from major logistics failure. Although logistics failure did occur it wasn't common enough for it to be a hig…
  • If you are the only one experiencing the lag then it has to be on your end.
  • This is true but to be honest I'm not at a high enough skill level to notice the imbalance of the factions. If I lose its because I lost 1 too many squads too early lol.
  • Why is that a problem? In the scenario you are describing both teams would be playing placement matches. After these 10 matches both team will be ranked accordingly. If you are worried about your teammate being new then don't solo queue for team mat…
  • Its called the winter patch because its being developed during the winter?
  • I was having this problem with 1v1s. I was matched up with either a complete noob or what seemed to be a pro player. I found myself winning a few matches and earning a promotion then losing the next few matches(usually quite brutally) and getting kn…

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