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  • Balance Feedback Guidelines - Format for Providing Feedback

    Hey Guys!

    ​To help produce more quality feedback that the dev team can easily read, evaluate and understand, we've come up with a new format for submitting all balance feedback/suggestions. Please note that angry or abusive rants will automatically be closed. For those who choose not to follow the following format, please be aware that it may result in your thread being closed as well. The point of this forum is constructive criticism in order to improve the game for everyone, please keep that in mind when posting.

    • Thread Title:
      • [Faction] [Game Mode's] - [Issue Summary]
    • Thread Body:
      • Balance Related Problem (Mandatory)
      • Examples, Replays, Video (Optional)
      • Proposed Solution (Mandatory)
    Axis 4v4 - Luftwaffe Supply Drops

    Hey internet strangers, I feel that the Lufwaffe supply drops need to be revisited. They give Ost the ability to force feed fuel to a "starved" OKW player. When done correctly a King Tiger can be fielded in 14 minutes and 30 seconds. At this time the Allied players will not have a hard counter available as they will just be reaching light to medium armor.

    In order to fix this issue I think that Lufwaffe supply crates should not be able to be picked up by a OKW player, or, at a reduced rate like caches.

    Thanks Relic, you rock!


    If you read someone else's feedback and you think, "Hey yeah, they're right! Relic, do that!", please up-vote that post. This will help us track which content is getting the most traction and is agreed upon by a larger segment of the community.


  • CoH2 Beginner's Guide

    Welcome Rookies!

    If you are new to CoH2 then you've come to the right place. Please use this forum to look for tips and tricks and ask for help from the community. For those experienced CoH2 players our there, please help out your comrades in arms and post helpful strategies, tactics and guides for those new to the game in this forum as well.

    Speaking of guides, make sure to check out the community-made Beginner's Guide which covers almost everything you need to know to jump in a game, be competitive and have fun.

    Good luck and have fun!

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