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Damn - sorry about that! Got a bit swamped with work and internal meetings last week. Should be all good now! Once again, apologies for the delay and temperamental forums


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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    March 6
  • AlJabberwock

    [Taps on mic] Is this thing working?
    Sorry if this forum managed to put whatever next private message I sent you in a place I did not, but I had asked (ok, well, 'implied' !) whether you might be able to recover the two hours or more worth of post I lost over the weekend on the Grand Strategy thread... Did you have any luck? (or did you not get my message because it was subsumed in another PM thread (Where I did not put it... ! ROFL)).

    (Sigh) Don't worry, we hate on our own forums often enough although I must say I have far more difficulty with this one so far... :)

    March 5
    • r_fralex
      Damn - sorry about that! Got a bit swamped with work and internal meetings last week. Should be all good now! Once again, apologies for the delay and temperamental forums :(
  • Prodigyigi

    Hello fralex_RE !
    I won't lie i have used commander bug in 2v2 in total of 6 games and got banned.
    My question is, is this a temporary ban or perma ban? I consider it weird, since i
    waited about 1 month and still cant play.
    I'm really sorry about past i can't change, but i would like to get informations
    about my coh2 account since im customer of game.
    Till the next time,

    February 20
    • r_fralex
      You have been banned not just for this, but also for in-game toxic behavior towards users in the in-game chat - which is equally bad. Expect the ban to last a couple of months still. Please use that time to reflect on your actions. Repeated toxic behavior DOES turn players away from the game - either newcomers or existing ones. If you appreciate the game and want to keep finding people to play it with / against online, that is NOT gonna help.
    • Prodigyigi
      could i get a specific ban date or atleast prediction for how many months it still lasts (couple can be understood differently)
    • Prodigyigi
    • r_fralex
      PMed you.
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    February 23
  • Commissar_Squad_RU

    Hello dear r_fralex.
    Is it possible to change One Soviet Bulletin?
    She's off to the T-34.

    "On the ram!"
    Increases the range ability of "The Taran"
    on 10%

    It would be better to replace it with this:
    Now all the T-34 (76/85) are no longer breaking down the main cannon after the battering ram on the enemy!

    Because the players do not like this Bulletin. Because the meaning of Increase the range ability of the ram is 10%?
    Better Change it: "The main T-34 gun (76/85) no longer breaks down after the ram."

    February 22
    • Commissar_Squad_RU
      And then why I decided to contact you. After all, there is one interesting newsletter for the Wehrmacht. The Ostwint which the course machine gun can suppress.
      So I decided to offer you on the T-34 Change Bulletin "Ram".
    • r_fralex
      @Commissar_Squad_RU : Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass your feedback to the team. However, such changes fall in the realm of balance - for which we have a specific process to ensure any change benefits the game / community as a whole (= community balance mods etc. which I am sure you are familiar with).
  • Tetecko

    Hi i didn´t get free 30k credits and i dont know how could you help me pls

    February 17
    • r_fralex
      Just sent you a PM :)
  • r_fralex was promoted to Administrator.
    February 4

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